Dr. P Basic Type Adult Diapers

The Dr P line is very well regarded in the local adult diaper industry. They are manufactured in Taiwan by the Everbeauty Corporation, which was bought over by SCA in mid-2012. The company mainly produces disposable diapers, and its products are sold in southeast and northeast Asia, Australia, Africa and Central America.

The Dr P line comes in several classes, with different sizes – basic, standard, special, overnight and youth. They are plastic-backed, and are designed with the asian body kept in mind. The basic version has no standing leak guards, no wetness indicators and no elastic waistbands.

M : 81-112cm (32-44 in)

L  : 102-140cm (40-55 in)

XL: 127-157(50-62in)

This review is based on the M sized Dr P Basic Type I got from Sheng Siong Supermarket for S$6.00 for a pack of 10, and were bought in mid-2015.


Packaging Collage

Appearance and Features

Dr P Rev -1

When folded the diaper measures 27 by 21 cm with the height of about 2.5 cm. When unfolded the diaper measures 65cm lengthwise, with a generous 36cm of it being the actual padding. Top to bottom the diaper measures 76cm, 64cm of it padded. The narrowest part, the crotch, has a width of 28cm, 19cm of it padded. The tapes are 2.8cm thick.

Dr P Rev -11

Dr P Rev -10

Dr P Rev -4

The Dr P Basic does not have a frontal patch. Instead, the tapes adhere directly to the plastic backing itself. The tapes are the two-tape system, and the clear tape can be removed from the second tape, for multiple refastening. An issue with these diapers is that the back sheet often separates from the padding.

The back sheet crinkles a little, but due to the absence of a frontal patch, is rather noiseless. There are no wetness indicator lines running down the diaper, but the wetness indicators take the form Dr P logos. They are a very light shade of grey, and disappear very quickly. These diapers do not have any standing leak guards, nor do they have any elastic waist-bands.

Dr P Rev -2

Dr P Rev -3

Dr P Rev -7

Dr P Rev -12

Dr P Rev -9

(20c coin and A5 sized notebook used for scale reference)

Performance And Fit
These diapers fit my average-sized frame nicely, and were snug and comfortable. Despite the diaper being plastic-backed, its crinkles were sufficiently covered by my daily-use clothes. I walked around malls, took a few busses, sat down on a hard food-court seat and there was no noticeable disturbance, and the tapes held well, the leg gathers didn’t scratch away at my inner-thigh areas. The diaper swells up a little when wet, but it isn’t that noticeable.

One issue with this diaper is that the plastic-backing separates from the padding very easily. This leads to clumping issues with the padding, which can be very irritating when re-wearing the diaper. But as far as I have tested, it doesn’t affect the diaper’s absorbency significantly.

Despite the lack of standing leak guards, the diaper is able to catch most liquids up until it nears saturation point. Their ‘O-shaped Channels’ design manages to catch flooding most of the time. They seem to have a lot of SAP, holding about 2-3.5 medium wettings, on par with Control Plus Overnight. The odour neutraliser does its’ work, and pee smells are generally contained beyond 5 hours.

These diapers are quite thin, but they don’t swell terribly upon full wetting, about 2-3cm. They hold messes well, with no messy leaks.

Final Thoughts
I must admit that this diaper has a very snug fit. My main issue with them is that the plastic backing separates from the padding, but it is still able to function normally. It is discreet, absorbent and sturdy, and worth a try for those who can get their hands on it.

At 60c a piece, the Dr. P Basic Type is a very affordable diaper. It’s value-for-money, discreetness, absorbency and snugness must be the reason why many fellow Singaporeans swear by them. This is a diaper for day-to-day home use, which I would recommend to my ABDL friends.


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