Yet Another DCo Disagreement

There have been rumblings online over the lawsuit between ABU and Tykables over the word ‘space’. I read through some of the comments, some claiming that one of these companies have a better case and would likely win. Last I heard was that a restraining order had been filed against Tykables.

But one thought that kept bugging me: why fight? Our community is so small, why sow discord amongst ourselves? Why couldn’t they just settle it amongst themselves?

Got reminded of a Buzzfeed article I read about the time Rearz tried to trademark ‘ABDL’.  The owner dropped the case when people voiced out their opinions. I just hope that one of these companies takes the lead and leads this discussion offline and directly with each other. Remember, the rest of the world is watching our already-misunderstood community.

– Selv


An Ageplay Insight

The ABDL community has always been negatively regarded by the mainstream and they usually think we have some sexual connotation about it. And usually when you see journalistic pieces on the subject it usually has a sensationalist streak to it, portraying ABDLs as people who have had issues.

This recent piece by a Dutch outfit is a little different. It focuses on Ageplayers and tries to be a bit objective in its portrayal of the participants. No background dissecting, no generalising. But they touch on the topics close to all of us.

You can watch this YouTube video here. Be sure to switch on the subtitles.

– Selv

Mustafa’s Collection

There’s a saying here, that if you need it, Mustafa’s probably has it. It’s one of Singapore’s best shopping malls simply because it houses the largest variety of things, all under one roof. Phones, shoes, toys, medication, souvenirs… you name it and they will have it.

Naturally I’ve been wanting to go down to see what diaper brands they carry. But home’s in the east and school’s in the west, so I’ve been putting off this trip, until today.

I entered the main building, and started my search. They don’t have a proper directory so I had to climb the 4 stories in search of the diaper section. I eventually found it, on the third floor. It was a modest section full of baby diaper brands, and as with all other departments, the guards were posted to the section. There was just one adult diaper brand, something I’ve never heard of and it didn’t even stuck in my mind.

Undaunted, I decided to go to the extension building, as they called it. A bit more searching and lo and behold, I found the DL shopper’s eye candy. Hidden at the back of the first floor was modest selection of adult diapers. What I found remarkable was that the diapers came in all sizes and variants. There were 3 variants of Lille SupremFit, in 3 sizes. There were Certainty diapers, Tena Value Diapers, and of course, Tena Slip Plus and Super.

Alas, the only diaper missing was the very diaper I had come in search for. The M size Tena Slip Super. They had the S and L sizes, but no M! Why???

These were some promotions that are ongoing:

Tena Value: 1 for $10.10, 2 for $17.75.

Certainty: 1 for $7.15

TSS Large: 1 for $19.50

I also finally understood another popular saying – that if Mustafa was out of stock, it’s hard to get it anywhere else. Having glanced earlier at some other shops, it looks to be the case for the Tena Slip Super M size.

I settled for a Tena Slip Plus, so expect a review!

– Selv


Diapers And Television

Pollution and environmental protection are not new ideas, they have been around for decades. In fact, disposable diapers were identified as a major source of trash that took up considerable landfill space. Toilets and sanitation facilities on the other hand were still switching to environmentally sensitive processing methods as late as the 80’s.

I came across this clip of an old 80’s Canadian TV show called ‘You Can’t Do That On Television’, it is a sit-com of the day that tried to spin the pollution idea with the idea that ‘only babies wear diapers, hence people will laugh if an older kid wearing them’. But it is objectively funny in itself.

Televisions were built to inform, but have been used to entertain for decades. It is when companies create entertainment with a spin of truth, that certain stereotypes form, e.g that diapers are for babies, that you must potty train by 2 etc. And as we move towards being an intelligent society, we must digest our entertainment with a pinch of salt.

You may watch it here.


– Selv



via Daily Prompt: Meaningless

Sometimes, the uncertainty is excruciating – what chances is there of meeting an ABDL out there?  Just getting someone who’s first written to you to respond, is a waiting game in itself.

I don’t know, this whole waiting game is not fun anymore. The only way to interact with more people seems to be that you’d have to show your body and face, do something cringeworthy like show the contents of your diaper and stuff. Even then, it won’t go far cos I’m a male in a male-dominated community.

How then can I interact with the ABDL community? The main forums are dying, guarded by anchors who are very jumpy about stuff in general. Posting nudes and the like is out. Blogging is not working out. You can’t talk ABDL stuff to vanilla friends. I don’t have an SO.

This is hopeless.

– Selv


Diaper Stories

I’ve been watching the ABDL story scene for a while now. And there seems to be a decline in this area. Either that or everyone’s posting somewhere else.

ADISC suffered a dearth in its stories forums when they did their overhaul. The Stories forum was made private such that only logged-in members could view them, and many of the good quality older stories got removed. Was it necessary to do a blanket deletion of all the stories just to weed out the stories containing underaged characters?

