My Diaper Library

There are several brands of diapers out there. Some of these companies make various types of diapers. And as an ABDL, I’ve been trying several diapers over the years, trying to find the perfect diaper. Some of you might have seen my diaper reviews before, I’ve written a few. And while I do have a go-to diaper nowadays which I wear predominantly, I have been sampling much of what is being offered locally.

But diaper companies come and go. Some get acquired, some re-brand, some stop exporting here. And some brands remodel their lines *cough cough* Tena. Which is why, a couple years ago I began to keep a sample diaper from each pack that I tried.

It started out innocently enough, keeping a diaper which I’ve tried but wouldn’t try again for future use. So I started keeping the last piece in the pack. But living in a humid country they started to yellow so I put them in ziplock baggies. And given the number of diapers I’ve tried in the past few months, that list has grown, and grown, and now I have like 3 medium-sized boxes of adult diaper samples.

Introducing my Diaper Library:

This is a part of it, I’ve had to split the stash. I currently have about 19 diapers, with 8 being plastic-backed and just 11 still available on the market. I still have some baby Drypers which I had intended to use as stuffers but never really did.

Tenas make up the bulk of this list (surprise surprise), with 10 different Tenas from over the years. I guess my vintage tenas are really special, because of the effort to import them. And my vintage Tena Values are truly magical, because they were the first adult diaper I ever wore.

Notably, you don’t see any ABDL diapers. That’s because I’ve never really gotten an entire pack of them, just a couple of pieces at a time so keeping one never made sense to me. Maybe in the future I might, but we’ll see.

I honestly do not know what I’m going to do with them, or even if I should keep them. Maybe I’m just a hoarder, but I really don’t know why. Not to mention what some future wife might say.

I think there is a chance that I’ll actually use them sometime in the future. Diapers aren’t exactly meant to be kept and some actually have ‘expiry dates’. And of course, the aforementioned humidity factor reduces life expectancy considerably.

But do any of you do this too? Do you keep a diaper that you’ve tried just for keepsake?

– Selv


ABDL Diapers

I often wonder why I can’t buy ABDL diapers at an affordable price.

It’s every Asian ABDL’s dilemma – do you spend a ton of money importing these ABDL diapers, or make do with much cheaper premium medical diapers.

Due to our need for privacy, we are very secretive of the way we buy diapers. Do we walk in to a retail store to buy ABDL diapers, or should we stick to ordering online? This need for privacy alone makes it very difficult for ABDL companies or ‘private traders’ to get consumption data on people buying medical diapers for ABDL reasons.

Institutions who order medical diapers are able to negotiate bulk orders and they are able to import diapers, as economies of scale make it possible for retailers like Tena to set up shop here. They know exactly how many units they need, and can demand a discount. And sellers will be willing to sell, because of the huge volumes involved.

Even other makers like Dr.P and Lille are still able to make significant sales because of the diverse market that is homecare. There’s always demand for Premium or Budget options when you have markets as big as the homecare and hospice sectors.

ABDLism is beginning to come of age in the western world. That’s why there are so many ABDL diaper brands in the US and Europe. It is only with the advent of the internet that ABDLs have awakened all over Asia. But again, the lack of data due to the need for privacy makes it difficult for Western retailers to decide where to set up shop, and how.

I believe that there is a critical number of ABDLs in cities like Singapore to make an ABDL business viable. But there are several reasons why this hasn’t happened yet. In my conversations with fellow Singapore ABDLs, the absolute sticking point is price.

“Why should I pay S$12 to import a single ABDL diaper when I can get a pack of 10 premium medical diapers at that price?” – BabySarah

That’s a valid concern that most of us have. In comparison, a pack of Bambino Classico diapers costs US$10 for 8 diapers before shipping – about US$1.25 per diaper.

So the question on our minds is, if we had direct sellers, could the price of ABDL diapers come down drastically? Of course, one needs to factor in things like the exchange rate, profit margin, postage, overheads etc. but we may see prices of about $3-4 per diaper.

Demand drives supply. Just setting up shop with cheaper ABDL diapers isn’t going to encourage many people to ditch cheap (or even premium) medical diapers. What can sellers do to drive demand, in order to maintain the basics of business? In this region, ABDL influencers aren’t a viable option admittedly (though it is a cool idea).

There will be other users of ABDL diapers. The BDSM community has been supportive of ABDL diapers. And with their premium absorbency it is (barely) possible that these diapers could be used for homecare too, driving the demand for them.

I can understand why people don’t want to set up an ABDL retail business – it is just too intrusive. Singapore does have a ‘Sex In The City’ – a retail chain known for selling sex paraphernalia – but the owners are decidedly not Asian. I know, that’s a bad argument, cos the kink side has burgeoned in the last decade so what’s to say that ABDLism won’t?

