Some Catching Up To Be Done

Just some thoughts.

I wanted to buy some Banitore diapers but it seems that Prime Supermarket has pulled them from it’s shelves! I’ve tried at least 3 outlets, and all don’t carry the Banitore diapers any more! What’s more, they don’t carry other brands of adult diapers that they used to. Instead the only adult diapers they carry is the Tena Value diapers. Odd. But the thing is WHERE NOW CAN I GET MY BANITORE DIAPERS? *Hugs pillow*

My Tumblr account has been rather inactive, maybe it’s time I start posting/re-posting stuff.

I’ve started work on my sequel to The Girl Who Wondered If Only, and the biggest snag I foresee is the age requirement of the character. Hopefully I can sort it out by year’s end, and put it up on ADISC and/or ASF by the start of next year. Speaking of stories, I will post the next chapter of You Didn’t See Anything, Charissa tonight. (It was formerly known by it’s working title: Jason and Charissa)

An official announcement – I’ve finally put up my Tena Slip Super diaper review. I finally got my (diapered) ass down and sorted out the images, so there you go, do click on the link if you wish to find out more about these diapers.

– Selv