Find Me On Patreon

Have been thinking about this for months now and I decided to take the plunge.

I am now on Patreon!

I have been putting out several ABDL stories for some time now, and while I will continue to post them publicly on Tumblr and ABDL forums, Patreon will give me a revenue avenue so that I can continue to write.

My Patrons will definitely be able to access content which will be exclusive. From idea polls to behind-the-scene character maps, Patrons will get some insights into my stories. I have 4 pledge tiers, the basic level of which unlocks 1 short story every fortnight.

And to start off, I’m posting a 3-chapter micro novella which I had written some years back. Thereafter I will commence my fortnightly postings.

I really hope that you guys will support me on this journey, I will explain my objectives this Saturday so do keep a lookout for it.

– Selv


My Interview with Rice Media

I was thinking of what diaper reviews I should do next. I need to review and write them before the semester ends, before I return home for the summer holidays. I was settling on Fairprice Extra Care as well as Guardian Tape-on diapers, maybe another. Thing is, once I’ve done these, I’d have covered all the common tape-on brands. I could move on to the more ‘speciality’ type ones like Abena or Lille SupremFit, which do retail at homecare shops.

Anyway, some of you might have seen my interview with Rice Media. I was a little apprehensive when they approached me given the small controversy that was ongoing at the time as well as their journalistic angle. It was supposed to be an article about ABDLs in Singapore but I’m guessing due to the lack of responses, the writer decided to focus on me.

She was very professional and assured me of anonymity. Since it initially was going to be about Singapore ABDLs I agreed to the interview. It was a little surreal getting interviewed – I had always imagined high achievers getting such an honour – but it was a professional exchange.

I told her that I can’t speak for most of the Singapore community but I could share my own experience, which I did. But she did end up taking the ‘juicy’ parts of the transcript and she went in that angle. I knew it was going to happen but I decided to let it play out. She was kind enough to let me read a draft though, and I pointed out some minor details a gesture which I appreciate.

The article went into some details about the ABs, DLs etc and used some pictures from diaper sites. She did write that I have a diaper fetish even though I did explain to her that I don’t find diapers sexual, but otherwise she stuck to the script.

We know that we ABDLs are a misunderstood bunch, but I decided to speak because this was a chance to let others know that we aren’t weirdoes or paedophiles – we are just normal people leading normal day lives and jobs, and that what we do in the privacy of our homes is our own choice that is harmless.

Major announcement coming up tomorrow, will be elaborated on Saturday!

– Selv

Old Attends

I was browsing through Youtube diaper ads again and I found this old Attends ad. It’s way back from 1990, before I was even born. It’s kind of interesting to see how diapers have evolved, and the Adult Diaper industry is no different.

Attends produced beltless products, which some thought were a hassle to put on and instead introduced their ‘stick on to the underwear’ type. This blurred the line between a diaper and an incontinence pad – which companies were hoping would reduce the stigma surrounding them. They even went the extra length by using CGI to animate their competitor’s product to make the beltless Attends seem more user-friendly.

Anyway here’s the ad:

– Selv


Entering My 25th Year

Chasing a girl is hard work. But when you’ve decided to let her go and she still wanders into your path, then it gets harder to stick to your initial decision.

I had an eye for this girl some time back. We were members of this university cultural club. I tried to catch her attention, and I did, but at some point we had the awkward chat and I understood that we could not get together for some reasons involving her family. It wasn’t a big blow or anything as I had foreseen and prepared myself for such an outcome. Yet, fate kept pushing us together, numerous times.

The most recent of which involved an event which she was helping to organise. The committee had wanted to sing a song to begin the event, and to make it less dry, she had come up with the idea of putting a montage together with the song’s lyrics. The committee then tasked her with creating this montage. So far so good, except that she had never used video editing software before.

She could have easily approached her other closer friends, people who were very skilled in videography. But she approached me, a person she barely spoke to. Why? My guess is that because I had done a similar project the year before when I was still in the club. But I didn’t get it. Isn’t it better to approach your own subordinates whom you are closer to and are, in this case, without doubt better qualified?

But she insisted that I teach her how to do the montage. As we had differing schedules, I essentially created a 3 part video tutorial (in 20 minutes haha) and gave her some storyboard ideas. And from the final product it is evident that she closely followed the tutorial.

She texted me several times to trouble shoot things, and after completing each draft, asked me to review it, which I did. But again, it was a weird thing to do, to ask a committee outsider for their comments. But I pointed out the little details and helped out where I could. After all, she is my friend.

I’m not trying to say that maybe she still harbours feelings for me, that’s why she asked me for help. Nor that the montage came out because of my input. Actually she did most of the work herself. But why ask me for tips?

