Hmm, What to do, What to do?

This poem is dedicated to theb of ADISC, without whose question I wouldn’t have written this.

theb originally asked what he could do while diapered, as he would be home alone.  This was my reply.

You could double up, triple up, pad it all out!
You could take a shower, walk the lawn-mower.
You could take a nap of power, or shower your hamster.
You could try oatmeal/marshmallows/enemas in your diaper(if you are into that sort of thing).

You could watch a movie, in just a shirt and a diaper.
Do some chores, bake some cookies.
Visit the stores, act like a rookie
In your diaper.

Do ride your bike or climb a tree
Make your bed, go on a shopping spree
Jog four rounds, swim around
In your diaper.

Draw your diaper, deco your diaper
Draw on paper, colour that paper
Take a photo, print that photo
In your diaper

Board the bus, ride the train!
Just get lost, get wet in the rain!
Explore Thebes, or even Bahrain
In your diaper.


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