Control Plus Overnight Diapers

EDIT 10 May 2016: These diapers are no longer sold in Southeast Asia, as SCA is focusing on their other brands Tena and Dr.P .

The Control Plus Overnight diapers are produced by the SCA group and sold worldwide, mainly in Europe. It comes in two classes, day and overnight, and comes in two sizes, M and L

M – Waist size 32-44in (81-112cm)

L – Waist size 45-58in (115-147cm)

This review is based on the M sized Overnight diapers I got from Giant Express for S$12.55. These are the new make, and were bought in mid-2013.

Control Plus Overnight

Appearance and Features

The Control Plus Overnight comes with the usual features expected in an adult diaper. They are plastic-backed, have standing leak guards, wetness indicators as well as a frontal patch for multiple refastening. This diaper uses a two-tape fastening system, and the tapes are the smaller type.

Control Plus Overnight Diaper

When folded the diaper measures 16cm by 22cm with a height of an inch. When unfolded it measures 72cm lengthwise, the padding measures 54cm, and the crotch has a width of 20cm.

Diaper and iPad

Diaper and iPad

Diaper and 20cent Coin

The frontal patch is made of strong plastic for holding onto the tapes. They are painted with these cartoony pictures of Aloe Vera, in reference to the core containing some Aloe Vera moisturizer. What I like about them is their quietness compared to other brands. They don’t crinkle as much but do the job just as well!

The backsheet backing of the diaper is plastic-backed for extra liquid retention, but it doesn’t crinkle as much, providing a discrete user experience when wearing. The wetness Indicator runs down the diaper from front to back. Again in the shape of Aloe Vera plants, they are purple in colour, and fade away when the diaper is wet.

Control Plus Overnight Diaper

The standing leak guards also run from top to bottom of the diaper. They are initially curled in, and can be adjusted to further standing position. The entire inside is lined with the soft cloth-like cover, which is gentle to the skin and does not irritate it.

Diaper's Standing Leak Guards

Diaper Tapes

Performance And Fit

These diapers fit me pretty well. They are rather snug, and comfortable, with the outer backing not really crackling on the legs like other brands. Overall, the diapers are audible, but barely. This was sufficiently covered by the noise of my everyday clothes. I tested this out by wearing just a pair of skinny jeans and a shirt to the nearby shopping mall to buy lunch, and I couldn’t hear much.  Of course, this wouldn’t be good news if you would like to hear the crinkle sounds of the diaper during AB role play.

These diapers hold surprisingly little for overnight diapers. Each diaper held about 2-3 wettings before they started to show signs of leaks. I lasted about 5-6 hours in the day before I needed a change. They are rather thin, and swell 2-3cm when full. They have been able to hold messes well, with no messy leaks.


Final Thoughts

These diapers are among the quietest taped adult diapers I have encountered in Singapore, even quieter than the now-discontinued No Frills diapers. For a person like me who lives with my parents this is a very big plus. The inner lining is very soft and gentle to the skin, perhaps attributable to the Aloe Vera moisturizer that the package says is added.

At S$1.26 a piece they are certainly expensive for day-to-day use and it would be a luxury to use. However if you want a locally-available diaper that is taped and high-capacity, then this is that diaper.


(Singapore 20c coin and iPad mini used for scale referencing)


6 thoughts on “Control Plus Overnight Diapers

  1. I’m staying in Singapore, and have been using this for more than ten years. Currently it is not sold here. Please let me know where can I buy this item in Johore Bahru, preferably, somewhere near the Johore customs.. Thanks

    • Hi, I stay in Singapore too, and yes, I’m aware that it is hard to find nowadays. You can get them from Rehabmart I believe, if you don’t mind deliveries. I know there’s a Pharmacy in JB City square basement that used to have them, but this was 2 years ago, not sure if they still carry them.

  2. mumvused this product since 2008. But now I heard that they stop the production of this. Is it true..n where I can get it now..tq

    • Hi Mazlina, they unfortunately have stopped selling them in Southeast Asia. SCA group is now focusing on selling Tenas. It is possible to order them, but the shipping is added expense. Hope this helps

      • Dear selv..thanks for response.. I ordered this brand last I paid rm200..but unexpected.. It’s a scam.. Do u know how I can order this brand..can u give me the address.. Tq

      • I saw a few ads on eBay some time ago but they have disappeared. Currently, shows that it stocks them. You may want to check with them. Hope this helps

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