Flip Flops

“Hello ma’am, the common room is now closed. Please leave,” the security guard barked.

Sophie jumped, she had been keenly listening to her recorded lecture. Nevertheless, she stood up  and slowly packed her bag, hoping that the security guard would go away. But the guard just stood at the door, holding it open. With no choice, she left.

Walking briskly, her slippers flip-flopping noisily, she began her long walk back to her hostel room. But she had barely walked 20 steps before the first wave hit her.

“C’mon Sophie, you can make it,” she told herself, reducing her impact. Having IBS was not fun, but getting the urge at unexpected moments was not the worst part.

As she rounded a corner, she felt another strong urge. But this now was too strong to disobey. She limped to a corner under a staircase, and bore down.

A minute later, she felt her pants. Nothing had leaked.

– Story by Selv


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