Off to Reservist Training

I’m currently away doing my reservist training in the far west…

Male Singaporeans have to serve 2 years of National Service, and after that, we have to return to our camps for 1 week roughly every year for a decade, to refresh our memories and to update ourselves with the latest happenings. My take on this is that we can’t always expect things from our country without being prepared to give back in one way or another.

Today we shall explore an article which examines why people have sexual fetishes. While I don’t agree fully with the ABDL part (I’ll elaborate why in this post itself later this week), it is an interesting read as the whole fetish thing as examined as a whole.

What Causes People To Have Sexual Fetishes – by

– Selv


Are All DLs Fetishists too?

It is a very well-known fact that a large majority of ABDLs find their diapers to be sexually stimulating. Some use their diapers all the time for this effect, some use it part time.

Then there is the other camp, which use diapers as a security blanket. They find comfort in wearing them and/or using them, and life would become noticeably more uncomfortable if they were to give them up. I choose to identify with this camp.

But here is the problem: definitions. Here are two summarised ones, all summarised from the first page of their respective Google searches:

FetishistA person who attains sexual arousal through the use of an object
Diaper LoverA person who likes and/or is interested in wearing diapers. Most definitions state that DLs are in fact Diaper Fetishists.

I had asked this question on a forum in ADISC a week ago. It drew some strong responses from the good people there, who were somewhat weary of this question, understandably. Some mentioned the ‘true’ meaning of the word fetish – an attraction to an object, regarded as sacred. But others noted that the word itself automatically evokes a sexual nature.

Many people admitted that they found their diapers sexually stimulating, or that they had erections and the like when they wore them. Yes, some people do find them sexual, that is why Tumblr is chock full of erotica-laced pictures. But surely there are those who find just comfort in them?

I read on, some mentioned that there is psychological comfort, identity issues involved, possible reactions due to late toilet-training even. That is why some people could find comfort and security in diapers.

Others questioned why I looked too much into definitions and motioned to me to not worry about what others think about me, and what I thought about myself was all that mattered. Okay… I appreciate your concern but you aren’t helping me.

I had also taken issue with how virtually all official sources on the internet were saying that there’s no such thing as ‘Diaper Lover’, only Diaper Fetishists. BULLSHIT! DFs are a subset of DLs! Even Wikipedia removed it’s original page about DLs and instead redirects users to the Diaper Fetish page. What would a teenager googling think when he/she sees that? Is this the internet’s way of scaring off potential new DLs and ABs? Wikipedia, Google and other search Engines have the power to mask true definitions, and that is a very unsettling fact. Because the first impression presented to others is very important.

The ABDL community itself doesn’t really help with this regard. Even we all don’t agree with one fixed definition. Some treat Diaper Fetish Synonymously with Diaper Lovers. Pui! But it happenes, sadly. Like what HeyYoungBlood mentioned, he drew the analogy to oranges vs. fruits. All oranges are fruits, but not all fruits are oranges. Same concept.

People brought up the issue of why we humans need to create labels for ourselves and for other members of our species. Some suggested that identity was the reason, others suggested that it is for self-glorification, as well as to downplay others. DF seems like one such example of the latter. Dogboy mentioned Trevor’s quote that people get carried away relying too heavily on labels.

Ultimately, I feel that people who are Diaper Lovers may have diaper fetishes too. But not all DLs are DFs. This people must understand. I don’t know how I’m going to make the layman understand this, the layman who only yesterday Googled the term for the first time. But I need to clear my name. I’m not a pedophile, I don’t have sexual kinks. I’m just a regular guy who likes to wear diapers, out of sight, out of mind of the world. Hopefully this blog post helps people understand.

– Selv