Lille SupremFit Maxi Diaper Review

Also known as Lille Grey

The Lille SupremFit diapers are produced by the Lille Healthcare, which is a member of the Ontex Group. Also known as Lille Grey and Kendall Lille, they are manufactured in France and sold worldwide, mainly in Europe and Australia.

Lille Healthcare makes three classes of diapers, namely Suprem, Classic and Ganmill. The ‘Suprem’ class has a wide variety of incontinence products including pull-ups and pads. They come with 4 absorbency levels, with Maxi a.k.a Grey being the most absorbent. . They come in four sizes, S, M, L and XL. Most shops here only carry S, M and L sizes.

S – 60-100cm (24-39in)

M – 80-130cm (31-51 in)

L – 105-150cm (41-59 in)

This review is based on the M sized Maxi Lille SupremFit diapers I got from Rehabmart Paya Lebar for S$24.00. They were bought at end-2015.



Appearance And Features

The Lille SupremFit Maxi (LSFM) comes with many of the usual features seen in a good adult diaper. It is cloth-backed, has standing leak guards, wetness indicators and an elastic waistband at the front. It uses a four-tape fastening system, with two tapes on each side.


When folded the diaper measures  17 by 26.5 cm with the height of about 3 cm. When unfolded the diaper measures 70 cm lengthwise, with 34.5cm covered with the plastic undersheet 23.5cm of it being the actual padding. Top to bottom the diaper measures 84cm, with 68cm padded. The narrowest part, the crotch, has a width of 31cm, with just 17 cm padded. The tape is 2.8cm thick. The leg gathers stand 2.5cm tall. Elastic Waistband from 14cm to 17cm





This diaper is while in colour, and has a grey ladder motif and stars encapsulating an ‘M’. Two dirty-yellow lines run down the length of the diaper, which serves as the wetness indicators. They run the length of the diaper. They are dirty-yellow, and turn blue when wet.

The LSFM does not have a frontal patch. Instead, the tapes land directly onto the cloth backing. They have some velcro-type ends, which helps keep the tapes on after hours of use. However, these tapes can be applied at most twice before they lose their stickiness.

The cloth backing is quiet and does not crinkle, providing for a discrete user experience. The plastic under-sheet that prevents liquid from seeping out is clearly visible, but is otherwise not audible. Where this under-sheet ends, the breathable wings begin.




The standing leak guards also run the length of the diaper on either side. These must be physically lifted to their standing position, which can be troublesome when doing so in a public toilet cubicle. The top-sheet is lined with a soft cloth-like cover, which is gentle and does not irritate it. Lille Healthcare says its products have been dermatologically tested and are Hypoallergenic.


The LSFM also has an elastic waistband located, rather unexpectedly at the front. This may result in some slight discomfort under the belly. There is also a threat of liquid seeping out through the back when one is lying down, although given the high absorbency of these diapers, it has never happened to me.



(20c coin and A5 book used for reference)


Performance And Fit

These diapers were a little big on me, with the padding riding up to my belly-button. As they are cloth-backed, they didn’t crinkle at all and were rather discreet. The cloth backing did not trap heat, and the leg gathers did not scratch at my inner-thighs.

However this is a bulky diaper. After just one wetting, I can feel myself waddle a little when walking. The outline will also start to show if you are wearing jeans, though it may be mitigated by wearing a long shirt or by wearing cargo pants.

This diaper suffers from the infamous cloth-backed problem of stretching. After a while, the regions not attached to the plastic undersheet will start to stretch, and I often find myself having to readjust the tapes after a while. There is also the problem of clumping which occurs after about two wettings, and can be uncomfortable for guys. With the added effect of clumping, the padding can swell up to 5cm after three wettings.

The elastic waistband is located at the front of the diaper. I personally found this uncomfortable and a little weird. I mean, waistbands are usually placed at the bak to prevent liquid seepage through the back. But Lille Healthcare must have their reasons.

The standing leak guards, after they have been lifted up, do their job pretty well, with no leakages experienced even with flooding. There seems to be a layer in the crotch area just under the top-sheet that does a great job spreading the liquid out. Lille Healthcare markets it as having an absorbency level of four out of four droplets, which it says holds a whopping 3370ml, about twice that of a Tena Slip Super. Their ‘new generation Super Absorbent Polymer’  odour neutraliser does an excellent job.

This diaper was a breeze to poop in. I didn’t even need to adjust it when the time came, there was so much seat space available. Needless to say, it holds messes well, with no messy leaks.

One thing that irritated me, but did not affect the diaper’s functions, was that the ladder patten as well as the wetness indicators were all skewed to the left and were not centralised. All the diapers were like this, so I doubt it was a batch misalignment or something. As I use the wetness indicator to position the diaper as I put it on, this was a major technicality.

Final Thoughts

This would be the second cloth diaper that I’ve tried. Unfortunately, it has all the stereotypical shortfalls of a cloth-backed diaper such as side-stretching and clumping, the bulging and the tapes. The skewed printing and the front elastic waistband affected me a little, but may not affect other users.

Having said that, this diaper has excellent absorption, with no leaks experienced at all. It is also very quiet, and does not fluff up when taken out of the packaging. The thick padding also makes any hard seat comfortable.

The two things that don’t make them my regular-use diaper would be the outline they cause to appear on jeans, as well as the horrible clumping that occurs after wettings. All in, these diapers perform slightly below the Tena Slip line, but above Control Plus.

At $1.20 a piece, these diapers are priced on the middle-upper end of the spectrum. As such, I would recommend these diapers for long periods of indoor use e.g before bedtime, but not for outdoor use.

Review Date: 6 Feb 2016


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