The Human’s 7 Basic Needs

People are living things. They need things to live. It doesn’t take a person like Abraham Marslow to spell out the most basic things. His famous Hierachy Of Needs spells out what people need in some detail, but the most basic list, at the bare bottom list the following: Food, Drink, Shelter, Warmth(Clothing), Sleep, Sex, Sanitation.

Sanitation. This one word is least interesting, the most overlooked, the most scorned and the most unwilling to be dealt with of the seven. But people still do care, that’s why there are public sanitation programmes all over the world. People like¬†Arunachalam Muruganantham of India (The Sanitary Pad Revolutionary), as well as Jack Sim of Singapore (World Toilet Organisation) are just ordinary men who have taken it upon themselves to provide affordable sanitary facilities to those who need it the most.

But what does sanitation got to do with diapers? Everything, to be exact. I mean, who would people want to invent garments to be wrapped around their infant’s bottoms? Why spend tons of money perfecting disposable diaper technology? They hinder a baby’s walk (causing them to waddle), cause them to be toilet-trained later etc. Heck, even the Adult Diaper market is burgeoning with nearly every supermarket equipped with SEVERAL brands of diapers. Why? Because, human excrement is hazardous, infested with harmful bacteria and germs, and people want to protect the floor and furniture ¬†from human excrement. The reverse-toilet, if you will. You can’t make a person sanitarily dispose of their poop, you sanitise their butt instead…

So, sanitation is a basic need. But can I choose the way I sanitise things? In other words: WHY MUST I USE A TOILET? WHY CANT I JUST USE A DIAPER TO POOP? They both do the same thing; catch my poop. If people can choose governments, life partners, their baby’s gender(indirectly), the way they wish to reach god(aka their religion), why can’t I choose the way I conduct one of life’s basic, everyday needs? I can’t even talk about this to even my own sister, who doesn’t have a clue. That’s how taboo the topic is.

One says that if you poop a diaper, you’d pollute the environment, you’d have to ‘touch’ the mess to clean yourself, you’d make your immediate surrounding unbearably smelly. Let me say this. By pooping in the toilet, you waste tonnes of water flushing the toilet bowl, which has to be industrially cleaned with lots of chemicals. You also ‘touch’ your poop when you wipe your ass with toilet paper. And you make a stink in the bathroom every time you poop. The next user can’t breathe well afterwards.

People are hard to convince. Dad’s are hard to convince. Happy Father’s day, Dad. Tonight I won’t poop in my diaper.



PS: I’m not talking about 24/7 diaper use. I’m just talking about wearing diapers just for poop time, about 5-10 mins at max each day.