Point is, we are too defensive of our privacy, and we don’t have incentive to take that leap of faith. Someone has to sacrifice their privacy to kickstart this. But the practical Asian mind would go – ‘good to have, but not worth the hassle’.

– Selv

Diapers Have Come In!

I was surfing online for some lego sets. I know they cost a lot of money so I was sort of content window shopping, or whatever the equivalent term is for online shopping. I mean, just look at the Harry Potter set they just released, if it was half the price I would have bought it, it is so good!

Anyway, I digressed, and searched for some vinatge diapers. Guess what! They were selling some old plastic-backed Tena Slip Supers at a huge discount! So I bought them. And one thing led to another and I had bought several other types as well as well.

To complete the group I went over to ABDL Marketplace and bought some Rearz and Crinklz samples as well. And then I waited, for the entire lot to be mailed over.

I used a postal forwarder to consolidate all the packages and mail it to me in Singapore. I opted to pick it up from one of their self-collect points to avoid delivery to my home or hostel. So late at night, when the coast was empty I made my way to the collection point.


I must admit that I underestimated the space 45 diapers took up. They came in several packages and I couldn’t fit all of them in my bag. which meant that I had to hand carry the 3 largest ones back to my hostel on the shuttle bus. I wasn’t too worried. But I did wonder what they might have thought if they knew what was inside.

Anyway I was excited. I made my way back to my hall, showered and put on my nightly cloth-backed Tena Slip Super, and began to open my packages as if Christmas came early.


– Selv

Diapers and Hostels

Hi guys,

It has been a little busy for me again, with my holiday job and my holiday. I could barely find time to sit down to write my short stories, but the moment people started to pay to view, I had to deliver. I haven’t abandoned my blog, I’m just struggling.

I did have some trouble keeping up with the schedule but I’ve started building up my ‘queue’ of posts coming up so hopefully I can focus on other things, like my blog here, and that ebook of legend. 

But I also want to really sit myself down and get started on the animated series. There are some people who have gotten going with similar projects and as the late starter, I foresee that I will experience all off the challenges they have run into. But I am determined to get this project off the ground by year’s end.

In the meanwhile I have to get started on school! Another academic year has started yet again. I managed to move into my hostel in time for the school year, getting back the same room. But I’ve yet to adjust. I woke up at 1pm today on just the second day of school! All because I didn’t hear my alarms ring?!

I also decided to buy my diapers in bulk again like I did for the last semester. But the prices being quoted for bulk purchases this time i.e. cartons, were very expensive. Last semester I had gotten a carton of 6 packs for $50, but as the time to move in started getting closer there were only cartons available in the $60+ range. 

My window for moving in was very tight. We are only allowed to collect our keys the weekend before school starts. And I only had the family car during the weekends. And if I were to buy diapers in bulk, I would need the car. And to prevent my dad from asking questions I could only have the car for one weekend. So I had to buy the diapers on the way to school.

As luck would have it, Changi Hospital Pharmacy was having a promotion – $8.88 for a pack of TSS medium. It was such a rare deal! So on the day of my key collection I drove down. They didn’t sell in cartons but I wasn’t going to let such a deal slip away (haha), so I bought six packs. Would have bought more if I could have carried it.

Anyway, I drove in to school, waited in the long queue to check in, watched a Netflix-worthy drama unfold as some students were denied collection due to failed payments, collected my keys and rushed to clean my room, and then started shifting my stuff up, as I couldn’t park the car at the slip road (hehe) for too long.

I had to carry up my diapers the last because there were other students unloading too. And that was when I realised that I was lucky not to have purchased the carton. Because if you have read the other post Tena is NOT discreet when packaging its products. Anyway it was a chiong-sua (cycle gap/split second timing) situation between making sure the others were preoccupied and running towards the gate with two bulging bags filled to the brim with sixty adult diapers.

But no matter, I have a sufficient supply for months now. 


– Selv

The New Tena Value Hits Shelves

It’s been a while since I bought Tena Values, but I was reminiscing about them because they were my first ever Adult Diapers, and despite having a huge stash at the moment, I decided to get some.

The first thing that caught my eye was the ‘1 free diaper’. This meant I got 13 diapers for the price of S$10.10. Hmm, that’s strange, given that the line has been stable for some time.

Then I opened up a diaper. Still didn’t seem funny, until I saw the colour of the top-sheet  – the internal padding.

It is green!

Then I realised that the core of the diaper no longer had a firm bond with the plastic back-sheet of the diaper.

But otherwise, it still retains its standing leak guards and end-to-end frontal patch for the tapes. As far as I can remember from the previous iteration, its fitting (which is different from the slip line) hasn’t changed. The packaging, at first glance, hasn’t changed it’s design scheme apart from the ‘1 free diaper’ logo, which must have been why I was taken aback.