The mods themselves have mentioned that underaged people were barred from the site only on a just-in-case basis. So they may have their reasons for it, but overall, it caused a loss in many good stories. The good thing is, many people reposted their stories. The bad thing is, after the initial hype died down, there were fewer contributions. Today, there are but a few regulars frequenting that forum, way quieter than during its heyday. There are good stories and good writers, but there are poorly written stories as well.

Then there is the abdl story forum (ASF). As far as I can tell the mods didn’t do any major tweaking, but the effect the same is with ADISC – few regulars, few stories, some are rotten potatoes. From what I see, it’s been a slow decline over there at ASF. They used to have story competitions, but they have been discontinued in the previous few years due to lack of participation.

Having said that, they are having another go at it. They’re hosting a Halloween story writing contest, with separate categories for scary and non-scary stories so if you want to warm yourself up for NaNoWriMo, do give it a shot!

There’s the Daily Diapers forum but I haven’t been scanning through that. And then there’s ABDL Stories Homestead, where many stories are very very similar to each other. Let’s not forget Deviantart, which mixes in artwork with storytelling. Deviantart as far as I can tell from an outsider, is doing well with regards to the ABDL scene. But that’s because people want to see pictures.

Which leads me to wonder, why?

The thought that comes to mind is the proliferation of social media. For us ABDL’s, that would mainly be Tumblr, Instagram and Snapchat. With varied content available on these platforms, people are able to interact directly with each other, but at a cost – girls are getting harassed. Guys hiding behind a keyboard are spewing filth at these people(girls and guys), just because they can be anonymous. Sure, it is just a small group. But these so-called ‘content creators’ will tone down as a result, and then everyone suffers.

But back to the topic of ABDL stories.

With these social media platforms offering netizens more of what they want to see, traditional forums and story forums are seeing a decline. Which is what I think is the main cause of the decline in stories – the lack of forum users leads to a lack in stories. A lack in stories leads to the lack in members critiquing. A lack of discussion then leads to authors changing their platforms. I know of at least one writer who has experienced this, and I’m that person.

Beyond that, we must acknowledge that people are also seeking to publish their writings online, either in e-book format or in other pay-to-view arrangements. With e-publishers like Smashwords, Amazon, Lulu and others, it is very easy to go online. Reaching readers can be a problem but otherwise the monetary incentive is a big draw for authors who have that calibre.

While I’m not expecting a total, irreversible decline of the story forums, that is what it is looking like now. The thing is, we can’t force people to write. Like any creative work, it takes time and mood to concoct a good story. It would be easy for me to say ‘hey, just organise a competition with attractive prizes and people will participate’, but as noted, participation rates are low.

Ultimately, the motivation to write comes from the demand that readers supply. Some write for fun, but arguably the best things come from author and auteurs who receive renumeration. #rowling #spielberg

NaNoWriMo is coming in 2 months. If not for my uni exams, I would be taking part in it.

– Selv


Pampered with Pampers

So, the Fairprice Supermarket nearby my house is having a sort of promotion for Pampers. There’s this huge events area right beside the entrance that is stocked full with pampers from newborn till size 6 I think. I think Mamy Poko is also having a smaller-scaled promo too. Of course I didn’t stop to stare, but it did catch my attention. As well as the attention of all the kids and toddlers who were entering the store.

But it got me thinking. It’s my own personal observation and it may not be wholly accurate, but I see that today, most babies older than 1 are using pull-up style diaper rather than tape-on ones. The bulge is not that obvious and usually the elastic waistband is peeking out over their top of the pants/skirt/undearwearthingy. Even my youngest cousin wears pull-ups.

Is there a trend on the mummy forums that makes it hip for parents to prefer pull-ups? Sure, it mimics regular underwear and is easy to make off for both kid and parent. But it seems that they are prone to diaper-blowouts, as is the case with my cousin . And parents – surely they must be aware of this limitation – are fine with it? I believe I’m missing something here.

The other thing is that with a fall in demand for tape-on baby disposables will lead to a fall in supply of these diapers. Hopefully our local ABDLs won’t be inconvenienced, though admittedly this seems like a far-fetched idea at the moment. Remember how Pampers size 7 disappeared with the arrival of Goodnites? It won’t happen suddenly, but it will happen quietly.

As for me, I’m sticking to my Tenas. But I’ll be keeping a close watch on baby diapers too. blogpost121

– Selv


Diaper Travels – Planning The Next Round

I love my Diapered Escapedes (Yes, that’s how I like to spell them). I run them on small budgets of not more than $200, all-in. They give me a chance to wear diapers 24/7 and, because they are vacations, I get to relax (most of the time).

Planning for my sixth Diapered Escapede, with about 2 weeks to go. My last one in March was ambitious, having explored Penang and KL while wearing diapers. So I’ll probably stay closer to home this round, either JB or Batam/Bintan. But accessibility is an issue, and I want that peace of mind for the 2 or 3 days should I need to rush back.

