ABDLs vs. Media Perceptions

I think we as a community have been very reluctant to open up to others.  Everyone knows that the media likes to sensationalise topics published so that they can sell to readers. And there is a general consensus that the more interviews we do, the more we get hurt by this sensationalism.

It’s human nature to hurt others when we don’t understand them. It can be as simple as shooing away a stray cat, to as complex as western powers waging wars in the middle east. Life would be so much better if we stopped for a few moments to understand each other better. Throw in ego, arrogance and indignation and and you see why people engage in hate speech, flaming and shaming – they don’t understand us and want to make us feel inferior.

But we as a community have been particularly misunderstood, because diapers have always been associated with babies. And that in turn leads to the biggest misconception that people have about us – that we are attracted to children. That is far from the truth, but like I said, they don’t understand us, and most don’t try to.

Hence, these two factors have coalesced to make our lives more miserable. The media, with its agenda to make money via attracting viewers/readers who have limited attention spans, has made our community relatively heard of, but at the same time perpetuated misunderstandings about us.

There is this one article by Metro UK which surprisingly talks about this, but read with caution, it’s NSFW. Not impressed with the actual journalism though, just that the angle had potential but the article did not develop it.

Happy Chinese New Year for those celebrating, and for the rest have a good break!

– Selv


Smart Diapers

I was surfing the net recently when I came across this article here. It was a CNET article about Monit, a company which has invented a ‘Smart Diaper’.

Alright, let’s start with the naming. I know that there is this trend to take some existing technology and develop innovative ways to enhance its use. But slapping a ‘smart’ in front of its name is a little uncreative I feel, but it’s a tried and tested formula admittedly. Think smartphone, smart mobility, smartcard etc.

Anyway, this isn’t exactly a diaper, but a device which you attach to a diaper. It then alerts the caregiver via Bluetooth connectivity to their phones when the diaper is used, and to let the caregiver anticipate the contents, if I could put it nicely. Great news for parents who are already hooked onto their phones?

I’ve written about a similar invention by a Japanese company a while back. The difference here is that the Japanese one was inserted into the diaper and was one-time use, while the South Korean one is meant to be reused.

As usual, I was imagining how useful this new tech would be to the ABDL sphere. Now diaper stories would feature Dadsies calling their little ones from work saying that they received a notification that they had gone in their diaper. Or a caregiver might be asking their little if he/she had peed, and they simply whip out their smartphone and show that their diaper is indeed dry.

Maybe some social media posts might even feature screenshots of the app notification that they had peed.

But I still think that, as far as ABDLs and littles are concerned, old is gold. We still refuse to give up our plastic-backed diapers because we were used to them as kids. So most caregivers will likely stick to the sniff test as a primary way of checking their charges. I mean, do I really need my phone to know that I just pooped and have it REMIND me to go change.

Hold on a sec… my phone says I need to go change out of my diaper…

– Selv


I am at a tipping point. My personal life at this point is in a mess, no matter how much I’ve been trying to spruce it up. There’s so much to say but this isn’t the correct place. 

I had to mention this because it is having an obvious effect on my ABDL life. I’ve not been able to put out content on my blog and patreon, though my tumblr posts have been going on as per the queue.

I’m how to do what I have to do. I’m so old yet I haven’t achieved any of the perimeters of success my friends have achieved, and I am at a loss. 

The only thing that had been going on somewhat well for me was my ABDL sphere, even now it has been reduced to just wearing diapers. I need time to build up again. I was never a big player in the scene, didn’t really want to be. What started out as a platform for me to write down my thoughts and organise them so that a future significant other could read with ease slowly started branching out. 

But I rarely interact with people. I get that guys don’t want to interact with another guy, and that’s the way the world works, but it gets lonely. All that work that I put out last year, about 3/4 was in the public sphere. But beyond a couple of likes and 3 people writing that they liked a particular story, no one else is talking about it. I get that no one wants to waste money for a patreon page without picture of girls in diapers, but what about my tumblr feed?

Maybe I should stop creating. Maybe I’m not really contributing to ABDL literature. Maybe in a few years there won’t be anyone who reads anymore – all will move towards viewing pictures and videos. Tell me, who cares about the wellbeing, the thought processes John Grisham or Robert Harris? Or even WBDaddy or Kita Sparkles? The difference here is that they have made been rewarded respectively. I made eyes roll.

