Diaper Stories

I’ve been watching the ABDL story scene for a while now. And there seems to be a decline in this area. Either that or everyone’s posting somewhere else.

ADISC suffered a dearth in its stories forums when they did their overhaul. The Stories forum was made private such that only logged-in members could view them, and many of the good quality older stories got removed. Was it necessary to do a blanket deletion of all the stories just to weed out the stories containing underaged characters?

The mods themselves have mentioned that underaged people were barred from the site only on a just-in-case basis. So they may have their reasons for it, but overall, it caused a loss in many good stories. The good thing is, many people reposted their stories. The bad thing is, after the initial hype died down, there were fewer contributions. Today, there are but a few regulars frequenting that forum, way quieter than during its heyday. There are good stories and good writers, but there are poorly written stories as well.

Then there is the abdl story forum (ASF). As far as I can tell the mods didn’t do any major tweaking, but the effect the same is with ADISC – few regulars, few stories, some are rotten potatoes. From what I see, it’s been a slow decline over there at ASF. They used to have story competitions, but they have been discontinued in the previous few years due to lack of participation.

Having said that, they are having another go at it. They’re hosting a Halloween story writing contest, with separate categories for scary and non-scary stories so if you want to warm yourself up for NaNoWriMo, do give it a shot!

There’s the Daily Diapers forum but I haven’t been scanning through that. And then there’s ABDL Stories Homestead, where many stories are very very similar to each other. Let’s not forget Deviantart, which mixes in artwork with storytelling. Deviantart as far as I can tell from an outsider, is doing well with regards to the ABDL scene. But that’s because people want to see pictures.

Which leads me to wonder, why?

The thought that comes to mind is the proliferation of social media. For us ABDL’s, that would mainly be Tumblr, Instagram and Snapchat. With varied content available on these platforms, people are able to interact directly with each other, but at a cost – girls are getting harassed. Guys hiding behind a keyboard are spewing filth at these people(girls and guys), just because they can be anonymous. Sure, it is just a small group. But these so-called ‘content creators’ will tone down as a result, and then everyone suffers.

But back to the topic of ABDL stories.

With these social media platforms offering netizens more of what they want to see, traditional forums and story forums are seeing a decline. Which is what I think is the main cause of the decline in stories – the lack of forum users leads to a lack in stories. A lack in stories leads to the lack in members critiquing. A lack of discussion then leads to authors changing their platforms. I know of at least one writer who has experienced this, and I’m that person.

Beyond that, we must acknowledge that people are also seeking to publish their writings online, either in e-book format or in other pay-to-view arrangements. With e-publishers like Smashwords, Amazon, Lulu and others, it is very easy to go online. Reaching readers can be a problem but otherwise the monetary incentive is a big draw for authors who have that calibre.

While I’m not expecting a total, irreversible decline of the story forums, that is what it is looking like now. The thing is, we can’t force people to write. Like any creative work, it takes time and mood to concoct a good story. It would be easy for me to say ‘hey, just organise a competition with attractive prizes and people will participate’, but as noted, participation rates are low.

Ultimately, the motivation to write comes from the demand that readers supply. Some write for fun, but arguably the best things come from author and auteurs who receive renumeration. #rowling #spielberg

NaNoWriMo is coming in 2 months. If not for my uni exams, I would be taking part in it.

– Selv


Hectic Mouse Story

It has been quite a week this past week. My new job is quite hectic given the state in which it was handed over to me. My boss had an admin executive who was so incompetent that she chucked all documentation all over the place. That was happening for months and when that finally came to light, she ran away, back to Malaysia. Thus that mess was handed over to a new Admin Executive. Most unfortunately, she had to clear up that hell of a mess, and being unable to cope, made lots of mistakes and was found to be unsuited for the job, and got demoted.

I came along, I have no idea how I passed the interview, this only being my temporary holiday job. And now, I’ve got to finish up the remainder of the mess that the first girl left, and my boss has tasked me with creating a system of online filing, with which he would be able to check. As I’m not a degree holder, my title is just a mere Admin Manager, not Executive :(. At least I get 75% of the full pay, while doing 50% more. (Maybe that’s why I got hired?)

Anyway that has gotten me so busy, having a 5 and a half day work week and stuff. I don’t even have enough time to think about diapers, let alone wear them. I’m feeling punctured, I want to work on my stories, I have the outlines ready. But I just don’t have the energy. I have the time ( if I stay up, sleep 6 instead of 7.5 hrs each day), I just don’t have the energy.

