Tena Slip Super Diapers

The Tena Slip Super diapers are produced by the SCA group and sold worldwide, mainly in Europe and Australia. Tena is a very well-known maker of incontinence aids. It makes several classes, with subclasses in between. The Tena Slip Super comes in four sizes, S, M, L and XL. However most shops here only carry M and L sizes.

M – 72-122cm (28-48 in)

L –92-144cm (36-56 in)

This review is based on the M sized Slip Super diapers I got from Giant Hypermarket Vivocity for S$17.75. These are the cloth-backed ones which were recently introduced here, and were bought in mid-2013.

Tena Slip Super Diapers

TSS Packaging Collage


Appearance and Features

The Tena Slip line represents the future of the adult diaper industry. They are cloth-backed, have standing leak guards, wetness indicators as well as an elastic waistband. What excites me most is the ‘Feel Dry Layer’ they have at the crotch area, which spreads out wetness to allow for faster absorption. This diaper uses a two-tape system.

Tena Slip Super Diaper Review

When folded the diaper measures 17 by 23.5 cm with the height of about 3 cm. When unfolded the diaper measures 65cm lengthwise, with a generous 30cm of it being the actual padding. Top to bottom the diaper measures 78cm, 57cm of it padded and the narrowest part has a width of 27cm, 15cm of it padded. The elastic waistband measures 11cm, but expands to 16cm when fully stretched.

(PIC: Front Outstretched)

(PIC: Back Outstretched)

Tena Slip Super Diaper

Unlike the older versions, the TSS doesn’t have a frontal patch. Instead, the tapes latch in directly to the cloth backing itself using Velcro-type fasteners (Tena calls the ‘extra-wide hook tapes’). These can be refastened a few times. What I like about them is their quietness compared to other brands. Being a cloth-backed diaper they don’t crinkle at all, but do the job just as well!

The backsheet backing of the diaper is cloth-backed with Tena’s proprietary ConfioAir for extra breathability for the skin. As mentioned, the cloth-backing doesn’t crinkle at all, this providing a discrete user experience when wearing. The wetness indicator runs down the diaper from front to back. Taking the shape of dotted lines, they are yellow in colour, and turn a faint shade of blue when the diaper is wet.

Tena Slip Super Diaper

The standing leak guards also run from top to bottom of the diaper. They are initially curled in, and can be adjusted to further standing position. The the topsheet is lined with a soft cloth-like cover, which is gentle to the skin and does not irritate it. Dermatologically tested and claiming to promote healthier skin, the entire diaper allows the skin to breathe a little.

(PIC: Standing Leak Guards)

Tena Slip Super Diaper Review

The TSS has an added feature in the form of Tena’s proprietary Feel Dry Layer. It is a special patch on the topsheet placed at the crotch. When the user wets, this layer catches the liquid and spreads it out over a larger area for quicker absorption. I cut through one of these layers, and you can see the other side of this Feel Dry Layer, how the liquid gets wicked away from the skin and into the padding of the diaper.

ena Slip Super Feel Dry Layer

ena Slip Super Feel Dry Layer

The Tena Slip lines also features the SuperFit band, an elastic waistband, at the very back top of the diaper. It is placed in between the backsheet and topsheet layers and thus doesn’t irritate the skin. This ensures comfort and a snug fit for the user. It also acts as a last barrier of sorts against liquid from flowing out when the user is lying down (though given it’s absorbency you probably wouldn’t reach such a situation).

Tena Slip Super Elastic Band

Tena Slip Super Diaper

(20c coin and A5 sized notebook used for scale reference)

Performance And Fit
These diapers fit my average-sized frame nicely, and were snug and comfortable. As the TSS is cloth-backed, the top of the leg gathers didn’t scratch away at my inner thighs from time to time when walking, and was rather soothing. The diaper was quiet, as quiet as underwear if not for the occasional creak of the tapes under strain, but to the untrained ear these would be inaudible. I walked around malls, took a few busses, sat down on a hard food-court seat, and the cloth never budged. One good thing was the cloth-backing greatly minimised trapping sweat, so the inner-thighs were spared the discomfort seen with plastic-backed diapers. You do feel the bulk of the diaper, especially when you pee, for they do swell up noticeably upon wetting. For the guys that may be a little discomforting, if you know what I mean.

The standing leak guards do their job well, with no leakages experienced even with flooding. They seem to have a lot of SAP, holding about 2-3.5 medium wettings, even better than a Certainty and on par with Control Plus Overnight. Tena markets the TSS with an absorption guide of 7 out of 8 droplets and says it holds about 1400ml. The odour neutraliser does its’ work, but I notice that about 3 hours after wetting the ammonia smell does become noticeable. But as 3 hours is the threshold for changing a wet diaper, this would be a small technicality

The TSS isn’t the thinnest diaper on the market, but they do swell noticeably upon full wetting, about 2-4cm. I wasn’t able to fully soak the diaper, that’s how absorbent this diaper is. They hold messes well, with no messy leaks.

Final Thoughts
This is the first cloth-backed adult diaper I’ve tried, and I must admit that I have fallen in love with them. The snugness of the cloth-backing is indescribable! With it’s excellent discreetness and absorbency level, this diaper is one that is to be recommended to any diaper-user that I meet. Well done Tena, you have given the world a worthy product!

Alas, at $1.78 a piece the price is a bummer. But one cannot deny that these are value for money in terms of absorbency, fit and design. It is a luxury, for most of us. But if you are going to sit at your desk all night studying or gaming, or lay curled up in bed watching TV shows, I would definitely recommend this diaper to my ABDL friends because this is top quality.


7 thoughts on “Tena Slip Super Diapers

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  4. It sucks that I rarely see Maxi in Malaysia. I want to compare it to Super. For me Super still has some issues which is leaking.

    Have you seen the new repackaging of Tena? I wonder they are the same or not. I haven’t yet to try those but what I’m interested in is now in the distributor list Indonesia is listed as one the distributor. I hope they are in Indonesian market too.

    • From what I see, the cutting and fit are the same, it’s just that the diaper design itself has changed – easier for caregivers. Perhaps you could try ordering online.

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