Diaper Travels – Planning The Next Round

I love my Diapered Escapedes (Yes, that’s how I like to spell them). I run them on small budgets of not more than $200, all-in. They give me a chance to wear diapers 24/7 and, because they are vacations, I get to relax (most of the time).

Planning for my sixth Diapered Escapede, with about 2 weeks to go. My last one in March was ambitious, having explored Penang and KL while wearing diapers. So I’ll probably stay closer to home this round, either JB or Batam/Bintan. But accessibility is an issue, and I want that peace of mind for the 2 or 3 days should I need to rush back.

Then again I could get a staycation in Singapore itself, although it would be more expensive. The last time I had a DE staycation was back in 2014 so maybe this is something I’m thinking about. I’ll probably be relaxing, just maybe meet others, work on some writing and perhaps this blog too.

Then, as always, there is the issue of what diaper do I wear.

DE1: Staycay – Banitore (First time)

DE2: Staycay –  TSS (First time)

DE3: KL Disastercation- TSS (Missed my return flight, hence the name)

DE4: Melaka Drivescapede – TSS

DE5: Penang-to-KL – TSS (the most expensive and ambitious one so far)

Perhaps this time I could try a plastic-backed diaper. The Fairprice Extra Care diaper beckons because the Safe Control was so good! Albeit with lousy frontal patches. There’s also the Tena Slip Maxi, which I’ve been eyeing for forever. But this one is quite hard to get nowadays (even the TSS is getting relegated to pharmacies).

So JB or Singapore again? And FEC or TSM diaper?

– Selv


I was out shopping with my mum at Daiso, a popular Japanese departmental store. They have a wide variety of household organisation products, and the price is always $2. (Apparently it still is RM5 in Malaysia…)

Anyway, mum was engrossed with the cutlery section, and I was browsing the handicraft section. Their products all hand from shelves, which permit conversation to pass through. It was because of this auditory feature that I overheard a three year old tell his mother that he needed the toilet.

Curious, and being near the end of the row, I snuck over to examine the fridge magnets at the end of that row, while peeking into their row, which had no other people. What I observed would have made any ABDL excited, but others would have felt sad for the child.

The child was bearing over, trying to do his deed. A few moments later, the mother removed his pants and exposed his diaper, remarking audibly that “it’s easier for you to berak (‘poop’ in Malay)”. The three year-old then squatted fully and started straining. I then turned and walked away.

At that point I was feeling more sorry for the child, that his own mother had exposed him during a very private moment, then thrilled at seeing an actual diaper. Who would strip their own child’s clothes down to their underwear in the middle of a crowded store? She should have escorted him to the toilets, before allowing him to continue.

I feel that not only was it irresponsible of that lady for doing that, but she was also passively reinforcing the notion that it is okay to take off your clothes in public, not to mention that it is okay to poop in your diaper. That section of the store was going to stink up, other shoppers were going to get affected.

Diapers may be designed to catch bodily emissions, but after all, they are an erstwhile form of underwear. Except when swimming, nobody exposes their underwear in public. Please, let use not subject kids to this kind of humiliation.

– Selv

Trip Advising Myself

It’s been some time since I returned from my family vacation to New Zealand. And I’m already missing the land of the Golden Kiwifruit.

And ever since I returned to Singapore, I’ve been planning out solo backpacking trips. I planned one route from west to east Australia, one from South to North Vietnam, and one from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City.

But I can’t decide whether I should go diapered or not, and if yes, for the full duration or just parts of the trip. I’ve been fully diapered on my Penang to KL trip, so I know it is do-able. But the thought of carrying 20 diapers through airport security is rather unnerving (unless I buy local diapers).

I guess it’s fine to travel while in diapers, it’s just that they can be a slight distraction. Airport security is fine and changing in public restrooms isn’t fun, but it’s manageable.

I’ve managed to work out a scheme where I work part-time while I study to fund my trip, and hopefully I can work this out. I’m still trying to convince my two close friends to join me, but I don’t think I’ll be successful. Then again, I don’t mind solo travel, it takes my mind off things.

– Selv


I decided to give pull-up style diapers a second chance.

I was at a store late one evening and my choices were partly down to the 12 piece, $10.45 Tena Value diapers and the 10 piece, $13.90 Guardian Adult Pants diapers. I was running out of time, I needed to be home soon. I was also worried about the noise that the Tena Values made. So I reckoned that the cloth-backed pull-ups would be something different.

