My toilet training story

It is an agreed concept, that many ABDLs are ABDL, in some way due to their toilet training days. Some argue that being trained early poses problems, others argue that late training does the same too. So I went back some time ago, to recollect my toilet-training story.
I don’t remember much, what I know is what my mother has told me. I was pee trained by 2 and a half, and stopped bedwetting when I was 3. But #2 was an altogether different story.
I needed a diaper to do my ‘big business’ way past my 4th birthday. Apparently I used to cry and whine until I was put in a diaper. But one day, my mom was having a bad day at work, and she was very moody. She tried a new method; put the diaper on the toilet seat. The diaper had a hole in it. But I refused to sit on it. So my mum took the cane and caned me, and forced me to use the toilet straightaway. That was the last time I saw diapers for a long time. 4 and a half years.
I ‘took a sample’ from my sis at age 9(till 12), bought my first adult diapers at age 15. So I’ve been diapered for 14 out of 21 years, though irregularly the last 6.