I May Have Messed In My Sleep

Warning: Messy Diaper discussed in this post.

Today was an astronomically bad day. I can’t even fathom how I even pulled through today.

  • I woke up from feeling damp sheets. Great, my diaper had leaked from the small wetting the night before and my 8 month no-leaks streak was shattered, I thought to myself.

  • Then I realised that I had woken up horribly late. So I grabbed my shower things and headed to the bathroom.

  • As I pulled off my diaper, the mess within fell onto the bathroom floor. For those who do not mess, there is a difference in the way you pull off a wet diaper and a messy diaper.

  • And then it slowly dawned onto me as I started clearing up, that I had pooped myself in my sleep. I simply can’t recall what happened.

  • I then had to take a Grab, and I reached late, burning a hole in my pocket in the process.

  • And these things are not the worst things on the list, mind you. But I shan’t list the subsequent thread because it’s RL stuff. It was really emotionally exhausting, today.

Yeah, I began the day discovering that I had messed in my sleep. I have no idea what in the world caused this. I wasn’t unusually tired, I didn’t drink anything unusual before hitting the haystack at my usual time save for my usual 1 glass of water. I did get up to pee shortly after falling asleep, which has happened a couple of times before.

There are two scenarios that I think are possible. One – I had gotten up a second time to poop, or had pooped the first time I got up, but was too groggy to remember. Two – I really had pooped in my sleep.

I vaguely remember getting up to pee not long after. And that’s it. But what’s even more nuts about this whole poop fiasco is this.

I usually get up to poop my diaper at about 6am, before snoozing. Today I got up at 6am as usual and tried to poop. And I thought that today was one of the common days where I didn’t need to poop, so I sat down for a moment before climbing back into bed to snooze. I’ll come back to this moment in a bit.

Being a person who is pretty much a light sleeper and pretty much ultra-aware of my own diapered state, I’m pretty sure that I would reset my alarm to wake up earlier just to poop if indeed I had gotten up just to go. And even if I did forget to switch it off, when it rang I would have remembered.

That leaves us with scenario two. I really had my doubts on this one, because all these years, whenever I try to poop while lying down I gave up miserably, no matter the position. I just can’t go. So it’s just unlikely that my body can suddenly go, and I did not have any urgent feeling of needing to go.

But the thing that really suggests that it could be number two (mind the pun) is the aforementioned moment where I sat down after trying to poop at 6am.

For you see, I don’t like to sit down on my mess and squish it. Makes clean up unnecessarily difficult. So when I sat down, I vaguely remember feeling something wet and lumpy. At first I thought it was how this diaper felt when it was fully wet (I’m trialling a new diaper, will post a review soon). So I thought nothing more about it and curled up in my bed, making the diaper leak in the process. It was only much later that I realised just what made that texture.

It doesn’t definitively rule out scenario one, but given that it was an ordinary night and I was not very tired or ‘impaired’ in any way, I’d say that despite its unlikeliness, scenario two prevails.

Tl;dr : I pooped myself when I was asleep.

Luckily I was wearing a diaper.

– Selv


I Bought A Case

Being the money-scrimping student that I am, I figured out long ago that I could probably save a lot of money on diapers if I bought in bulk.

My favourite diaper is the Tena Slip Super. It is super comfy in that it has just the right fit,  is cloth-backed, and has the right amount of absorbency for an overnighter. So I’ve been on the lookout for deals on it, as well as its cousin the Tena Slip Plus. On an ordinary day I’d usually have to fork out $14.15 for a pack of 10 diapers, which corresponds to $1.41 per diaper.

There are some periods where there are discounts available on these usual TSS packs, and I’d be able to get them for about $12 per pack of 10. Still, it was much higher than a TSP diaper which clocked in at about 93c per diaper.

Then, I had the 28 pack TSS haul back in March. That one I got for $29.95, or $1.07 per diaper. I thought it was a significant price drop . But I was put off by having to lug it over to my university room without a way to conceal it. Here’s a recap on my thoughts there.

With the price being very high, I had to settle on using TSPs, which were having their own set of promotions which meant lower prices. But I kept looking out for discounted prices, and I knew that online sites had several of them. Lazada and Carousell had some great steals. Carousell in particular had several bargains, especially on case purchases.

But how on earth would I bring a case of diapers on public transport? There was no point taking a taxi all the way to my university, it’s about $30. And no way was I going to Uberpool or GrabHitch, the driver would know my identity. Nope, I had to borrow my dad’s car, on a one-off trip to school, during the holidays. And so I waited.

Months after I first saw the ad on Carousell, I arranged to deal with that seller. The ad didn’t say anything about stocks running out or stuff, and no weird questions were asked  by the seller except for a small request to deal again in the future.

Quickly, I drove over to my school, dragged the box with a huge Tena logo up to my room, dumped it in a corner and ran off for my meeting. It only was later in the evening that I was able to relish my savings; I had gotten a case of 6 packs of 10 Tena Slip Supers for $50. That’s 83c per diaper!

