Where Should I Escape To Next?

I’ve been thinking about where I should go for my next diapered Escapede. Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia… I can’t really make up my mind so maybe you guys might be able to help me. I’ve prepared a simple form, it takes about a minute to fill up. Look out for the bonus question!

– Selv

P.S. This survey is closed, thank you all for participating!


Getting Into The Groove

So.. I’ve decided that I really need to escape from this tiny red dot. Hence, I’ll be running off to Kuala Lumpur for my 7th Escapede in 2 weeks time. I conveniently realised that I haven’t cashed in my festive money from last year, so I’m happily going to be scooting off.

This one’s going to be ambitious, not because it’s multi-city again, but because I’ll be travelling on a tight schedule. I’ll be off when school reopens, hence I’ll have to leave after a wednesday morning class (should I skip it?), and be back by a friday afternoon. Anyways, KL friends, if you would want to meet up for a cup of tea, do get in touch.

My diaper of choice is most likely going to be the Tena Slip Super, a staple of my escapedes, but I’m debating on whether or not to try the S size. I have always been wearing the M ones, so perhaps this is the time to try on the S ones. The issue is getting them. I’d have to walk into a home-care shop, likely Rehabmart, to get my hands on these.

Speaking of diaper reviews, the long-awaited review of the Tena Slip Maxi is now out. I wrote it, unaware that Tena was revamping the series, hence that review is based on the 2014 version. The reason I’m so slow with these things is not the writing, it’s the photos. Even then, I’ll admit they aren’t that fantastic.

I have been doing my research for my novel, and some of the advice I’ve been seeing with regards to my subject matter is pretty disturbing enough. But what really puts me off has been the attitude of certain people towards the subject. Do drop by next Saturday, to read my thoughts on ABDLs and potty training.

Escaped to.. Singapore?

Yep – I’m on a staycation, not a vacation.

This time I decided to put my wanderlust on hold and concentrate on my writing. It was a decision taken rather surprisingly easily, given my tendency to fly when the profs say bye. But writing this post helped me decide things a bit.

Nevertheless, the thing that didn’t change this Escapede is my tradition of trying out a new diaper. And this time I’m reviewing **drumrolls please** – the Tena Slip Maxi, with Confioair.

Getting this diaper involved me having to go out of my way the greatest distance so far. I went to Hougang Polyclinic to get my hands on this padding. The best part was that there is a promotion till 31 Dec- $12 instead of $14.10 for a pack of 9.

Which brings up a surprising bit of math. The TSM costs $12($14.10) at Hougang Polyclinic for a pack of 9, amounting to $1.33($1.57) per diaper. The TSS costs S13.20($15.70) at CGH for a pack of 10, amounting to $1.32 ($1.57) per diaper, and I suspect it is cheaper at Unity pharmacy, though I can’t verify it online. The selling price for TSS and TSM per diaper differ by a mere cent? (prices in the brackets are the original price)

Where were we? Ah yes, staycation..

So I’ll be hanging out in the East Coast area while putting the diapers through their motions (mind the pun), enjoying some good eats and maybe I’ll go poop in the sea with my diaper on to test its capabilities (okay maybe not, cos too many people swim in those waters). Most importantly, I’ll be getting on with my writing.

– Selv


Diaper Travels – Planning The Next Round

I love my Diapered Escapedes (Yes, that’s how I like to spell them). I run them on small budgets of not more than $200, all-in. They give me a chance to wear diapers 24/7 and, because they are vacations, I get to relax (most of the time).

Planning for my sixth Diapered Escapede, with about 2 weeks to go. My last one in March was ambitious, having explored Penang and KL while wearing diapers. So I’ll probably stay closer to home this round, either JB or Batam/Bintan. But accessibility is an issue, and I want that peace of mind for the 2 or 3 days should I need to rush back.

Then again I could get a staycation in Singapore itself, although it would be more expensive. The last time I had a DE staycation was back in 2014 so maybe this is something I’m thinking about. I’ll probably be relaxing, just maybe meet others, work on some writing and perhaps this blog too.

Then, as always, there is the issue of what diaper do I wear.

DE1: Staycay – Banitore (First time)

DE2: Staycay –  TSS (First time)

DE3: KL Disastercation- TSS (Missed my return flight, hence the name)

DE4: Melaka Drivescapede – TSS

DE5: Penang-to-KL – TSS (the most expensive and ambitious one so far)

Perhaps this time I could try a plastic-backed diaper. The Fairprice Extra Care diaper beckons because the Safe Control was so good! Albeit with lousy frontal patches. There’s also the Tena Slip Maxi, which I’ve been eyeing for forever. But this one is quite hard to get nowadays (even the TSS is getting relegated to pharmacies).

So JB or Singapore again? And FEC or TSM diaper?

– Selv

Trip Advising Myself

It’s been some time since I returned from my family vacation to New Zealand. And I’m already missing the land of the Golden Kiwifruit.

And ever since I returned to Singapore, I’ve been planning out solo backpacking trips. I planned one route from west to east Australia, one from South to North Vietnam, and one from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City.

But I can’t decide whether I should go diapered or not, and if yes, for the full duration or just parts of the trip. I’ve been fully diapered on my Penang to KL trip, so I know it is do-able. But the thought of carrying 20 diapers through airport security is rather unnerving (unless I buy local diapers).

I guess it’s fine to travel while in diapers, it’s just that they can be a slight distraction. Airport security is fine and changing in public restrooms isn’t fun, but it’s manageable.

I’ve managed to work out a scheme where I work part-time while I study to fund my trip, and hopefully I can work this out. I’m still trying to convince my two close friends to join me, but I don’t think I’ll be successful. Then again, I don’t mind solo travel, it takes my mind off things.

