Tumblr Short Stories

Many Tumbr users post interesting photographs of their lifestyles. Some are of their own, some are of others. I like to reblog some of these pictures. Once in a while a compelling picture comes along, and I let my imagination play by writing a short story. On this page you will find a collection of these Tumblr Short Stories that I’ve written.

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Eating Peanuts
Cuddling Mr Wiggins
Poulet Tikka Masala
College Potty Woes
I See What You Did There – Dec 2015
Laundry Day – Jan 2016
Evening Movie – Mar 2016
Leaking Leggings – Jun 2016
Flip Flops (WordPress) – Feb 2017
Sleepgrowling – Apr 2017
The Traffic Offence (WordPress) – Jul 2017
Singapore’s Mini Winter (WordPress) – Jan 2018
The Shared Balcony – Apr 2018
Maya’s Weakness – Apr 2018
When Dave Found Out – Jun 2018
Photosets – Jul 2018
Little Mouse – Aug 2018
The Diaper Change – Sep 2018
Triple Trouble – Sep 2018

This list gets updated monthly. Follow me on Tumblr to read stories as they get published. I also post bonus pictures and reblog interesting posts.


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