Diaper Reviews

This is where I do a small review of Diaper brands found in Singapore

Quick Glance

Budget: Banitore, Giant (Storebrand), Softess, Budget (Fairprice), Guardian Slip

Economy: Tena Value, Dr P, Certainty, Fairprice Safe Control, Tena Slip Plus

Premium Economy: Tena Slip Super, Fairprice Extra Control, Super Seni

Premium: Lille SupremFit Maxi, Tena Slip Maxi

ABDL Diapers: Bambino Bellisimo(coming soon)


Diaper Reviews

Control Plus Overnight Diapers *discontinued* – 2013

Banitore Adult Soft Diapers *discontinued* – 2014

Giant (Storebrand) Diapers – 2014

Tena Slip Super Diapers – 2014

Tena Value Adult Diapers – 2015

Dr. P Basic Type Diapers – 2015

Certainty Diapers – 2015

Softess Adult Diapers – 2015

Lille SupremFit Maxi – 2016

Fairprice Safe Control Diapers – 2016

Tena Slip Maxi Diapers – 2017

Tena Slip Plus Diapers – 2017

Budget (Fairprice) Diapers – 2017

Super Seni Diapers – 2018

Guardian Comfort And Care Slip Diapers – 2018

*NEW* Fairprice Extra Care Diapers – 2018

Lifree Tape-on Diapers (coming soon)

ABU Cushies Diapers (coming soon)



Tena Wet Wipes – 2016


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