Mousey Business

I haven’t really introduced my pets to you guys but I thought I’d share an incident that happened a few days ago. I was holding on to one of my pet mice. I guess she had been out of her enclosure for a while and was far from her ‘pooping zone’, so to speak. (Mice have their dedicated corners to do their business and can be ‘toilet-trained’)

Anyway, I had been carrying her for quite a bit when suddenly, I felt a warm spot on my hand. It got warmer and warmer, and then I saw it. Drops of pee were dripping off my hand! I was so upset, and I guess she felt it too, she put her tail down and curled up in shame. Guess even mice can have ‘accidents’.

On the human side, today I was out at a supermarket when I saw yet another pretty girl. She was Indian, 15-16ish and was grocery shopping with her mother. This NTUC Supermarket was a very small outlet, no bigger than two train carriages placed side-by-side. At one point, I saw her markedly staring at some Huggies diapers down the diaper-ailse, which was located just behind the cashiers.. She was staring at it so intensely that her mother had to grab her hand to bring her off to the next aisle.

Perhaps she could have been just stoning, perhaps she was intrigued by the toddler on the packaging. I really doubt that she is a bed-wetter, or even a practising ABDL. But it made me wonder – is it possible that she had some sort of ABDL tendency within her, that really drew her in?



Hectic Mouse Story

It has been quite a week this past week. My new job is quite hectic given the state in which it was handed over to me. My boss had an admin executive who was so incompetent that she chucked all documentation all over the place. That was happening for months and when that finally came to light, she ran away, back to Malaysia. Thus that mess was handed over to a new Admin Executive. Most unfortunately, she had to clear up that hell of a mess, and being unable to cope, made lots of mistakes and was found to be unsuited for the job, and got demoted.

I came along, I have no idea how I passed the interview, this only being my temporary holiday job. And now, I’ve got to finish up the remainder of the mess that the first girl left, and my boss has tasked me with creating a system of online filing, with which he would be able to check. As I’m not a degree holder, my title is just a mere Admin Manager, not Executive :(. At least I get 75% of the full pay, while doing 50% more. (Maybe that’s why I got hired?)

Anyway that has gotten me so busy, having a 5 and a half day work week and stuff. I don’t even have enough time to think about diapers, let alone wear them. I’m feeling punctured, I want to work on my stories, I have the outlines ready. But I just don’t have the energy. I have the time ( if I stay up, sleep 6 instead of 7.5 hrs each day), I just don’t have the energy.

Maybe it’s a good thing that the breeder that I’m getting my pet mice from is unable to meet me tomorrow. I haven’t prepared for their arrival. Their enclosure is ready, but I haven’t bought the two most important things – food and bedding.

I had asked a pet-related question on ADISC. It felt very odd that I should be asking a pet-related question on a diaper forum, but the pet forums that I frequented were near-dead. I was getting a little edgy as I have very little time before my pets arrived, and not a single person answered my thread in 2 forums, so I turned to ADISC. But my initial apprehension wore off when I got several good replies. They weren’t exactly suited to my context (most had gotten their mice from pet stores, I’m getting mine from a breeder), but I decided to follow their advice anyway instead of risking it.

– Selv

P.S. : I didn’t know what title to give this post, so I merely listed the three main topics in this post. But I just might write a hectic mouse story after all…

P.P.S. : After re-reading this post it is looking like a hectic mouse story, but I’ll write another proper ABDL one.