Giant (Storebrand) Diapers

The Giant brand diapers are manufactured on commission by DFI Brands and is distributed mainly in Singapore and Malaysia, through the Giant hypermarkets. A storebrand diaper, they are the tape-on type, and come in two sizes, M and L.

M – 32-44in (81-111cm)

L – 42-54 (106-137cm)

This review is based on the M size diapers, which I got from Giant Hypermarket Vivocity for $8.00. They were bought in mid – 2014.

Giant Adult Diapers

Giant Adult Diapers

Appearance and Features

This diaper is a store brand diaper. It comes plastic-backed and had light coloured wetness-indicators. It uses a four-tape fastening system, with two on each side. These tapes use the double-layer standard for multiple refastenings. It doesn’t have a frontal patch, standing leak-guards, nor elastic waistbands.

Giant Diaper 1

When folded the diaper measures  20 by 23 cm with the height of about 2.5 cm. When unfolded the diaper measures 62 cm lengthwise, with 32 cm of it being the actual padding. Top to bottom the diaper measures 77 cm and the narrowest part, the crotch, has a width of 29cm, with just 17 cm padded. The tape is 2.7cm thick.

Giant Diaper 2

Giant Diaper 3

Giant Diaper 4

There is no frontal patch on this diaper. It however uses the double-layered tape system. The main tape is clear, the ‘landing’ tape is opaque blue. The tape itself is strong, however it’s connections to the back sheet is very weak, and can pop out under the stresses of walking distances. The blue tapes land directly on the top-sheet of the front. The tapes are very strong, meaning that if you don’t place them correctly the first time, you’d end up ripping the diaper as you adjust the tapes. Multiple refastening is possible, but only if you land the clear tapes directly on the blue ones.

The backsheet is made of soft plastic, which provides good water-retention. They don’t crinkle much, a bonus which provides a discrete user experience. They have a very cheap-cling-film sort of feel to them, but they do the job. The wetness indicator runs down from the front to the back. It is a heart-shaped outline. They are green/turquoise in colour and they fade away when the diaper gets wet.

Giant Diaper 5

Giant Diaper 8

These leg gathers are pretty rudimentary, with four lines of elastic attempting to encase the diaper and contain its eventual contents. There are no standing leak guards, which means that this diaper will certainly be unable to contain floodings. The top-sheet has a soft, cloth-like and gentle to the skin, which minimises irritation.

Giant Diaper 6

Giant Diaper 7 (20c coin and A5 sized notebook used for scale reference)

Performance And Fit

These diapers fit my average-sized frame well, and were snug and comfortable. The leg gathers were a little tight on my inner-thighs while standing for periods on the train, and they did roll in on themselves from time to time. The diaper was quiet, barely audible but the sound was sufficiently covered by the noise of my everyday clothes. I walked to a station, took a train and a few busses, went to the library for a while, but there was negligible crinkling sound.

You hardly feel the bulk of the diaper, and it’s outline is hardly there. It is a very thin diaper, which is a plus point for it. The minimal leg gathers do their job somewhat well, but this diaper cannot take flooding. They seem to have placed the SAP sparingly, for it holds at most 2 medium wettings. This is below average, lower than a Tena Value. However these are one of the thinnest diapers on the market, but they do swell a little upon full wetting, it is noticeable. Their wetness indicators are so light, they hardly show up in the photos. They disappear very easily, at the slightest wetting. They can hold messes, with no messy leaks, but I’m not messing in them again, its risky without the standing leak guards.

What shocked me was that at max capacity, some of the SAP started to ooze out of the very top of the diaper, where the padding transits into the back sheet. I had been walking around for a bit. This is very worrying, for it happened twice. What if the SAP got into my orfices and got me infected?

Final Thoughts

The big plus point of this diaper is it is very thin. Sadly that is it’s only big  plus point. The SAP oozing is a very serious thing to consider. Not to mention, this is a very basic diaper, with no standing leg guards, elastic waistband, cheapy feel etc. They do fit a person well. But their absorbency is very minimal. Their design-or lack of it- can be improved. So for 80c a piece, this diaper is certainly affordable. But there are better quality diapers out there that are retailing for less. The cheaper but unavailable Banitore line is way more absorbent, and cuter too.

While these are the descendants of the discontinued ‘No Frills’ line from Shop N Save (which Giant bought over), their price has gone up while their design is essentially the same. No go DFI Brands, I wouldn’t recommend you to anyone for now, ABDL or incontinent.

Note: This review initially stated that the ‘No Frills’ store-brand was from Cold Storage. This is incorrect as it was under the now-defunct Shop N Save supermarket chain. The Cold Storage chain does not have its own in-house adult diaper brand.


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