The only time I had an experience with pull-ups was when I bought a pack of Goodnites. Even back then, they felt tight on me and didn’t cover much area, meaning that I had to re-position my asset every time I needed to pee. But at least they held a substantial volume. So, in the few minutes that I had, I decided to see how a store-brand, adult-sized pull-up would fare on me.

The packaging looked promising. But it was when I held out a diaper that all my expectations evaporated. Within a minute of putting it on, I began to regret my earlier decision.

The fitting was not snug and tight, the padded area was not big enough to cover my male assets and as I would discover the next morning, even under controlled conditions, liquid escaped through the top and sides as the elastic gathers were not water resistant.

The one thing good about these particular pull-ups is that they hold about 2 medium wettings. But what’s the point if it can’t direct the liquid into the padded area?

The main aims of a diaper would be to catch any emissions in order to protect the wearer’s clothes and thus dignity, and to keep the wearer comfortable to a large extent by being a good fit and not being noisy etc. I feel that these pull-ups fail in the first aim, at least for male wearers.

I regret giving pull-up style diapers a second chance.

– Selv

The Urge To Wear

Sometimes I wish I could wear my diapers when I’m in the library by myself, studying.

I’m that sort of person who wouldn’t study much at home/hostel. I lack that discipline to ignore the bed and TV, so I drag myself out to school, to the cavernous library that is as cold as if it were sited on a mountaintop (It is actually the highest point in NTU). I usually camp out in the library after my last lesson ends. Guess that’s what single students do…

Cold air-conditioners mean low humidity, which means that one gets thirsty quite often. That means one drinks a fair amount of water, which needs to be flushed away. I guess toilet-breaks are a way for me to stand up and stretch after hours of staring at the computer, or solving mechanics problems. In some sense, a diaper would be useful, but as noted previously, it draws attention away from work.

The real urge to grab a diaper comes late at night after leaving the library, as I return to my Hall. That is when the urge to poop kicks in, and you are left to face the communal toilet. Alas, my roommate is there, clicking away at his computer game, not attending any classes, just subsisting on games. If not for him, many a night I would be spending padded.

I guess that’s how life is meant to be – if you wear diapers every day, then you won’t get that ‘umph’ you get if you wear just once a week.

– Selv

Airy Bottom Half

When my first former roommate withdrew from our shared hostel room, I started feeling an air of loneliness. But it also gave me the unprecedented privacy to wear my diapers 24/7, before school started. Even after school started I had the opportunity to wear my diapers to sleep at night and use them well in the morning before taking them off to go for my classes.

When my current room-mate moved in, that privacy vanished completely. I’ll elaborate the complicated reason in the next post, but you’ll have to take it from me that he was in the room practically 24/7. That put a real bummer on things.

Coincidentally, there is a religious festival coming up this sunday. To have a ‘clean mind’ I was going to stop wearing diapers for three days before and after. No Tumblr. No ADISC. The new room-mate made me extend my stint by one day. Mind you, I was not expecting to see him in my room midweek, 2 weeks into the semester and I had seconds to prepare myself.

On a separate note, is the fourth day since I last wore a diaper. It has been a very weird feeling, sleeping at nights without padding. And there is the fact that I have to share the communal toilets with others. It is lucky that I don’t have ‘withdrawal symptoms’, having gone through much worse stoppages. But I still do feel nervous about doing my thing in the mornings. In any case, my schedule is jam-paced so thankfully, I’m able to get over it very quickly in the mornings thus far.

– Selv

I miss you..

I miss my Tena Slip Supers! The Tena Values feel like some plastic-bag tied around my bottom, they are more airier and noisy. But I’m stuck with them till December, at my current rate.. I still have two TSS diapers left, will keep them for a good occasion. I guess it is the fit, they are really comfy, being cloth-backed.

Anyway, here’s a picture from my recent diapered escapede to KL. I made a massive mess (you can’t really tell), but the diaper held it well.

Dr P Rev -14

School is picking up pace real quick. Gotta run!

– Selv

When It Comes To Siblings Who Are Diapered, Part 2

Here’s Part 1. I’ve been a little busy, and it took time to research these posts.

When It Comes To Siblings Who Are Diapered, Part 1

We have looked at the emotions that people may experience as kids when they know that their sibling has to wear diapers for bedwetting. Most of the kids who remain diapered at an older age do so solely because of bedwetting. I’ve also talked about pubescent girls who may have to wear pull-ups for a bit while their bodies adjust. But there are two categories that rarely get mentioned.

