Missing Plastic-backed Diapers

As time moves on, we don’t really think much about the old plastic-backed diapers these days. I mean, in this part of the world where many of us hide our diapers from family and where the weather is hot, cloth-backed diapers and pull-ups are the obvious choice. Even though a plastic-backed diaper is much cheaper, we prioritise comfort and security.

A few months back I had managed to get my hands on some vintage diapers. They are some Tena Slips which I had managed to bring into Singapore with some difficulty, but that’s a story for another day… Anyway, I haven’t really worn them since.

For those of you who follow my Tumblr post you may remember a few days ago I did open up a vintage Tena Slip Plus and double-up over my usual cloth-backed Slip Plus. I did that because I was already in my cloth-backed diaper and I didn’t really want to damage the tapes.

Anyway, it did bring back come memories for me. The texture of the plastic-backing and the occasional crinkle as I shifted in my seat were but a reminder that I am a longtime ABDL. I guess the younger ABDLS and TBDLs won’t really know what’s fantastic about these Tenas but for me it was a wonderful feeling.

But I did forget that these plastic-backed diapers don’t stretch. I placed the tapes onto the frontal patch at the same location I did before I gained some weight (mind you, it’s just a few kilos). And a few minutes later I was contemplating adjusting the tapes because they were tight, and didn’t stretch like a cloth-backed diaper would.

I gave up eventually and took off the vintage Tena, knowing that if i had readjusted it the tapes would lose stickiness when the time came for me to eventually use it. Bottom felt much less constricted.

To be honest, I’m not sure why I’m still not using my plastic-backed dips. I must have bought at least 7 packs of my usual cloth-backed Tenas since I received them, but I haven’t touched any of the vintage diapers and a handful of other ABDL dips I bought all those months ago (save for that VTSP which I keep wearing over other dips).

I mean I do wan’t to wear them, but with my current situation it’s possible-but-risky and I just have a handful of them. I could get some Tena Values or some Fairprice dips, but again, security. Crinkles are fun, until your dad hears them. Yeah I know, I’ve been down that rabbit hole before. There is no such risk with cloth-backed diapers. And when dry they don’t poof out too.

I guess that these vintage diapers are “too precious” for me to use them on an ordinary night. I haven’t been on any diapered escapades recently so maybe for my upcoming Bali trip I might try a couple at long last. I did want to “model out” and take some pics, but I realised that 1) my body isn’t exactly photogenic, 2) I’m not a girl and 3) with Tumblr clamping down I have nowhere to post them. Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

– Selv


Diapers Have Come In!

I was surfing online for some lego sets. I know they cost a lot of money so I was sort of content window shopping, or whatever the equivalent term is for online shopping. I mean, just look at the Harry Potter set they just released, if it was half the price I would have bought it, it is so good!

Anyway, I digressed, and searched for some vinatge diapers. Guess what! They were selling some old plastic-backed Tena Slip Supers at a huge discount! So I bought them. And one thing led to another and I had bought several other types as well as well.

To complete the group I went over to ABDL Marketplace and bought some Rearz and Crinklz samples as well. And then I waited, for the entire lot to be mailed over.

I used a postal forwarder to consolidate all the packages and mail it to me in Singapore. I opted to pick it up from one of their self-collect points to avoid delivery to my home or hostel. So late at night, when the coast was empty I made my way to the collection point.


I must admit that I underestimated the space 45 diapers took up. They came in several packages and I couldn’t fit all of them in my bag. which meant that I had to hand carry the 3 largest ones back to my hostel on the shuttle bus. I wasn’t too worried. But I did wonder what they might have thought if they knew what was inside.

Anyway I was excited. I made my way back to my hall, showered and put on my nightly cloth-backed Tena Slip Super, and began to open my packages as if Christmas came early.


– Selv

Singapore’s Mini Winter

The temperature on this tropical island rarely dips below 28, so it was a surprise when the mercury stayed in the 22 to 23 degree celsius range for 5 whole days last week. Anyway, this is a little story I wrote for this week’s post. Do let me know what you folks think!

“Temperature In Jurong West dips to 21.2 deg C in Sunday – @STcom”

Siti read that tweet again as she scrolled through her twitter feed. She slid out of her covers and got off her bed, taking off her FBTs to put on something a bit warmer.

“Where is that trek pants I kept in here,” Siti muttered to herself as she rummaged through her tiny hostel closet.

There were several pairs of jeans and leggings, but the cold was getting to her. It didn’t help that her NTU hostel was right beside a forest, and the mist was blanketing her block in earnest, making it feel more like 16 deg C.

She knelt down to examine her drawer, her diaper crinkling softly. She had decided to wear a plastic backed diaper as they tended to trap heat better, and since her roommate wasn’t in for the night it wouldn’t really be a problem, she had reckoned.

Her bladder then gave a jolt, and she sighed. She had been holding it in for quite a while because she didn’t want to waste a diaper, and neither did she want to leave her room to go to the toilet, in that chilly weather.

She stood up, stretched, and had barely put her pants on when she heard several footsteps outside her door. There were three loud knocks, followed by three voices calling out her name.

Siti froze, recognising her friends from her cca. She decided to keep quiet – maybe they might think she wasn’t in?

“We know you are in there, your Frozen slipper is out,” one of them said as the others giggled.

Siti clenched her fist, knowing she had no choice. They were in the dance team, and one of them stayed a couple of floors below her. Reluctantly, she walked over to her door and opened it.

A gust of chilly wind swept into her room as she opened the door, as she glanced at her friend Zahid.

“Hey, come join us, we are having a sleepover at my room tonight,” said Zahid, as he was flanked by three other girls and guys.

“Yea join us,”

“It’ll be fun!”

“We can go for our CCA meeting together in the morning!”

“No guys, I’m really tired, I need to sleep!”, Siti said quietly.

“Don’t worry la, we will keep you awake! Come, or we will carry you ah!”

Siti was afraid of this. She might have dared go with them of only she had been wearing a cloth-backed diaper, but now she was in a bind.

Now two girls were pulling her out of her room. Zahid had gotten her phone and keys, and now was locking her door. And now she was being marched down her corridor. She tried to make as much noise as she could with her slippers to mask the subtle crinkles just escaping from her trek pants.

Her bladder gave a jolt with every step she took, she knew she was going to cave in any moment now. She didn’t even drink much water, why did she need to pee? Oh, it was because of the chill spell. Zahid started to explain about how some monsoon surge caused by some Siberian chill was causing this weather.

All Siti knew was that she wished it would get warmer. Yes, a little bit warmer, little bit more, nice! Wait, why was her crotch getting warmer?

– Selv