– Selv

Search Results And Upcoming Escapede

So I’ve been very busy with school (I need to stop saying this). Anyway, since a number of blogs have been talking about the search results that have been leading to their blogs, I shall do the same.

Here are some that stuck out:

  • abdl meme  [I have just 1 I believe]
  • still wears diapers singapore  [Our community is tiny, but not non-existent]
  • diaper girl toilet right here abdl story   [Two contradicting phrases?]
  • sg fórum diaper fétis [Must be a French reader]
  • how do boys excrete  [Seriously?]
  • the letter bluing 44 logo  [I’ve no idea what this is]

Many of my searches fell in these categories:

  • A ton of searches related to Tena diapers
  • A ton of ‘girl pooping diaper’ searches
  • Some ‘diapered soldier’ searches
  • Some ‘diaper fetish’ searches
  • Some ‘enema’ searches

And then there were searches that were obviously wishful thinking:

  • daughter wearing diaper having diarrhea
  • daughter starts first period in tena slip
  • daughter emptying her fleet enema into diaper
  • have you ever been diapered by your younger siblings

I’m pretty sure that no parent would ever blog about such intimate things, especially if it is about a young girl.

But the single most searched term for this blog in 2015 was ‘tena slip’. The second was ‘diapers’. Tena Value and Giant Storebrand diapers were also widely searched.

The trend that I noticed from my list is that a fair number of people were looking for information on adult diapers. In fact, given the number of people looking for diaper reviews, I wonder just how many of my readers were not ABDL, but rather are caretakers.

On a separate note, I’ll be taking a mid-semester diapered escapede to Penang and KL on 29 Feb and 1st Mar respectively. Malaysian friends, if anyone is keen to meet up for dinner on those dates, then do contact me at selva_raja015@hotmail.com . I know that these kind of questions usually don’t get replies, but I’ll take a chance.

– Selv

P.S. Corrected my travel dates 

Diapered Escapede

   I guess all ABDLs have an immense craving to wear once in a while, especially if they don’t wear regularly. I had one such craving recently.
   I’m a soldier serving, which means that I have to stay inside camp from Monday to Friday. Occasionally we are given mid-week night out, usually as a reward. So usually we go eat a good dinner (camp food isn’t that fantastic), watch a movie, just chill out before returning to camp.
   But this week, I decided to break away from my fellow peers. I wanted to go recce for new places to buy diapers. But I also wanted to use a diaper. So I brought along my black sling bag, and a few plastic bags. But, that was only if the situation permitted, for my main mission was to see what other brands of diapers were out there. So I went to TTSH and NUH pharmacies to look for some. But they just carried the usual Control Plus, Tena Value and Slip lines.
   Disappointed and hungry, I decided to head down to Vivocity, a popular haunt down south. As I entered the mall I saw a sign that pointed out that there was a Giant hypermart there. A little curious, I decided to browse through. That’s when I saw their in-house store brand diapers. Retailing for just $8.00, I was extremely tempted to get them. So did a recce for the necessary places. The coast seemed clear.
   I decided to walk around the mall, to try and convince myself NOT to do it. I mean, I was heading back to camp after this. It was a terrible idea; what if I got caught? Exhausted, I walked down to the food court and had a simple dinner. All the way, I kept researching. What busses to take, which place to go etc etc. And I happily convinced myself.
   Some say that the hardest part about wearing diapers is the buying part. I walked into a busy hypermarket in a busy mall at a busy time, to buy diapers. After the purchase I walked very quickly, to the adjacent carpark entrance, 20 meters away, and stuffed the entire shopping bag into my sling bag. Then I walked to the toilet which I had checked out earlier, intending to change into a diaper there.
   Lo and behold! The urinal section was as per usual, but the toilet stalls were all occupied… by a group of small children, who were all pooping! What a coincidence! I guess it was just life’s way of teasing me.
   Anyway I waited outside, patiently until all those kids had left. Once they had left, I went inside and diapered myself. Aaah, the bliss. But I had to get out of there, so I stuffed the pack into my sling bag and was on my way.
   I took a bus, then another all the way to Bukit Gombak. It was an hour long ride, and I savoured every minute of it, padded and comfy. Eventually I had to get off. I walked through the blocks to my next destination. I had been here before, in another diapered Escapede, but I will talk about it in another blog post.
   Anyway I soon reached my destination- Bukit Batok Sports complex, just adjacent to Bukit Gombak MRT station. The long ride had strengthened my urge to excrete. I was kind of lucky that the toilets were rather empty that night, and soon I was doing my business, in a diaper in front of a toilet. Ah the irony.
photo 2
   Pretty soon, I had changed out of my dirty diaper and into a fresh one. There, I had to make a decision. I couldn’t keep ALL of the 8 diapers that I had left. I was going back to camp after all. It was going to be empty but an army camp is an army camp! So I took out 3 diapers and bagged the packet with the dirty diaper, and threw it away. It was very painful, but it had to be done. I’d effectively spent $8 on just five diapers.
   I was melancholic as I took a train to Choa Chu Kang. I decided to spend the remainder of my night in the library, reading what I could and to borrow some books to while away my time in camp. I spent about 1.5 hrs there, before I had to make a move.
   Reluctantly, I removed my diaper in the public restroom within CCK MRT station, and threw it away. It was relatively unused, but it had to go. I took a bus back, and there my adventure had come to an end.
   Except it hadn’t. For I was returning to an empty bunk with some spare diapers.
To be continued…
PS: New diaper review coming up next week!