I’ll touch on the second one briefly. There are sick parents out there who diaper their kids as a form of punishment. Some parents may be pushed to the point of putting the child back into diapers to protect the bed, but that is a mild form of it. But there are people who force their kids to wear nothing but a diaper and do stuff for a petty mistake. Or the daycare teacher that forced the child into diapers because she had several ‘accidents’. Those are basically a sick form of child abuse.

Imagine the horror that a sibling would go through upon seeing such scenes. They would begin to fret, fearing that they could be subject to it next. And usually, they are. There would usually be underlying family problems too, so usually such abuse would only end when child services are alerted.

The third category involves a child who use their diapers only to poop. There are a multitude of reasons as to why a child may continue to use his diaper just to go #2. Many involve incidents of trauma, such as constipation, which leads to an association that pooping on the toilet is painful etc. I’ll leave the reasons why this occurs to another post.

The diaper-pooping kid is becoming more prevalent. Just like how bedwetting is hushed up and kept a secret, so is this. Only this time, the secret is much more closely kept. A person may easily explain why diapers are needed for bedwetting, with all the involuntary peeing and stuff. But ‘willingly’ giving a child a diaper, just for her to put it on for a few minutes to do a ubiquitous act? That sounds preposterous!

The truth is, most of the kids who go through this issues would be single children. There simply isn’t any peer-pressure for them to change, and peer-pressure (a.k.a social impetus brought on by kids of the same age) has been singled out as a force that changes attitudes and behaviours in kids. That is why most kids get fully toilet-trained quickly upon starting school.

But we’re on a mission to find out, what if the trend continued past later years? For a start, parents would likely enforce the same set of rules on the sibling that would go with bed wetters i.e no teasing, no telling, no touching the diapers. Perhaps, because of the nature of taking a poop, there would be additional rules like ‘no disturbing when your sister is pooping’.

This poses a few thoughts. Due to the extra rules, the siblings may get a perception that they are being treated differently. Usually, they feel (or are made to feel) that they are being treated better by their parents. They may have better leeway when asking for things.

Second, there is very little sympathy. Betwetters have no control. But the diaper-poopers have all the control, yet they choose to be different. At least, that’s what a young child would perceive. As such, since it is the child’s choice, the sibling would be under the impression that the child is rebelling, and is thus getting their way.

Third, the whole family may experience inconveniences because the child needs a diaper. Diapers cost money. (Except perhaps in Singapore, flushing may cost the same amount.)The urge to poop comes at different times for everyone. So if a family is out, the mother may have to stop, just to diaper and clean up a child. That could cause a sibling to become more impatient with the child, piling on more grudges against them.

Then there is also the great chance that the sibling may develop a superiority complex over the child. That he is able to control himself, while ‘older sister cannot’. Other issues may crop up and sibling rivalry may start to flame up in earnest.

One cannot ignore the fact that wearing diapers would subject the wearer to stereotypes. And children may not be mature enough to distinguish them. That is why kids tease each other. Kids who poop their diaper will always be teased and misunderstood. Which in itself, is the main reason why most non-incontinent kids don’t poop in their diapers for long – their siblings make fun of them.

As you can see, unlike in the case of bedwetting, the bond between a diaper-pooping child and their sibling(s) is very shaky. It even can get negative. This is why many people don’t talk about it – it brings back bad memories of their childhood. I had very little leads to go on. Most came from ABDL literature, from which I had to pick out the ideas and themes to arrive at this post.

– Selv

Finding A Solution

Let’s see, what has been making the news… Don’t want to get my hands greesy, don’t want to speculate on 3 billion ringgit. I’ll leave fellow bloggers alone.

But I did come across this gut-wrenching story of a teenager who was afraid of the toilet and thus had not pooped for 2 months. In a nutshell, she had refused to seek medical treatment and thus, the growing mass started to compress her lungs and suffocated her. The article tries not to be graphic, but it is.

This death could have been prevented. A defiant child is one thing, but the parent’s action could have saved her. It is noted that the mother ‘battled with her daughter to be medically examined’, so where was the father and/or siblings pressure? It is a very sad thing. It is a very potent reminder not to let your fear rule your life. Socks not fitting? Wear slippers. Toilet not clean? Poop in your underwear, or wear a diaper for us ABDLs.