So that leaves the absorption, and that is something which I feel has gone down a little. Not a noticeable amount but yes, I feel it is lesser. The packaging now clearly displays a 5/9 drops rating.  So does that mean it is 55% of Tena’s maximum, compared to the TSP’s 75%? I still don’t get their rating, 1 drop is supposed to mean 200ml but it doesn’t feel like so.

Which leaves the question of the green backing – what is its use? Tena’s website says its is ‘a skin soothing layer with 4 botanical extracts’. I’ll admit, that the top-sheet does feel soft to the touch. But I’ll admit that I didn’t expect this in an economy diaper.

Overall, I feel that the new TSV’s look has improved, while keeping all of the good features it has been known for all these years, so I’m not going to complain. As for it’s absorbency I’ll admit that it is pretty good as it is so I’ll definitely continue to use it. The only thing that remains for now is to test out that green layer.

– Selv

Where To Buy Diapers In Singapore

There are a few options when it comes to buying diapers. You could buy them online, or from a brick-and-mortar shop. Some people like to shop online as it offers them the privacy and a wider range of available products to choose from. However, some people choose to buy them from stores for a number of reasons.

Many people still buy incontinence products at stores because of the speed and convenience. The majority of such users are usually bedridden and/or incontinent, as such, caregivers would tend to focus on other aspects of caring for their loved ones. As such, the products available at the nearby supermarket would suffice of them.

There are several types of diapers and incontinence products. There are tape-on diapers, pull-up pants, pad-type as well as bed protectors. Many of these are available even at supermarkets but for this post I will concentrate only on tape-on diapers.

If you guys want to skip the lengthy details, you may read the last section for my views.


Many of us would have noticed that supermarkets carry adult diapers. There would usually be a small section in the baby diaper section which has a small selection of adult diapers. Almost all supermarkets in Singapore carry the Tena Value brand, it is a well-known plastic-backed brand which is well regarded for its’ price as well as capacity.

Prime Supermarkets carry a modest selection of diapers. They carry the Certainty line, Dr. P (Basic) as well as Tena Value. They used to carry a few other brands but have since stopped. They don’t have house-brand diapers.

Sheng Siong Supermarkets also have a modest range. They carry Dr. P, Tena Pants, Prevail diapers, which are unique to Sheng Siong. as well as their store-brand Softess Diapers, which cost $5.80 for 10. They do not carry Tena Value, surprisingly.

Giant Supermarkets have a wider range. They carry the usual Certainty diapers, Tena Slip Super, Tena Value, Tena Pants as well as Lifree Super Absorb diapers. You can find several variants of the Dr. P line only at their Hypermarket in Tampines. They have their own house brand diapers, the Giant (Storebrand) diapers, costing $6.50 for 10, which must have an audience for them despite their quality, having been around for many years.

NTUC Fairprice takes the cake for the most types of diapers it offers. It carries Certainty, Lifree Super Absorb tape-ons and pants, Tena Pants, Tena Value as well as TWO house brand diapers. It’s ‘Budget’ line is, as the name suggests, a budget diaper which is surprisingly popular possibly due to its price of $5.75 for 10. It also has a premium line, the Fairprice Safe Control and the overnight version Extra Control. While these are more pricey than your average economy diaper, they aren’t as well regarded. Fairprice also has diaper samples on display, so customers can feel the diaper’s texture before purchasing.

Hospital and Polyclinic Pharmacies

There are several hospitals out there, but I shall mention two of these. The first would be Ng Teng Fong hospital. They carry Tena Value (Institution), Certainty, Tena Slip Super as well as Tena Slip Maxi.  The issue is with getting to this pharmacy involves going pretty far out of your way just to reach it. While it is theoretically on the same level, and connected to, the Jurong East MRT station it is a very long walk winding through two malls and three towers within Ng Teng Fong Hospital. They do not have an online site yet.

I find that the prices of the products are more or less the same. However, they carry the 28pack Tena Slip Super, being one of the 2 suppliers in Singapore. Given it is price it is very much worth paying a visit if you use the TSS regularly, however you should call to check before going as stocks are limited.

The Second hospital pharmacy worth mentioning is Changi General Hospital’s Pharmacy. This pharmacy carries the usual Tena Value (U.P.$10.40, currently $7.50), Tena Value Institution as well as Tena Slip Maxi. They also carry Molicare Mobile diapers, which are a range of pull-up style diapers. This pharmacy has an online website which provides delivery, which does not come in discreet packaging!

Most of the polyclinics in Singapore are run by the National Healthcare Group, which has its’ own website as well. It carries Tena Value ($10.90), Tena Value Institution, Certainty as well as Tena Slip Super and Maxi. While their outlets usually are missing stock, their website usually has stock. I haven’t tried their delivery service.

