Tena Wet Wipes

The Tena Wet Wipes are manufactured by the SCA group under the Tena label. While Tena is most well known for their diapers, they do make a variety of other products, including wet wipes.

These wipes retail in pretty much all major pharmacies and supermarket chains, though they are often found in the baby wipes section rather than beside the adult diapers. I bought a pack for $3.50 in Jan 2016, for 40 sheets.




Appearance and Performance

These wipes come in a sturdy plastic packaging. There is also tab on top which you pull open to take out a wipe. Thereafter you stick the tab back to close it, to prevent the moisture from drying out.

The sheet itself is white in colour and is made of good quality spun-lace linen. They stretch minimally but do not tear, unlike some cheapy brands. They are also able to retain their moisture well, down to the last wipe, provided that you seal the opening tab each time.


As you can see, these sheets are huge – about twice the size of a regular baby wipe sheet. The packaging says they measure 300 by 200 mm, though when I measured they were 295 by 215 mm, about 6% larger than advertised. But nonetheless, they are very big.

These wipes do their job very well. After wiping, the skin feels clean and refreshed, without any stickiness remaining. They are able to clear away messes easily and due to their size, the offending particles will not come into contact with your hand. I usually fold them into half, just in case, but you don’t really need to.


Final Thoughts

I believe that there are a handful of wet wipes targetted towards adult incontinence consumers. However the Tena Wet Wipes are the only ones that retail at major supermarket chains. They are very affordable and do their job very well. In fact, I’ve stopped using baby wipes for diaper changes and now stick to these. Tena, you have set the standard in the adult diaper section, you’ve done it again with your wipes!

Affordable, retains moisture, does the job. I would definitely recommend these wipes to my ABDL and incontinent friends.

Review Date: 8 Feb 2016