Come show day, I arrived on time. She was with the rest of the committee, who were receiving guests and she quickly waved at me and smiled before turning to the next person. Alright, maybe I’ll speak to her after the event, I thought to myself.

So we settled down at the back of the huge auditorium with my group of friends. As they began the event, the emcees introduced the intro song, she and another comes up to sing it! She had created the lyrical montage and she was also singing it? Why didn’t she tell me?

Those 2 minutes were awkward, to say it simply. I kept thinking, what could have been if only we had broken the family barrier. It didn’t help one bit that she kept glancing and smiling at me throughout the song. Remember, the auditorium was big and I was a distance away.

As we sat down, I was wondering if she had been looking at our group of mutual friends instead. Or perhaps she was looking at her parents and little niece. But those piercing eyes had looked directly at me, and those groups were not in her line of sight.

I’ve always wanted a girl to look at me that way. It wasn’t the first time she looked at me this way. But each time she did, it was a solemn reminder that we may never be together, and I found myself looking away.  She is this goody two-shoes person who has a high standing amongst her peers, and here I was, a diaper boy, waiting for the rains to pour in the Sahara. Yea, I feel that I could be her equal on several parameters, but the family factor really killed it.

Cos I know from observing my family, a girl without her parents support will never be happy, and I didn’t want to disturb that equilibrium of hers for me. Besides, she’ll probably marry a high standing doctor or lawyer, who cares about engineers these days. And all of these doesn’t factor in my inherent ABDL wish list in a girl, which I frankly, have no idea whether I should keep or throw.

My only thought at this moment is that the correct girl will show herself when the time is right. And until that day arrives, I just have to study hard and shore up my finances.

– Selv

New Review Up

Hi guys,

I was surfing the internet last weekend when I came across this amazing video of an ‘anti translation’. The author has tried to translate the famous french song Non Je Ne Regrette Rien, but as you can expect, the outcome is hilarious! You can watch this here:

Been rushing with my quizzes this past week, more coming next week but can’t really stop now!

In case you guys have missed it, here’s my Super Seni Diaper Review

And my most recent Tumblr short story – Safe Jungle Water

Selv Travels

Hi guys,

It’s been a busy week of sorts, both in school and in my writing space. I’ve been trying to catch up on my work as mush as possible as there are a ton of tests headed my way. But that’s student life for you.

I’ve also been preparing some stuff behind-the scenes, some new initiatives are headed this way this month of April. Those of you who have been paying keen attention will know that I’ve been hinting at certain things, and this month some of them are coming to life, the first of which is happening tomorrow.

I am pleased to announce the launch of my travel blog – Selv Travels.

Selv Travels is a collection of my travels over the years. Did you like reading my blogposts about my diapered escapades around the region? Then you would definitely enjoy reading about them, this time in greater depth and with more photos.

Tomorrow, to serve as a soft launch, I’ll post my first blog at noon, and I will be posting every 2 days for about 2 weeks. Do keep a lookout then and there for for updates on my travels. It is an ABDL Travel blog, that serves as an album of sorts of my travels. Do give it a look, and don’t forget to follow it if you would like to follow me on my travels!

As for dlselv@SG, it will be business as usual here, not to worry about that 🙂 I will continue to post at least once a week on a variety of topics centred around my DL lifestyle as well as on happenings in the general ABDL community.

At this juncture I wish to thank you, reader, once again for your continued support!

– Selv

Mamy Poko Promo

I was grocery shopping in my neighbourhood’s Fairprice wast weekend. Wasn’t all that unusual, except for the giant Mamy Poko giveaway counter at the entrance. The result? Several parents walking around the supermarket with a giant pack of Mamy Poko Air Fit diapers.

There was a competition of sorts previously and many were there to collect their ‘winnings’. I have to admit, winning an entire pack of diapers sounds so cool! Even though I don’t wear baby diapers I still kinda felt envious. There was the buy-1-get-1-free promo, which meant many people were walking around carrying that large pack.

But it was fun seeing all these young women unabashedly carrying a pack of diapers around. (Unfortunately that also means they are all mums, and not diapergirls )’: ) I overheard at least 2 people joking to their kids/siblings that they should wear diapers again, just to make use of this promotion. Guess it’s a uniquely Singaporean attitude.


A poster for the giveaway.

– Selv

Why are people afraid to discuss toilet issues?

We have all experienced it – you have a stomachache and you want to ask someone what to do. Or you are out with your friends and you need to pee, but you are ashamed and hold back. Why are we afraid to talk about going to the bathroom?

