Free-Flow Fun

Woke up very early on Sunday, changed out of my weekend diaper and took a shower. I still felt sleepy afterward, and since it was barely 7 I climbed back into bed. I wake up around 8, with nocturnal emissions flowing.

If only that had happened earlier, my diaper would have been able to catch it. But no, life decided to have a little free-flow fun with me that day.

– Selv


Vacuum Cleaners and Diapers

Vacuum Cleaners are but an essential part of our lives. Yet, for all the noise we make and for all the places we put them in, they do need our tender loving care. They need regular diaper changes.

You know, those little paper things in which you find all the nastiness that the Vacuum Cleaner sucked up? Good owners of Vacuum Cleaners will know the importance of changing these ‘poo packs’ regularly. After all, what goes in, must come out right?

In this episode of Wallance and Gromit’s Cracking Contraptions, we get to see what would happen if you forget to put a diaper onto your young Vacuum Cleaner. Remember to keep his insides well-moving, or you may have to clear up the ‘blowout’ afterwards.

The 525 Crackervac – Cracking Contraptions – Wallace and Gromit

– Selv


Some months back, I had written a post about a girl who farted loudly in a lift which I was standing in. Well, karma has hit me back last tuesday.

I had slept very late the previous night and I still wasn’t fully alert, having dragged myself out of my hostel room a mere 1/2 hour earlier. I was standing half awake running late for a lecture, waiting for a lift. It was a quiet corridor, and I needed to fart, which I did. Unfortunately, it was very loud! That kind of woke me up. I look around and to my horror, there was a girl standing a little behind me! I was mortified, but at that point, there was nothing I could do.

It turned out that we were both headed for the same lecture.

– Selv

Emergency Stop

I was walking around Changi City point last week. There, I saw a young boy no older than 3 walking beside his father. Suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks and knelt down, his face concentrated. His father tried to pick him up but he refused to move. Then all of a sudden, he stood up on his own and the father picked him up and carried him of. He sported an ‘angry’ tone as he playfully slapped his son’s bottom, chiding him that “the toilet is only there!”. He went into the toilet, presumably to change him.

Ah, anecdotes from life.

Just imagine if adults wore diapers. One may be out with their friends roaming Tampines Mall when someone suddenly stops dead in their tracks, bending over. Try as the others might, they can’t snap the person out of their concentrated state. Then, just as suddenly, the person stands upright and starts walking. As the friends start to tease him/her about their ‘incident’, the embarrassed person walks into the nearby toilets.

Now that would be a talking point, though in such a world it would be quite common.

– Selv

Mousey Business

I haven’t really introduced my pets to you guys but I thought I’d share an incident that happened a few days ago. I was holding on to one of my pet mice. I guess she had been out of her enclosure for a while and was far from her ‘pooping zone’, so to speak. (Mice have their dedicated corners to do their business and can be ‘toilet-trained’)

Anyway, I had been carrying her for quite a bit when suddenly, I felt a warm spot on my hand. It got warmer and warmer, and then I saw it. Drops of pee were dripping off my hand! I was so upset, and I guess she felt it too, she put her tail down and curled up in shame. Guess even mice can have ‘accidents’.

On the human side, today I was out at a supermarket when I saw yet another pretty girl. She was Indian, 15-16ish and was grocery shopping with her mother. This NTUC Supermarket was a very small outlet, no bigger than two train carriages placed side-by-side. At one point, I saw her markedly staring at some Huggies diapers down the diaper-ailse, which was located just behind the cashiers.. She was staring at it so intensely that her mother had to grab her hand to bring her off to the next aisle.

Perhaps she could have been just stoning, perhaps she was intrigued by the toddler on the packaging. I really doubt that she is a bed-wetter, or even a practising ABDL. But it made me wonder – is it possible that she had some sort of ABDL tendency within her, that really drew her in?