Banitore Adult Diapers

The Banitore brand diapers are produced and distributed by Hengan Pharmacare Group and is distributed mainly in China, as well as the rest of Asia. They also produce a host of other first aid supplies, as well as baby diapers under the Banitore label. It is a tape-on diaper, and they come in one class only, in two sizes, M & L.

M – 30 to 45 inches (76-114cm)
L – 40-55 inches (101-140cm)

This review is based on the M size diapers, which I got from Prime Supermarket for $7.60. They were bought in early 2014.

Banitore Adult Diaper Packaging

Banitore Adult Diaper Packaging

Appearance and Features

The Banitore comes with all of the usual features seen in a good adult diaper. It is plastic-backed, has standing leak guards, wetness indicators and a frontal patch for multiple re-taping. It uses a four-tape fastening system, two on each side.

Banitore Adult Diaper
When folded the diaper measures 18 by 23 cm with the height of about 3 cm. When unfolded the diaper measures 63 cm lengthwise, with 25 cm of it being the actual padding. Top to bottom the diaper measures 75cm and the narrowest part has a width of 30 cm.

Banitore Adult Diaper and A5 notepad book

Banitore Adult Diaper

Banitore Adult Diaper and coin

The frontal landing patch is made of strong plastic, for holding onto the tapes, which must land on them. They are decorated with a colourful, visual heart-shaped motif. It is quite striking and is the first thing that caught my attention. They don’t crinkle a lot, unlike the one on the Certainty diaper!

The backsheet is made of soft plastic, which provides good water-retention. They don’t crinkle much, providing a discrete user experience. The wetness indicator runs down from the front to the back. It is a heart-shaped outline, similar in shape to the ones on the frontal landing patch. They are green/turquoise in colour and they fade away when the diaper gets wet.

Banitore Adult Soft Diaper

The standing leak guards also run down both sides of the diaper. They are curled in, but in some diapers you have manually separate them from the topsheet, while in others you don’t have to. The topsheet itself is cloth-like and is gentle to the skin, greatly minimizing irritation.

photo  8

(20c coin and A5 sized notebook used for scale reference)

Performance And Fit
These diapers fit my average-sized frame well, and were snug and comfortable. The top of the leg gathers did catch on my inner thighs from time to time when walking, but otherwise they were comfortable. The diaper was quiet, barely audible but the sound was sufficiently covered by the noise of my everyday clothes. I walked to a mall to have dinner, took a few buses around and there was negligible crinkling sound. You do feel the bulk of the diaper, but it is not noisy, which is a very big plus for this diaper.
The standing leak guards do their job well, with no leakages experienced even with flooding. They seem to have a lot of SAP, holding up to 2-3.5 medium wettings, even better than a Certainty and on par with Control Plus Overnight. They aren’t the thinnest diapers on the market, but they don’t swell much upon full wetting, about 2cm. So you don’t have much of a bulky feeling between your legs due to a wet diaper. They hold messes well, with no messy leaks.

Final Thoughts
These diapers have the cutest Frontal Landing Patch design that I have seen in local adult diapers. What’s more they do their job very well to their end, taking in 3 medium-sized wettings, maybe more.

At 76c a piece they are value for money in terms of absorbency, fit and design. I would definitely recommend this diaper to my ABDL friends because this is quality.


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