I was chatting with Paul, the editor of WetSet, a well-known fantasy publication. He said that the world has moved on and that we have to move with it. People expect stories for free, he said. 

Look, I understand that whining on the internet to the bots won’t make a difference – it only makes readers uncomfortable. But I’ve tried a lot of things that don’t work, might as well try this.

– Disgruntled

Tena Slip Super vs. Super Seni Diapers Comparison

Hi guys, this is the first post in a series where I compare different diapers as a form of review. These chosen diapers will be similar to each other in terms of price and absorbency. So let’s get started!


The Super Seni diaper was first introduced by Toruńskie Zakłady Materiałów Opatrunkowych (TMZO) group in 2005. It was a pioneer in cloth-backed diapers and is a staple in Europe. The Seni brand consists of 4 absorbency levels – Seni, Seni Plus, Seni Trio and Seni Quadro. They comes in five sizes. We will be looking at the Super Seni (Seni), which has an absorbency colour code blue.

Tena is an industry giant in the Adult Diaper industry and makes several different types of diapers. Produced by the SCA Group, we will be looking at the Tape-on Tena Slip line. This line gave the ABDL world the famous plastic-backed Tena Slip Maxi. However to keep in line with EU regulations, in 2012 they remodelled the line into a cloth-backed diaper. It too comes with 4 absorbency levels – Plus, Super, Maxi and Ultima, and come in three sizes S,M,L (except for the Plus which has an extra XS size). We will be looking at the Tena Slip Super (TSS), which has an absorbency colour code of Green.

Size, Fit and Price

The Super Seni diaper retails at Fairprice Xtra in sizes M and L. The Tena Slip Super however is available a little more widely in Fairprice Xtra, Giant and virtually all pharmacies, hospitals and policlinics. Although, you’d likely find the S sizes in the latter.

M size Seni: 75-110cm (30-43 in)

M Size Slip Super: 72-122cm (28-48 in)

As you can see, Seni has a smaller waist allowance, starting at nearly the same point of 75cm. But its maximum waist allowance stops a full 12cm shorter than for the Slip Super. I find this paradoxical. The Seni diaper is evidently designed for the bigger-sized European but it has a shorter waist range. Tena is also supposedly designed for the European market but when I first tried it, it was tight, as if almost designed for the smaller-sized asian market.

I am a smaller-sized person and I felt that when I wore the Seni – it hung off my hips and when the diaper was almost fully wet it just dangled from my hips. The TSS fit me snugly though. This situation is reversed for a slightly larger-sized person. My friend says the Seni fits him perfectly but the Tena Slip was too tight. So this one is a little subjective.

Price-wise I haven’t really been paying attention to the Seni over the years but for the past year or so I noticed that they hover at the $11.40 range for 10 dips, before discounts. That works out to be $1.14 per dip. The TSS however has stayed constant at about $14.15 for 10 dips, before discount. That works out to be $1.42 per dip. However due to the availability of the TSS you can get it as low as $50 for a case of 60 sometimes on Carousell, regularly. 

Appearance and Features

Both diapers have most of the features associated with a good diaper. They have elastic leg gathers, standing leak guards, wetness indicators, additional wetness distribution systems and elastic waistbands. Although Seni has both front and back, the TSS only has back waistbands. Seni’s waistband is thicker and longer, expanding to 21 from 15cm while the TSS expands to 16 from 11cm. The TSS’s waistband tends to tear up internally though, rendering the top non-elastic after a while.

I think off the bat you can tell which diaper is the thicker diaper. The TSS comes in at nearly 3cm after inflating for a day while the Seni stays at 2.5cm after a day. When folded the Seni is the longer diaper at 24x16cm vs 23.5x 17 for the TSS. Top to bottom the Seni measures 83cm, 71cm padded while the TSS comes in at 78cm, 57 padded.

Seni has a thicker crotch at 16 out of 29cm vs 15 out of 27cm for the TSS.

This shows that the Seni diaper is thinner than the TSS, yet is longer despite having the same amount of crotch padding. No wonder the Seni diaper feels big!