Maybe it’s a good thing that the breeder that I’m getting my pet mice from is unable to meet me tomorrow. I haven’t prepared for their arrival. Their enclosure is ready, but I haven’t bought the two most important things – food and bedding.

I had asked a pet-related question on ADISC. It felt very odd that I should be asking a pet-related question on a diaper forum, but the pet forums that I frequented were near-dead. I was getting a little edgy as I have very little time before my pets arrived, and not a single person answered my thread in 2 forums, so I turned to ADISC. But my initial apprehension wore off when I got several good replies. They weren’t exactly suited to my context (most had gotten their mice from pet stores, I’m getting mine from a breeder), but I decided to follow their advice anyway instead of risking it.

– Selv

P.S. : I didn’t know what title to give this post, so I merely listed the three main topics in this post. But I just might write a hectic mouse story after all…

P.P.S. : After re-reading this post it is looking like a hectic mouse story, but I’ll write another proper ABDL one.

Online Shopping

Living in Singapore, I’m somewhat satisfied with the brands that are found in the supermarkets here. Both my go-to diaper and luxury diapers are well-known and I am very comfortable with them. But when surfing the net, all those premium diapers such as Bambino, ABU, AwwSoCute etc, keep on propping up. These websites don’t ship to Singapore, sadly, so my next best bet is to go to the likes of eBay and Amazon. I’ve tried shipping ordinary parcels from both the US and UK, and even tried using vPost as an alternate shipping means. But I’m not convinced that these means provide the discreetness and privacy of buying diapers directly from brick-and-mortar shops.

There are a few issues with shopping online for diapers. The first is the fact that you leave a digital trail of what and where you buy. I think banks and services like Paypal are professional about not divulging data. But the problem is that when a retailer ships a parcel to you, they need to send an invoice too, which they like to attach on the OUTSIDE of the box. Ok, lets assume the postman ignores that invoice. The main issue is when the parcel has to cross international borders. That’s when the immigration officers, in our case Singapore’s Imm!grat!ons and Checkpo!nt’s Author!ty (ICA), would be interested in the contents of the box for tax purposes and what not, and will read that invoice, taking note of it’s contents. The govt would know!

Then there is the ICA check itself. Like all border control, they would open up parcels to check for contraband, drugs etc. Given that I’m ordering diapers for non-medical reasons, this might be a cause for their suspicions, e.g for illegal sexual activities. Trust me, I don’t do such things but in the eye of the law, this may not be so. These data recording would be easily the biggest turn-off for me.

Then of course, there is the delivery of the package itself. My grandmother lives with me so there is someone at home all the time. And we also can’t choose the time that the postman delivers the parcel. So my people are bound to see such a parcel, and if my current parcels are anything to go by, they would certainly want to know its’ contents. To mitigate this, I tried using a local alternate shipping service. SingPost’s vPost service allows you to buy stuff overseas, and they do the international shipping to Singapore on your behalf. The neat thing about them is that you can choose to pick up your parcel at your own convenience from a 24-hr automated POPStation. That way, I can eliminate the awkward home delivery. Alas, I found out that parcels shipped from the US are open by the USA customs too…

To sum it up, going shopping online for diapers is not as discreet as buying it at the supermarket. This is because of the digital trails one leaves behind, the border and customs checks, and problems with home delivery, though the latter may be mitigated by using the vPost service. I guess that these aren’t a real problem for the incontinent, but they sure can be for an ABDL. So, I guess that my wish of trying a proper ABDL diaper would have to be put on hold for a while.

Some Catching Up To Be Done

Just some thoughts.

I wanted to buy some Banitore diapers but it seems that Prime Supermarket has pulled them from it’s shelves! I’ve tried at least 3 outlets, and all don’t carry the Banitore diapers any more! What’s more, they don’t carry other brands of adult diapers that they used to. Instead the only adult diapers they carry is the Tena Value diapers. Odd. But the thing is WHERE NOW CAN I GET MY BANITORE DIAPERS? *Hugs pillow*

My Tumblr account has been rather inactive, maybe it’s time I start posting/re-posting stuff.