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 12.18.36 AM

Admittedly it’s way more expensive than an equivalent case of plastic-backed diapers like the Tena Value, but I felt like I really saved quite a bit of money. This case also had the distinction of being my largest ever haul of diapers, at 60 pieces in one go!

– Selv

Good Reasons To Wear Diapers In College

So here I am, uncontrollably going in my pants… Thankfully my diaper is in there too. The stomach bug is really getting onto my nerves. But I’ve spent an unusually significant portion of my time in diapers when I’ve been in my hostel room due to the incident that happened this week.

You see, living beside a forest has its perks. You get to see birds of paradise, cute squirrels and playful monkeys. But you also have to contend with wild boars and snakes. Urgh.

Sometimes they just come down the hill bordering the hall and they rummage through out barbequeue pit dustbins. But my hall is lucky in the sense that it is fenced in, so we only get anteaters. They come down, inspect the slippers outside our rooms before climbing up, satisfied that there’s nothing edible that hasn’t been left eaten.

But snakes! Those slithering villains like to hide in dark, wet places. And yes, toilets fit that description perfectly, especially at night after the auto-lights go off. My first floor toilet is a prime location, with my block located at the end of the cluster of halls, surrounded by forest. My peers don’t really get frightened too much. Girls might scream, guys might huff like a locomotive, but are usually calm enough to call campus security.

But still, the idea that a snake might be lurking in the toilet is reason enough to wear diapers, at least at night when they are active. They come in, possibly lured in by the presence of rats and field mice (and maybe by our resident hall cat?). Sometimes the bats in the trees die, and these present a snacking opportunity.

But there are plenty of reasons why you should wear diapers. For one, there’s the added benefit of not having to leave the comfort of your room, not having to interrupt your YouTube binge (Netflix hasn’t caught on here yet), or if you are the studious type, not having to get up from your notes.

Then there is the diaper itself – it acts as an extra layer of soft padding. Very useful when you are sitting for hours on a hard plastic chair. When you pee, the padding conveniently grows, until it nears capacity. Invest in a nighttime diaper, like the Tena Slip or Lille Suprem range. After all, you’d probably spend about 6-8 hours in the diaper.

I guess the downside is having to put on and take off the diaper. That can be done in the guise of taking a bath i.e. once you return to your room you shower, and put one on. In the morning before class, you shower and take it off. That’s what I do, and with a little bit of tweaking, can be done even when using communal toilets, like the ones at NTU. There’s also the noise, but that’s where you should invest in noiseless cloth-backed diapers.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, the snake in my hall’s toilet story is absolutely true, as captured in this CNA news article. I’m not not referred to in the article, so don’t ask. I only remember a whole lot of screaming and yelling, and I came out of my room to ask these people to shut-up. But then I saw the pest control people and the bulging sack, though I didn’t get to see the snake itself.

– Selv

Certainly Not Maximum

So I went home for the weekend as my mum wanted to do some house reorganisation (again). But first, I had a CCA photoshoot to contend with on Saturday. That coincided with a videoshoot, and I was the videographer. Wearing traditional clothes.

Having contended with a tiring day, I suddenly remembered my mother’s plan so I had to ditch dinner with the gang and I ran off, taking the train while still in my traditional clothes. I know people don’t usually see a young man in such an attire, but don’t cast dirty looks at me as if I’m a foreigner or something!

Anyway, parents dragged me to IKEA and we spent the next day, sunday, fixing up 5 shelves and rearranging the study. In between my cousins came over and disrupted the tight schedule. That meant that I could start on my tutorial only at 10pm. Unfortunately, I had to edit the above mentioned video. That lasted from 12mn to 5.30am.

Did you wear a diaper that night, I hear you ask.

The answer is yes, I did. But I chose the wrong diaper. You see, I had intended to wear for a couple of hours, do some business and take it off. I didn’t expect to wear it for like 10 hours. That was why I experienced my first diaper leak in a very long while – a Certainty diaper doesn’t have the capacity of a Tena Slip Maxi. Admittedly, I doubt that the Tena Slip Super could have held that flood in.

Certainty not Maxi.

– Selv

Free-Flow Fun

Woke up very early on Sunday, changed out of my weekend diaper and took a shower. I still felt sleepy afterward, and since it was barely 7 I climbed back into bed. I wake up around 8, with nocturnal emissions flowing.

If only that had happened earlier, my diaper would have been able to catch it. But no, life decided to have a little free-flow fun with me that day.

– Selv

Been Lying Low

The news of the 6 kids, teacher and guide who died in the Sabah earthquake was very saddening. My heart goes out to their families.

As I’d mentioned in the last post, I had been sick for the past week. A bout of sore-throat all but killed my desire to be happy, and coupled with other things that happened, I just whiled away my time. But I better now, and I can happily proclaim that I am going to resume wearing my diapers at nighttime!

Alas, the very first diaper of the season was abruptly removed when I realised that I overslept. The second diaper was a little more well-used, but I had to remove it stealthily as well since my folks and I had to get up early today. But tonight promises to be a better night!

I’ll be starting on the diaper review, hopefully I can get it up by this weekend. You’ll also get to hear about by Drive-pered Escapede.

Aaand… that’s a wrap!

– Selv