Mess, Confessions and ‘Contributions’

Sometimes we get reminded of the desire to wear diapers in the most undesirable ways. Today I stopped by at a public restroom at Eunos MRT station, at about 6pm. Located behind the standing-urinals are the cubicles, and I noticed that one of them was pretty messed up. Lying on the floor was a BIG pile of poop, which seemed to have been smeared all over the cubicle floor. The underwear was lying there too, with most of the poop still in it. I didn’t stare, but it was of medium size, a size that would have been worn by a 20-something youth. It really begs the question : Who the f*ck would leave their sh*t on the floor, for the elderly janitors to clean up after them? Did he have an ‘accident’, I don’t know. But still, just leaving it there? I felt more sad for the elderly janitors than curious about what had happened.

Lately I’ve been thinking of the hypothetical situation where I would have to eventually tell my girlfriend about my DL tendencies. Though that day is very far off, a series of people asking for advice on ADISC has really left me wondering what would be the best way to go about telling her, and how much should I reveal. While this matter has been subject to fierce debate over and over again, the general consensus is yes, tell her everything, then come to an agreement about it and stick to it. While I’d love to fall in love with a girl who is already in diapers, I would say that the chances of meeting such a girl in Singapore is close to zero. Therefore the possibility of confessing my DL tendencies to a girl from a conservative Asian society must be taken seriously. *Shudders at the thought*

I’ve been reading through the fine print of my publishing agreement, and as most publishers are based in the US, I’ve come to the realisation that I have no choice but to forfeit 30% in taxes to the US government. This is due to the lack of a tax treaty between the Singaporean and American Governments, which also means that I would have to pay tax to the IRAS as well :(. This means that effectively, I’m being forced to ‘contribute’ to US atrocities such as the wars and NSA spying. This I’m not happy about at all! Or, I could just not publish my book…