The tapes are crucial parts of any diaper. Both use four-tape systems that latch on directly onto the cloth backing Both have velcro-type hooks on the front and a sticky part at the back of the tape. I will say that Seni’s tapes are very strong, they barely budge at all. But, on the second use the stickiness is gone and it is just the velcro holding onto the backing, making it very vulnerable at full capacity. The Tena Slip’s tapes tend to stretch the cloth backing off (an inherent problem of the backing, not the tape), but they work just fine for up to 3 fastenings as the stickiness remains a little. 

The wetness indicators of both diapers consist of lines running from the top to the bottom. Although being a white diaper it is usually quite obvious when it is wet as the white turns darkish. On the Tena Slip the two sets of thin blue lines disappear, while on the Seni they turn from yellow to blue.

The markings on each diaper is a little different. For the Seni, the wetness indicators are flanked by 2 rows of a nonvanishing number, 2 in my case. Seni uses numbers to indicate size with 1 being S, 2 being M etc. Tena Slip has a 4 boxes appearing 3 times along the centre showing the brand name, the diaper type (slip), the size and the absorbency level (6/8 drops). The size, (M in my case) also flank the wetness indicators in 2 asymmetrical rows. 


The TSS has an advertised absorbency of 1800ml, or 6 droplets out of 8. While the Seni does not have an advertised absorbency, it has a similar rating of 6 out of 9 droplets. 

Both diapers have a topsheet, which comes into contact with the skin, a padding core, a waterproof backing, and a cloth-like topsheet. The sides of both diapers are made of breathable material. Both have a secondary internal core. Seni has one which tends to dislodge near capacity, and detaches completely when full. It does not have a fancy name unlike the Tena Slip. The area directly above it’s core is called the Feel Dry Layer.

I feel that overall, the TSS has a better liquid retention, but the Seni has a better overall absorbency. I say this because Seni is able to contain a larger volume of wettings, but when you exceed the capacity, a fair bit more seeps out through. For the TSS, only the excess comes out through the back and not the sides.

Final thoughts

The Super Seni was meant to be on par with the Tena Slip Plus, but it slightly edges out the Tena Slip Super. Yes, it does have leaking issues, but it has a higher absorption capacity before the leaks begin. The cloth-backing also does not expand unlike for the TSS, and it has the marks of a (poorly designed) medical diaper.

You cannot deny that the TSS can be cheaper on a per-diaper basis. It is also much more readily available, in Singapore and Malaysia, that the Seni range. On the appearance front the TSS still looks medical but at least it has cheerful colours. 

As for the fit, this is a subjective one but I would say that I prefer the Tena Slip due to it having a tighter waist allowance. I also feel that the ability to refasten your diaper multiple times is a plus, although this is slight comfort since most of the time we use the diaper just once.

Perhaps, I may be slightly biased towards the TSS because it is my go-to diaper, but I definitely favour the TSS.

Thinking About Diaper Friends

Nothing really fantastic has been going on in my ABDL life, I’ll admit. Especially when you consider the stuff that’s happening in my vanilla life.

(Case in point: just as I was writing the above, my grandma entered my room, to ask me to take off a plaster on her toe that had been there for weeks. She can’t read english, so no worries)

That isn’t to say that my diapers are collecting dust instead of pee. I have been wearing them almost nightly these past few weeks. But I don’t think my WordPress blog is a place where you’d want to read about my diaper’s collections. I’m sure most of you will cringe at the rest of this sentence; most of my poops end up in a diaper instead of the toilet. (See?)

What some of you may be wondering about is how my Tumblr Short Stories are going. See, I just updated the list for last month, and it struck me that by the end of the month I’d have written twice as many short stories than I’ve written in the entirety of the past 3 years combined! These do not include the Patreon-only stories so I feel that somehow its a milestone that I want to celebrate. Then again, who celebrates these kind of things?

I’d debated getting a full-fledged social media account for my ABDL side. I didn’t want to put too many pictures of myself on the internet. But what I really crave for is the interaction with others. Is there any popular ‘gathering spot’ for ABDLs besides Tumblr? Or must you become an Instagram influencer outright? Do let me know in the comments or through a pm.

I just kinda want to meet up with some real-life ABDL and talk out about all these little things I do. Diaper reviews, short stories, etc. These are things I’ve poured so much time and energy over, and yet there’s not a single person I’ve talked to about this in depth. A few people have indeed asked me a few questions but that’s about it. A secret folder filled with writings instead of pictures.