I’ve started work on my sequel to The Girl Who Wondered If Only, and the biggest snag I foresee is the age requirement of the character. Hopefully I can sort it out by year’s end, and put it up on ADISC and/or ASF by the start of next year. Speaking of stories, I will post the next chapter of You Didn’t See Anything, Charissa tonight. (It was formerly known by it’s working title: Jason and Charissa)

An official announcement – I’ve finally put up my Tena Slip Super diaper review. I finally got my (diapered) ass down and sorted out the images, so there you go, do click on the link if you wish to find out more about these diapers.

– Selv

Are All DLs Fetishists too?

It is a very well-known fact that a large majority of ABDLs find their diapers to be sexually stimulating. Some use their diapers all the time for this effect, some use it part time.

Then there is the other camp, which use diapers as a security blanket. They find comfort in wearing them and/or using them, and life would become noticeably more uncomfortable if they were to give them up. I choose to identify with this camp.

But here is the problem: definitions. Here are two summarised ones, all summarised from the first page of their respective Google searches:

FetishistA person who attains sexual arousal through the use of an object
Diaper LoverA person who likes and/or is interested in wearing diapers. Most definitions state that DLs are in fact Diaper Fetishists.

I had asked this question on a forum in ADISC a week ago. It drew some strong responses from the good people there, who were somewhat weary of this question, understandably. Some mentioned the ‘true’ meaning of the word fetish – an attraction to an object, regarded as sacred. But others noted that the word itself automatically evokes a sexual nature.

Many people admitted that they found their diapers sexually stimulating, or that they had erections and the like when they wore them. Yes, some people do find them sexual, that is why Tumblr is chock full of erotica-laced pictures. But surely there are those who find just comfort in them?

I read on, some mentioned that there is psychological comfort, identity issues involved, possible reactions due to late toilet-training even. That is why some people could find comfort and security in diapers.

Others questioned why I looked too much into definitions and motioned to me to not worry about what others think about me, and what I thought about myself was all that mattered. Okay… I appreciate your concern but you aren’t helping me.

I had also taken issue with how virtually all official sources on the internet were saying that there’s no such thing as ‘Diaper Lover’, only Diaper Fetishists. BULLSHIT! DFs are a subset of DLs! Even Wikipedia removed it’s original page about DLs and instead redirects users to the Diaper Fetish page. What would a teenager googling think when he/she sees that? Is this the internet’s way of scaring off potential new DLs and ABs? Wikipedia, Google and other search Engines have the power to mask true definitions, and that is a very unsettling fact. Because the first impression presented to others is very important.

The ABDL community itself doesn’t really help with this regard. Even we all don’t agree with one fixed definition. Some treat Diaper Fetish Synonymously with Diaper Lovers. Pui! But it happenes, sadly. Like what HeyYoungBlood mentioned, he drew the analogy to oranges vs. fruits. All oranges are fruits, but not all fruits are oranges. Same concept.

People brought up the issue of why we humans need to create labels for ourselves and for other members of our species. Some suggested that identity was the reason, others suggested that it is for self-glorification, as well as to downplay others. DF seems like one such example of the latter. Dogboy mentioned Trevor’s quote that people get carried away relying too heavily on labels.

Ultimately, I feel that people who are Diaper Lovers may have diaper fetishes too. But not all DLs are DFs. This people must understand. I don’t know how I’m going to make the layman understand this, the layman who only yesterday Googled the term for the first time. But I need to clear my name. I’m not a pedophile, I don’t have sexual kinks. I’m just a regular guy who likes to wear diapers, out of sight, out of mind of the world. Hopefully this blog post helps people understand.

– Selv

A Spontaneous Poem

I don’t know why, but I wrote a little poem this week. It’s not the best poem, i think I broke a few literary rules, but hey, it was sort of spontaneous.

Someone on ADISC mentioned that he would be at home lane for the first time, and he had asked for some ideas on what to do while diapered. I started out writing a somewhat ordinary reply, but it evolved into this poem. You can read it here.

On a smaller ABDL forum that I go to, a new person had just posted an intro. It got me thinking; if everyone rushed forth to greet that person, wouldn’t he/she be scared. Especially if virtually ALL of them were several years their senior? And, given that ABDLs are viewed peculiarly, wouldn’t he/she be perved out that these creepy men were ‘checking her/him out’?

There is a lesson to learn here people; introduce, welcome, but don’t hound, harass.

Now, time for me to go change my wet diaper…