Then again I could get a staycation in Singapore itself, although it would be more expensive. The last time I had a DE staycation was back in 2014 so maybe this is something I’m thinking about. I’ll probably be relaxing, just maybe meet others, work on some writing and perhaps this blog too.

Then, as always, there is the issue of what diaper do I wear.

DE1: Staycay – Banitore (First time)

DE2: Staycay –  TSS (First time)

DE3: KL Disastercation- TSS (Missed my return flight, hence the name)

DE4: Melaka Drivescapede – TSS

DE5: Penang-to-KL – TSS (the most expensive and ambitious one so far)

Perhaps this time I could try a plastic-backed diaper. The Fairprice Extra Care diaper beckons because the Safe Control was so good! Albeit with lousy frontal patches. There’s also the Tena Slip Maxi, which I’ve been eyeing for forever. But this one is quite hard to get nowadays (even the TSS is getting relegated to pharmacies).

So JB or Singapore again? And FEC or TSM diaper?

– Selv


Thoughts on Romance

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a girlfriend-wife who you could care for?

You pick her up from work, return home, cook dinner with her/eat out together, take a shower together then before bed you put her in her night-time diaper and give her a warm hug and kiss her goodnight before tucking her in as you climb under the covers? 

Except that, statistically, it’s not going to happen. 

I am not going to lie and say that I don’t have such wishful thinking. But after years of trawling through ABDL forums, social media and even fetish sites, I would say that the probability for a white male to meet such a partner is about 20% while the probability for an Asian living in Asia is less than 10%. Though that number might be larger in metropolitan areas.

In this day and age, women want respect. They want to be accorded the mutual respect that comes with education. These are good practices. But they would inhibit women from wanting to be cared for- they can take care of themselves! (That doesn’t mean that they don’t crave attention, which I feel that we as gentlemen should give them 🙂

Throw in the complexities of a conservative society, and the depressingly generalized Google search results for ‘ABDL’, and you have a recipe to turn a girl away from you. 

As I keep searching for that life partner, I gently have to remind myself that my future soulmate probably won’t want to do her morning number ones or twos in ‘a thing that only babies wear’. Moreover, she will thoroughly be against me doing my morning number ones and twos in a noisy, crinkly garment. 

Her simplest reasoning would be ‘it’s not hygienic’, her most guilt-tripping one would invoke religion, and her most likely reasoning would be ‘that ABDLs are sickos (we are not)’. 

I understand that people have successfully done it before. There are a number of podcasts and articles that give very good advice on how to go about doing this. 

You shouldn’t date a girl who doesn’t accept you for who you are, I hear you say. If only… if only it were that simple. 

Will I be lucky? This is something that I’ve been longing for at least since I was 6. The believe is that, as long as you really want it, as long as you take the steps towards it (hence this blog), and as long as you are patient, then there will be results.

– Selv


The Tykables Torment

It’s been about 2 weeks since this topic surfaced but I thought I’d touch on it since it is a good case study.

Tykables is very much a part of our ABDL retail scene, and recently they had opened a brick-and-mortar space in Mount Pleasant, Illinois. Its meant to function mainly as storage and as a pick-up point for purchases.

But residents, not fully informed about ABDLs, became concerned once they found out that a business was selling things that were meant for ‘adult babies’. Their concerns were fuelled by the fact that the outlet was located close by to schools, a park, a pool and other public spaces where children frequent.

John Williams, the store owner, had to attend meetings with local officials and residents to explain his situation, and they each have made compromises. While the Tykables team now has to contend with added expenses and potential loss of visibility, they (and buying customers) have been very lucky that they are able to continue to operate.

There are two things that come to mind. The first is that the residents were unaware of what ABDLs do or stand for, jumped to conclusions and became very unsettled by what they perceived as a potential threat to the community. They did what they would do as with any other potential threat to their community.

We all know that for the most part, ABDLs are not pedophiles or sexual maniacs that actively haunt women and children. But we cannot assume that everyone knows this.  The uninformed general public will jump to conclusions as that is human nature.

But the fact is that we cannot go around educating everyone on the lifestyles of ABDL and Littles. We need to accept that they will continue to mistrust us even though we stress that we are just a bunch of people who do our stuff in the privacy of our houses/rooms. Just think about your parents’ first reactions when they found out. Now extend that to an entire community!

The other thing  that comes into mind is that the owner(s) of Tykables might have been a little too trusting of the residents. They might have been focused on the business tenet of location connectivity, and might have failed to take note of their store’s proximity to areas where children are present. As I’ve never been to the area I don’t know how close the store actually is to the said areas, but what can be said is that given the public’s tendency to mistrust us ABDLs, we should put sufficient distance between ourselves and children.

Here is a link to an article which explains the story.

I had read somewhere else, that there seems to be a gun store close by as well, and that residents should be more worried that gunmen would target their children, rather than be worried that some freak will break into their children’s school to diaper them. Very thoughtful words, I might add.

Stay cautious, people.

– Selv