Anyway do keep your eyes peeled, I’ve a new series of diaper-comparison reviews planned for the weeks ahead. If there are gaps – and there will be gaps – please pardon me for those delays.

– Selv

Hiding In Diapers

I’m surprised at the amount of time I’ve been spending in diapers lately. Even though I haven’t been using them.

At first I thought it was because of the pressures and stresses of school. But while the academic levels of stress are roughly the same as before, I didn’t join any cca this year so technically I should be have a little more wiggle-room right?

Maybe it’s because I’m juggling my Patreon and Tumblr writings together with my academics and social life. Patreon has not been going well cos the take up rate is low, but then again we do live in a world where pictures and videos are regarded more highly than writing.

But it’s also a reminder that unlike my academics and social life, there’s no one irl who I can consult about my writing jobs. It’s been a real struggle, putting out what I consider to be quality content but it’s just not attracting people. It’s definitely better than the many stories you find on ABDL forums, but that gives little solace to me.

Anyway I’ve been spending my late afternoons and evening doing my school work, and I’ve been spending more and more of this time in my hostel room and diapered. I do occasionally venture out to the communal reading room while in a diapered state but then again there is no interaction with others so it isn’t really a worry.

Of course I do have a budget and that currently restricts me to about 1 diaper a day. So sometimes I do silly things. Like take off my diaper around dinnertime, walk over to the canteen to eat and use the toilet, and then once I’m back in my room I put it on again for the rest of the night.

I’ve talked about the perks of not having to use the communal toilet before, what with truly disgusting neighbours who wash their shoes in the sink. But I definitely love the comfort and convenience that diapers provide me.


Taking castor oil clears you out completely, but it just looks like a wet diaper doesn’t it?

– Selv

Diapers Have Come In!

I was surfing online for some lego sets. I know they cost a lot of money so I was sort of content window shopping, or whatever the equivalent term is for online shopping. I mean, just look at the Harry Potter set they just released, if it was half the price I would have bought it, it is so good!

Anyway, I digressed, and searched for some vinatge diapers. Guess what! They were selling some old plastic-backed Tena Slip Supers at a huge discount! So I bought them. And one thing led to another and I had bought several other types as well as well.

To complete the group I went over to ABDL Marketplace and bought some Rearz and Crinklz samples as well. And then I waited, for the entire lot to be mailed over.

I used a postal forwarder to consolidate all the packages and mail it to me in Singapore. I opted to pick it up from one of their self-collect points to avoid delivery to my home or hostel. So late at night, when the coast was empty I made my way to the collection point.


I must admit that I underestimated the space 45 diapers took up. They came in several packages and I couldn’t fit all of them in my bag. which meant that I had to hand carry the 3 largest ones back to my hostel on the shuttle bus. I wasn’t too worried. But I did wonder what they might have thought if they knew what was inside.

Anyway I was excited. I made my way back to my hall, showered and put on my nightly cloth-backed Tena Slip Super, and began to open my packages as if Christmas came early.


– Selv

Spot Check!

My dad, till this day does not know about my current dips. I’ve written about his stance before, but I keep on bouncing back, sometimes underneath his nose.

Literally, cos his sense of smell is very good, while mine is nonexistent due to some illness many years ago.

So as this current academic year started in August, I began moving my stuff back into my hostel. I explained in my previous post that I took pains to plan the schedule and route just so that I could go get my diaper supply for the semester. That also meant that I could not get anyone to help me with moving in.

Unfortunately, I had left out one thing. My mini-fridge was in my dad’s office and in my rush last week I had to choose between either the fridge or the diapers. I chose the dips of course.

But my dad being my dad, decided to come deliver the fridge to me at the end of the first week! I tried to talk him out of it, said that I had some coupons for a startup moving company and stuff like that. But being the Asian Tiger Dad that he is he insisted on bringing it to me ‘for free’ and to help me carry it up the stairs.

My Dad was coming to my hostel. I had 1 hour to prepare.

This was the first time he was actually coming into my room. And knowing that he would definitely check out my cupboard I had the formidable task of hiding 6 packs of diapers.