Specialty Stores

Now there are a number of homecare shops here and I’ll talk about 2- Rehabmart and SeniorCare Assisted Living.

Rehabmart has one of the widest range of adult diapers. They have the usual Tena Value ($9.00!), Dr P, Certainty. They also carry Lille SupremFit diapers (Blue, Grey), Tena Slip Plus and Super, Molicare Super, BW Ultra and Convifit.

There is SeniorCare Assisted Living, which carries a number of unique diapers. Besides their Certainty and Tena Pants, Tena Value (U.P. $9.90, currently $8.70!!!) and the 28pack TSS, they carry Nateen, Seni and Cleancare diapers.


If you have reached this far, congratulations for your skimming skills! A number of people have asked for a comparison of different sites and while this isn’t a thorough review (and shouldn’t be regarded as such), it should give you a glimpse on where to buy Adult Diapers in Singapore.

Speciality stores are a great place to get Economy and Premium diapers because they have big bargains, and bring in good brands in all sizes (S-XL). They may be slightly out of the way, but they all offer delivery options.

Pharmacies often give the illusion that prices are cheaper but this is only true if one purchases in bulk. Generally I avoid buying in pharmacies because they are often crowded and their diaper shelves are placed in very open spaces. Not forgetting that they are often out of the way. The only scenario I see if of me getting the 28pc TSS, otherwise no for me.

Then there are supermarkets. Supermarkets offer convenience and accessibility as they are everywhere. Often they have promotional pricing available so you would usually get a few dollars off if you do a little research. You are able to get budget diapers here as well. But privacy can be a nightmare, for these are usually located in malls and town centres. I usually go over to the next town to minimise the chances of that happening. Usually, convenience beats savings and I get most of my diapers from a Supermarket.

There is one last category which I didn’t mention and that is chain pharmacies. Only two carry diapers, NTUC’s Unity as well as Guardian. The former carries the exact same range as its’ Fairprice chain, plus TSS, while Guardian only carries it’s own brand of (in my opinion lousy) diapers.

So where do you get your diapers? Do let me know! I hope this post was informative and you were able to learn a thing or two.

– Selv

Getting Padded

I really want to wear some padding, but I just can’t find an opportunity to smuggle them into the house. I work from noon till 9pm, and in the evenings my family will be in the living room. That prevents me from bringing in a bulging bag without avoiding ‘what’s in the bag’ questions.

Before my grandmother moved in with us, I used to cycle to the neighbouring district to get my diapers. I’d just hang the bag on the handlebar and cycle home as the plastic bag hid the colourful designs of the diaper packaging. But then, my grandmother moved in, and my bicycle got confiscated and sold off as my dad thought it was a distraction to my studies.

Around the time my grandma moved in, I started carrying my schoolbag to the shop/supermarket. During this period, I never bought from one place. I experimented with different locations and brands. But once I paid, I would find a suitable corner and stuff the whole pack into my bag. Sometimes I ended up carrying some notes in hand as there was no space for both.

Nowadays, post National Service, I mostly buy from the aforementioned neighbouring district, and just carry an empty bag into the shop. Then I take a bus back home or to my uni hall room. I avoid the train as they often check bulging bags and try to avoid reaching home in the evenings, where my folks would be present.

– Selv

Choosing my next diaper

I’m thinking of buying some new diapers. But not sure which ones I should go for.

The Tena Slips Supers are the first to come to mind. But I’ve gained some fats and I’m scared that the tight fitting would make it hard for me to sleep. This puts the Tena Slip Maxi away too.

Then there is the Tena Value, which was once my go-to diaper. Unfortunately, the current design has a very noisy frontal patch, which isn’t good as I live with my folks.

One diaper that I keep thinking about is the NTUC Extra Care diaper. I’ve prepared the review, and it should be up soon. It has a very comfortable fit, comparable to the old Tena Value, and it makes less noise than other plastic-backed diapers. But I just bought them recently…

The Lille SupremFit diapers are out of question because I have to travel quite a distance to get them. Then there are the Giant and Budget store brand diapers, but they don’t even hold one full wetting.

I’m steering away from the Certainty and Dr.P lines, as they are my ‘bad luck’ diapers. The former makes me sick, and the latter gets me caught.

I’m somehow tempted to try the Giant and Guardian store brand pull-ups. But something tells me that I’ll be sorely disappointed the moment I open up the pack. That’s why I’m delaying buying them.

I guess at this point I’ll just admit that I really miss the old Tena Value and Control Plus diapers. I guess that since NTUC’s Extra Care diapers are the closest in terms of fit and looks and material, I’ll probably get them.

Writing things down helps me sort out my thoughts, and I hope you guys enjoyed an insight into my thoughts.

– Selv