How Life Is

Hi guys, it’s been a while since I wrote anything.

It’s been a VERY wild ride for me these past few months. I’m very thankful for my family for being supportive of me in these times. I was also working part-time in this period and I was constantly working 12 hours a day, some days up to 20 hours. But thankfully that is now over and I’m back in school for my final stretch.

I even had to break my ‘diapered-every-night’ streak because I was just so busy and it was not worth wearing one during the weekdays. I was intending to run out my stash of diapers before school started but I wasn’t able to do that. Now I have a significant quantity which I’m stuck with.

There’s also another thing worth mentioning that few noticed. I’ve stopped writing my Tumblr short stories. Beyond the above-mentioned period of stress which was the main reason, there are two reasons for this. One reason is that I recognize that there are few ABDLs left on that platform. Many left once the ban came into effect. The few who remain are either there to promote their Patreons, or lurk without engaging content creators. Nothing wrong with either, just that these people don’t read ABDL stories or captions.

The second reason is the straw poll I conducted, which no one replied to. It was a HUGE letdown for me, that a simple like/reblog poll didn’t get a single response. Although I must admit that 2 people did contact me later to say that they did miss my writing, they didn’t mention my stories.

I will definitely continue to blog, in fits and starts. And I will continue to write short stories, as I have always done. But right now I don’t see a way forward in publishing them, as longingly as I want to. There is a nuclear option that I am considering, but it’s not the right time now were I to use it. What you will see are a few long-overdue diaper reviews.

As for my Patreon, well, it’s still there. People paid to read those stories so they will stay there for the time being because it would be unfair to my understanding (ex-)patrons if I released to the world for free. Maybe in a couple of years.

We’ll see.

– Selv



I am at a tipping point. My personal life at this point is in a mess, no matter how much I’ve been trying to spruce it up. There’s so much to say but this isn’t the correct place. 

I had to mention this because it is having an obvious effect on my ABDL life. I’ve not been able to put out content on my blog and patreon, though my tumblr posts have been going on as per the queue.

I’m how to do what I have to do. I’m so old yet I haven’t achieved any of the perimeters of success my friends have achieved, and I am at a loss. 

The only thing that had been going on somewhat well for me was my ABDL sphere, even now it has been reduced to just wearing diapers. I need time to build up again. I was never a big player in the scene, didn’t really want to be. What started out as a platform for me to write down my thoughts and organise them so that a future significant other could read with ease slowly started branching out. 

But I rarely interact with people. I get that guys don’t want to interact with another guy, and that’s the way the world works, but it gets lonely. All that work that I put out last year, about 3/4 was in the public sphere. But beyond a couple of likes and 3 people writing that they liked a particular story, no one else is talking about it. I get that no one wants to waste money for a patreon page without picture of girls in diapers, but what about my tumblr feed?

Maybe I should stop creating. Maybe I’m not really contributing to ABDL literature. Maybe in a few years there won’t be anyone who reads anymore – all will move towards viewing pictures and videos. Tell me, who cares about the wellbeing, the thought processes John Grisham or Robert Harris? Or even WBDaddy or Kita Sparkles? The difference here is that they have made been rewarded respectively. I made eyes roll.

I was chatting with Paul, the editor of WetSet, a well-known fantasy publication. He said that the world has moved on and that we have to move with it. People expect stories for free, he said. 

Look, I understand that whining on the internet to the bots won’t make a difference – it only makes readers uncomfortable. But I’ve tried a lot of things that don’t work, might as well try this.

– Disgruntled

Thinking About Diaper Friends

Nothing really fantastic has been going on in my ABDL life, I’ll admit. Especially when you consider the stuff that’s happening in my vanilla life.

(Case in point: just as I was writing the above, my grandma entered my room, to ask me to take off a plaster on her toe that had been there for weeks. She can’t read english, so no worries)

That isn’t to say that my diapers are collecting dust instead of pee. I have been wearing them almost nightly these past few weeks. But I don’t think my WordPress blog is a place where you’d want to read about my diaper’s collections. I’m sure most of you will cringe at the rest of this sentence; most of my poops end up in a diaper instead of the toilet. (See?)

What some of you may be wondering about is how my Tumblr Short Stories are going. See, I just updated the list for last month, and it struck me that by the end of the month I’d have written twice as many short stories than I’ve written in the entirety of the past 3 years combined! These do not include the Patreon-only stories so I feel that somehow its a milestone that I want to celebrate. Then again, who celebrates these kind of things?

I’d debated getting a full-fledged social media account for my ABDL side. I didn’t want to put too many pictures of myself on the internet. But what I really crave for is the interaction with others. Is there any popular ‘gathering spot’ for ABDLs besides Tumblr? Or must you become an Instagram influencer outright? Do let me know in the comments or through a pm.

