Useful Links

There are several sites out there that cater to the global ABDL. Here are but a few of which I frequent.

 Information About This Lifestyle

Understanding Infantilism – An academic site which looks at the ABDL lifestyle, a subset of Paraphilic Infantilism

ABDL Communities

ADISC – The Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Incontinents Support Community

ABDL Story Forum – An online Library of ABDL literature, and where some of my stories may be found.

BedwettingABDL – A community for both Bedwetters and ABDLs. There is a story page here too.

Daily Diapers – Your daily dose of diapers

Singapore Diaper Forum – A forum dedicated to the Singaporean ABDL and diaper-wearers


 ABJane – Being Little Is A Big Deal

ABDLcast – The Podcast For Adults Who Just Like Diapers

ABKingdom – A French Diaper Fetish Community

AdrianSurley – A Real World Incontinent and Diaper Lover Girl

BedwettingMom – A 30-something mom who wets the bed

LifeAsADiaperedMother – Wearing Diapers As A Parent Who is A Diaper Lover And An Adult Baby

LifeVersusABDL – The Commentary

MyABDLLife – Hi and welcome to My ABDL Life


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