About Selv

I’ve always wanted to share with others the thoughts and opinions that I’ve had. You won’t find that many pictures here, but you won’t see a wall of text either. I aim to post at least once a week on Saturdays, with a range of diaper-related topics. Bonus posts may appear on Tuesdays!

ABDLs in general are greatly misrepresented, portrayed as sexual, pedophiles etc. But I am not a pedophile, or a sicko of some sort. This blog, in part is an effort to counter that view. Fetishist? I’m unsure of that, for I don’t trust Google’s definition. We are normal humans too, just that we like to wear diapers as underwear.

I’ve written some stories and novels, and you may find out more about them in my Stories section. These aren’t your usual ABDL stories, but rather they incorporate diaper-themes in contemporary stories. Do give them a look.

I’ve also written a few Diaper Reviews. I try my best to write a comprehensive and professional review, and as I personally test these diapers, I hope that they may be of some help to those who need the information.

Of course, being a DL is just a small part of me. I’m an engineering first year student at NTU. I don’t cook, but I bake. I do some photography, and keep my fitness up by jogging regularly. But that’s all I’ll reveal about my true self here.

I’m Selva Raja, and you can call me Selv. I’m a Diaper Lover from Singapore, and my favourite diaper at the moment is the Banitore Adult Soft Diaper. I’ve just finished my National Service in an Armoured Vocation, and I ‘m currently pursuing my degree at NTU.

Do feel free to comment, or contact me regarding any issue, or if you would just like to chat. I’d be glad to be of assistance.

Email me at: selva_raja015@hotmail.com

Tumblr – My ABDL social media, a place for short stories : selv14.tumblr.com


Have a burning question? Or do you want me to blog about a topic related to the ABDL realm? 

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