I just kinda want to meet up with some real-life ABDL and talk out about all these little things I do. Diaper reviews, short stories, etc. These are things I’ve poured so much time and energy over, and yet there’s not a single person I’ve talked to about this in depth. A few people have indeed asked me a few questions but that’s about it. A secret folder filled with writings instead of pictures.

Anyway do keep your eyes peeled, I’ve a new series of diaper-comparison reviews planned for the weeks ahead. If there are gaps – and there will be gaps – please pardon me for those delays.

– Selv

Tumbling Along

I have been away from my blog for quite a while. Time and again I keep mentioning this, but nobody has ever dropped me a message to ask why so I’ll refrain from mentioning the reasons.

However my Tumblr has been a little more active, partly because I had auto-queued a number of posts to keep it active. I had tried to do the same with WordPress but I’m not doing it correctly, I should be ashamed to say I’ve been here for several years, yet I can’t get this right. That’s why a couple of weeks worth of posts did not appear. They will definitely appear here, don’t worry.

My Patreon site is still growing, though not as fast as I had hoped. Some even left because I had not met expectations. I am deeply apologetic that I can’t post as fast as I wanted but to my current Patrons rest assured that I have created a steady stream of content which will be debuting on Tumblr as well as Patreon respectively.

On a side note, Apple is releasing new emojis in conjunction with Emoji day. But I was  wondering why we still don’t have a diaper emoji. I mean, given that diapers are an integral part of childhood you’d think that they would be mentioned enough times to warrant a symbol of sorts, but oh well, that’s just wishful thinking on the part of a diaper lover.

– Selv

Selv Travels

Hi guys,

It’s been a busy week of sorts, both in school and in my writing space. I’ve been trying to catch up on my work as mush as possible as there are a ton of tests headed my way. But that’s student life for you.

I’ve also been preparing some stuff behind-the scenes, some new initiatives are headed this way this month of April. Those of you who have been paying keen attention will know that I’ve been hinting at certain things, and this month some of them are coming to life, the first of which is happening tomorrow.

I am pleased to announce the launch of my travel blog – Selv Travels.

Selv Travels is a collection of my travels over the years. Did you like reading my blogposts about my diapered escapades around the region? Then you would definitely enjoy reading about them, this time in greater depth and with more photos.

Tomorrow, to serve as a soft launch, I’ll post my first blog at noon, and I will be posting every 2 days for about 2 weeks. Do keep a lookout then and there for for updates on my travels. It is an ABDL Travel blog, that serves as an album of sorts of my travels. Do give it a look, and don’t forget to follow it if you would like to follow me on my travels!

As for dlselv@SG, it will be business as usual here, not to worry about that 🙂 I will continue to post at least once a week on a variety of topics centred around my DL lifestyle as well as on happenings in the general ABDL community.

At this juncture I wish to thank you, reader, once again for your continued support!

– Selv

Where Should I Escape To Next?

I’ve been thinking about where I should go for my next diapered Escapede. Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia… I can’t really make up my mind so maybe you guys might be able to help me. I’ve prepared a simple form, it takes about a minute to fill up. Look out for the bonus question!

– Selv

P.S. This survey is closed, thank you all for participating!

Wearing Diapers in 2018

It feels funny to be writing this post without actually wearing a diaper, but many of the points came to me while I was wearing the Tena Slips from 2 posts back heheh.

Diapers have been my way to de-stress. Some people like to smoke, some people drink, some even run long distances. But I wear diapers, cos they help me relax. And every night in school, I’ve been wearing a diaper to sleep. It is a luxury many ABDLs don’t get, and to this end I am really thankful that I am able to do so.

I’ve mentioned previously that being a DL is a grey area with respect to my religion. Not directly at least, but it is implied. It is not against the law, I mean, there is no scripture that says what we do is wrong. The thing is we are dealing with humanly emissions and since they are considered unholy we have a conflict of interest here. So, I try to avoid wearing on certain “auspicious” days. This trend I think I’ll continue.

Then there are high intensity days, such as exam dates and family functions. My dad, when he caught me, used to say that I’ll be distracted because I’m wearing a diaper. Which is true to some extent. These days, I get distracted mostly due to the guilt of doing something my parents are against. But still, I will skip wearing them on these high intensity days, just so that I remain focused.

I aim to go on at least 3 diapered escapades this year, the first one I’m planing to go this late-February (do let me know if you guys are keen on a collaboration). Beyond just wearing diapers on backpacking trips I aim to build up a proper travel blog to document my journeys.