I considered bagging and hiding them outside the window, where I had access to the roof. It was a very appealing idea but I was worried that monkeys would see a plastic bag and open them up, thinking there’s food inside. I stood there in my diaper for a while pondering, what if it rained etc.

I settled for hiding the 6 packs in the narrow gap between my desk and the wall beside the window. Took a bit of squeezing but I managed it. I covered it with other stuff, and hoped for the best. Placed some belongings at that end of the room just for good measure.

Pretty soon I was taking of my unused diaper, stuffing it into my backpack along with my laptop and homework, and was going to the gate to greet him.

We struggled to carry the fridge up, but we managed it. He surveyed my neighbours’ doorsteps before stepping in. Placing it in its place, he started the inspection. All went well, and as anticipated he checked the cupboard and my table cabinet.

Then he lunged forward towards the windows. I nearly had a heart attack.

But he merely looked out at the scenery for a few seconds, and stepped back – away from the diapers hidden in the gap. I’m pretty sure he might have smelled the (clean) diapers, but didn’t act on it.

– Selv


Diapers and Hostels

Hi guys,

It has been a little busy for me again, with my holiday job and my holiday. I could barely find time to sit down to write my short stories, but the moment people started to pay to view, I had to deliver. I haven’t abandoned my blog, I’m just struggling.

I did have some trouble keeping up with the schedule but I’ve started building up my ‘queue’ of posts coming up so hopefully I can focus on other things, like my blog here, and that ebook of legend. 

But I also want to really sit myself down and get started on the animated series. There are some people who have gotten going with similar projects and as the late starter, I foresee that I will experience all off the challenges they have run into. But I am determined to get this project off the ground by year’s end.

In the meanwhile I have to get started on school! Another academic year has started yet again. I managed to move into my hostel in time for the school year, getting back the same room. But I’ve yet to adjust. I woke up at 1pm today on just the second day of school! All because I didn’t hear my alarms ring?!

I also decided to buy my diapers in bulk again like I did for the last semester. But the prices being quoted for bulk purchases this time i.e. cartons, were very expensive. Last semester I had gotten a carton of 6 packs for $50, but as the time to move in started getting closer there were only cartons available in the $60+ range. 

My window for moving in was very tight. We are only allowed to collect our keys the weekend before school starts. And I only had the family car during the weekends. And if I were to buy diapers in bulk, I would need the car. And to prevent my dad from asking questions I could only have the car for one weekend. So I had to buy the diapers on the way to school.

As luck would have it, Changi Hospital Pharmacy was having a promotion – $8.88 for a pack of TSS medium. It was such a rare deal! So on the day of my key collection I drove down. They didn’t sell in cartons but I wasn’t going to let such a deal slip away (haha), so I bought six packs. Would have bought more if I could have carried it.

Anyway, I drove in to school, waited in the long queue to check in, watched a Netflix-worthy drama unfold as some students were denied collection due to failed payments, collected my keys and rushed to clean my room, and then started shifting my stuff up, as I couldn’t park the car at the slip road (hehe) for too long.

I had to carry up my diapers the last because there were other students unloading too. And that was when I realised that I was lucky not to have purchased the carton. Because if you have read the other post Tena is NOT discreet when packaging its products. Anyway it was a chiong-sua (cycle gap/split second timing) situation between making sure the others were preoccupied and running towards the gate with two bulging bags filled to the brim with sixty adult diapers.

But no matter, I have a sufficient supply for months now. 


– Selv

Bear In The Big Blue House Behind-the-scenes

Bear in the Big Blue House was one of my all-time favourite cartoons. It was right near the top along with Lilo and Stitch, and Tom and Jerry. I really loved Tutter the mouse, he was this opinionated creature with what I considered an unintended sense of humour. I’ve shared one of Tutter’s classic scenes here as well.

But I loved Bear as well, he was just so friendly, as all cartoon characters are meant to be. He’s just this jolly old bear who knew what to do in every situation and I remembered looking forward to watching the series. Back then we didn’t have Disney channel at home so I’d find an excuse to go over to my grandma’s house, and fight with my cousin sister over the remote just to watch the series (and other Disney cartoons as well).

Anyway there was this recent video that landed on my YouTube feed, about how it was for puppeteer Noel MacNeal’s experience playing Bear. It just brought back memories foe me. You can watch it here:

– Selv