Sanitation is one of seven basic needs of human beings. The rest, sleep, shelter, food, water, sex, are readily discussed with peers and relatives (well, maybe not the last). But why don’t we discuss about bodily elimination?

Generally when we are in a group setting with semi-strangers we are reluctant to admit that we need to go to the bathroom. Add in people of the opposite gender, and the likelihood of mentioning going to the bathroom drops. This is just for peeing, we never ever mention that we are going to do a #2.


Pic Credit:

Why are we afraid to let our family/SO/friends hear us pooping? I went to a youth seminar turing my JC days. It was about 3 days in and amongst us there was a girl who let slip that she hadn’t pooped since we had arrived. At one point she quipped “hey girls, tonight don’t come near the (shared) toilets”. Maybe it was more to make us laugh, but she did seem genuinely shy about it.

We often demand the maximum possible privacy when we need to go to the bathroom. Some people drop sheets of toilet roll into the bowl to minimise the ‘splash’ sound, some people leave the shower running, some even banish their S/O to the other side of the house for half an hour. My cousin for many years now, still leaves the shower running when she goes. Perhaps it is ingrained within us that one’s potty habits are akin to their darkest secrets, hence we don’t discuss it.

But still, why are we reluctant to talk about our bathroom habits? We talk about how much/ little we sleep, or even how much/little we ate last week. Do we have a lower threshold for this particular basic need? We can control our hunger, thirst etc for a relatively longer period compared to when we need to use a bathroom. Some people even plan their schedules keeping their bathroom breaks in mind. But when the push comes to shove, we often hurry to find the nearest toilet.


One theory is that us going to the toilet reminds us about our mortality. After all, we are banishing something that was a part of our body during the process. People with certain ailments might feel pain when they go, which serves as yet another indication of their limited time on earth.

Another theory is that pee and poop are essentially unwanted things. We know how smelly they are, how much bacteria they contain etc. That’s why we cover our noses when people fart. And we all inherently recognise this. That’s why we feel that we might offend others if we start talking about the unusual colour of our recent emissions, because we would be literally talking about shit.


Pic Credit:


Perhaps that’s why we also prefer to do our poops at home, on the comfort of our own porcelain thrones. The one place we have been doing it for years, and where (almost) no one can hear you (and judge you) for the undignified mess you create regularly.

So where does toilet humour fit into this puzzle? Why do we laugh when we hear a toddler (or even your grandpa) fart? Is it an indication that they ‘cannot control’ their poop properly hence they are weak? Then again in that same vein, why does your dad think it is funny to fart loudly when the entire family is trapped in a lift? Is it because he revels in that temporary moment where he alone had the power to make everyone feel disgusted? We humans can be cruel at times, but we are generally kind to our loved ones.

I guess we all want our private space and this is, in some way the only time some people get privacy. Those who share rooms with their spouses and siblings will know. We don’t have to talk about what we as a society aren’t comfortable about, but we also shouldn’t hesitate when we need to ask for advice.


– Selv

A Film about Living Life in Diapers?

Sometimes people wonder what it would be like if everyone wore diapers and went about their ordinary lives. Nothing has else changes, we still work and play but all while wearing diapers. What if somebody actually made a film about it?

Actually Huggies has made such a film. This was an old ad for their diapers which will likely be the closest thing we have to such a film. But still, it was fun to watch. You may watch the ad here:

Actually, what I’d really like to see is a story about a parallel world, where people never get toilet trained and everyone wears diapers. The twist here is that there is a worldwide online community where people who like to relieve themselves in a dedicated pot(ty), and generally like to act like innocent seniors who are unable to use diapers because their skin is too sensitive to them.

On a side note, if we are able to divert just 5% of the amount of money people spend on diaper porn, we just might be able to make a couple of decent ABDL shows. But first we would need a netflix-like network that streams on-demand content. A platform where wannabe artistes can perform, without having to expose their bodies. Business idea, anyone?

– Selv

Flying Without Relief

Sometimes you browse through the internet and you see things that make you go ‘aha, I won’t be affected’.

There was a flight from London to the island town of Tenerife, and the toilets were unusable. It must have been a harrowing experience for several passengers, who might have been worried about losing their dignity.

Maybe, just maybe, having worn a diaper on that flight might have brought some relief for certain passengers. It is only when you don’t have access to a toilet that you a) realise what a basic necessity it is and b) appreciate the benefits of a diaper.

You can read this article here.

On a side note, I have booked my tickets and hotel for my short getaway. I was wondering to myself if it was worth spending so much for will be a 60+ hr getaway but oh well… The twist here is that I’m not headed for Bangkok.

– Selv