Then there is the whole affair of what to tell my future girlfriend. Somehow I have a feeling that this might be the year it finally happens, but I don’t want to open that can of worms here now. What I will say is that the search for an existing ABDL girl has failed, and my only way forward is to get a vanilla girl and hope she accepts this part of me. Fat hope –  but I must try.

Coming up this month would be my Tenth anniversary of wearing my first adult diaper. Need to think of a way to celebrate it, and I have a rough idea on how to do it. I’ll keep you guys posted.

And finally, I’ve been thinking about starting a Patreon page. I had done the preparations, but Patreon threw a spanner in the works with their recent fees announcement. So that is something I’ve been trying to tread carefully. *EDIT* Of course, special content that warrants a Patreon page on on the cards, but more on that very soon.

Last (but not least), I wish to thank all of you who have been writing PMs and emails to me. Thank you guys, it has really been a pleasure writing to all of you, I really appreciate the time and effort you guys put in to writing to me.

– Selv

New Year, New Ear

So 2017 has come and gone in a flash. What was I even doing with my life? I’ve been in a daze for most of the ear, going through motions and just struggling to wake up every day.

So I’m very worried actually, about how 2018 will turn out. On one side the shadow of my academics looms over me, and on the other, family stands out starkly.

I’ll still continue to remain diapered, I’ll still look out to meet other ABDLs and I’ll still keep on writing stories. Somehow, I’ll make this year better than the last. And I will definitely keep on blogging and posting simple diaper reviews, right here.

Wish you all a very happy new year. And if it isn’t happy yet, hopefully, it will be happy soon.

– Selv


The new year is shaping up to be very hectic. Time is already very rare as it is, and this year it’s going to be even harder to find. I’m taking modules that I despise, was drawn into a CCA that keeps leeching off my skills and has now thrust me into a key position that I don’t want, and my roommate now does not have a structured schedule as he is back from his industrial attachment, meaning lesser diaper time for me.

I think it is the last one that is threatening to overwhelm me. Because I really want to be able to spend time writing diaper stories. I didn’t expect my involvement in my cca to really take up so much time and energy. I made a very very bad mistake. They just squeeze me dry, by saying that that no one else knows how to do it (for free), but keep overloading me with other tasks.

I mean, I really want to work on my ABDL writing. The only piece of writing I managed to publish last year, at the expense of my exams unfortunately, was a seriously panned piece that I sent for the ABDL Story Forum competition. I got 5 votes. My book is stalled, my short story compilation is stalled, and the idea I had for an ABDL cartoon has also not left the sketchbook. They told me not to join that CCA. But I did (for a reason that I can’t write here cos it will identify a certain aspect of me).

So how did I spend my New Year? I welcomed 2017 from bed, sick from a very high fever and splitting headache. I’m not sure if it is a metaphor for what’s in store for me this year. On the love front, I’m keeping fingers crossed that, as prophesied by my aunt, this is the year I get attached. An ABDL girl would be good and not likely, but she having an open mind is crucial.

I’m sitting here at the National Library writing this post for tonight, having skipped a committee outing because I don’t feel like it. I woke up late this morning, in a dry diaper, realising I had an hour to get to the workshop being conducted here. I just rolled around because I didn’t want to make off my dry diaper.

But, I didn’t want to be barred from attending future courses, so I grabbed an Uber, and I reached on-the-dot. Still wearing my night-me diaper. It’s the first time I was attending a class wearing a plastic-backed diaper, and I’m really happy that it didn’t make a sound. Although it did start bulging a little later on, I managed to pull my shirt over to hide it.

I think the first months of 2017 will be spent questioning my identity, whether I will continue to be a Singapore resident, whether I want to be an engineer, whether I really want an ABDL girl as a soulmate (or should I settle for a vanilla lady), and whether I should take a more religious stance to life, whether I should follow my father’s or mother’s culture, and other whethers. But one thing that I do want to do is to contribute more to local charity, as well as the ABDL production scene.

– Selv

Back Home!

Hi guys, I promised that Ill be back on the 7th, but I’ve been extremely busy for these past few days. As the school vacations have started, I’ve had to clear out of my school Hall, and I’ve been very busy looking for a job to occupy myself, as well as to get some pocket money.

I aim to finish my book by the end of this month, and then I’ll be starting on a secret project. All I’ll say now is that graphics technology has finally caught up with the home consumer…

In the meantime, I’ll continue to blog as per usual – twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and I hope to continue with my pending diaper reviews. My Tumblr short stories series has been on hold, and will continue to be on hold at least till I publish my book.

I also aim to make my saturday posts more engaging, so if there is any topic that you’d like me to write about, do drop a note. Or you could drop a note just to say hi!

– Selv