This is a page in which I have consolidated a list of my blog posts in which I have written on topics that are of interest to ABDLs. I call them ‘semi-articles’ because I have put in much effort to research the topic and to ensure factual accuracy.

This list will definitely grow, so stay tuned.

1) The Human’s 7 Basic Needs

2) Is it possible to keep a child in diapers when he/she isn’t incontinent – Part 1

3) Is it possible to keep a child in diapers – Part 2

4) Are All DLs Fetishists Too?

5) Does Wearing Diapers Affect One’s Social Life?

6) The Cloth vs. Plastic Debate – 2015

7) When it comes to siblings who are diapered – Part 1 – 2015

8) When it comes to siblings who are diapered – Part 2 – 2015

9) Wanderlust: Travelling in Southeast Asia Diapered – 2015


3 thoughts on “Semi-articles

  1. Every since young, I am fond of wearing diaper. It’s only until the last 2 years that I realised I am diaper lover. As diaper lover community in SG is very small, I have no idea where to join.

    I happened to come across your profile by chance, hence I would to make friend with you as we shared the same interest of being a diaper lover.

    Can you recommend if there’s a diaper lover grp in SG?
    Thanks & Regards,

    • Hi there, currently there isn’t an active public group or forum. There are however a few ABDLs on Tumblr so you might try to follow them. There was a Kik group a while back but it’s a closed group.

      • Hi Selv14,

        Thanks for your reply. But pls don’t not misunderstood that I am looking for sexual relationship.

        I am just try to make friends with fellow boys / girls who shared the same interest as diaper lover.



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