Importantly, talk it out to a close confidant. Your mum, your brother, your girlfriend, your bestie. Whatever your problem, you can find a solution.

Please take care. Dying because you are afraid to take a poop is not a nice idea. Talk it out. It will help you find a solution.

Teenage Girl Dies Of Heart Attack After Not Going To The Toilet For Eight Weeks

– Selv

When It Comes To Siblings Who Are Diapered

So, Siblings Day just passed a week ago, so I thought of writing about something different today.

Sometimes, I wonder what would life be like if either of my two younger sisters still need diapers to this day. I did come close to finding out, as my first sister was a bed wetter around the time she started having her first periods. My parents bought for her some goodnights, but thankfully, she didn’t need the whole pack.

But this is a topic which does get mentioned from time to time. What would it be like if a younger sibling needed diapers. Or even for that matter, an older sister needed goodnights for bedwetting? How would it affect the sibling relationship. Would it even be healthy? This is a topic which many ABDL stories love to explore. The younger sister controls the older sister’s night-time diapers. The twin brother wears diapers too to make his twin sister feel better. The older sister tries to be understanding of her younger brother’s ‘desire’ to wear diapers etc etc. But what about real-life stories?

Not surprisingly, it is very hard to find examples of sibling accounts on the internet. This is understandable, as they love their siblings too much to want to hurt them, or simply have been warned by their parents not to say a word. But from time-to-time, there are snippets of these type of stories mentioned on the ABDL forums once in a while. Things like “my neighbour once mentioned that his 8 yo sister still wore nappies at night. But I never asked him about it.” Never more, usually less.

Think about it – would you want to tell your friends that your younger sister still needs to wear diapers at night? Those friends will certainly laugh at her the next time they see her. No matter how much you profess to hate her, want to hurt her, you will never do it. Except, nowadays, it is getting very common for kids as old as 10 to still need pull-ups for bed. In that sense, some would be de-sensitised, and might end up telling their closest friend, much to the chagrin of their sibling. But hey, the paradigm, or view, that older kids don’t wear night-time diapers, is shifting.

But you see, bedwetting is a very common thing among young kids. In fact, when you go to gatherings, some mothers blatantly admit that their 8 yo kid still wets the bed, even as the poor kid looks on. On one count, bedwetting rates are going up. This is probably due to girls starting their periodic cycles earlier in life, and their young bodies are not able to cope, and absorbent disposable diapers hampering toilet-training.

On the second count, parents are no longer shying away from the fact, and are actively seeking advice on the matter. It may or may not be medical advice, but they are willing to shed the stigma and embarrassment to seek a cure their daughter’s (or son’s) condition. They are just concerned as any parent would be, and only want the best for their children.

The third count concerns those seeking to make money out of this situation. Mainly the diaper manufacturers. That is why they make Pampers up till size 7 (though these are very hard to get in Singapore), and even ‘young adult diapers’ (Dr.P Junior Size XS). Goodnights are very much preferred, as they work like underwear. Cloth diapers are cheaper over the long run, but nobody nowadays wants to deal with the washing. Then there are the under sheets, rubber sheets and things like bedwetting alarms. There are also the paediatricians…

As you can see, kids are slowly being desensitised to wearing diapers. Yet, they would never admit that they actually do. Why? Society still thinks that diapers are for babies and the elderly. Children, being afraid of ridicule by their friends, and trying to project a strong image in order to fit in, would never admit that they can’t control their pee at night.

Which brings us back to the topic of siblings. All people with siblings undergo their various forms of sibling rivalry. When they are young kids, say primary school age, they may not know the consequences of what they say. As such, in an act of spite, they might blurt out that their sibling needs diapers. There will be crying, a small amount of ridicule, punishment by the parent, the teacher might punish the group/class. But kids being kids, they would forget about the matter after a few weeks/months. The victim might be emotionally scarred, but they will heal after a bit. And usually, the bedwetting would stop by then.

Howeven when kids progress to secondary school and beyond, they get much more mature. They know that if they mention such a personal secret, their sibling’s future may be compromised. But usually, the real thing that would stop a kid from mentioning that secret would be that the other sibling would have enough dirt on him to cover himself/herself. Love would be the third thing that keeps them in check. They know that their sibling would be greatly upset, saddened and depressed by such a revelation, so, they wouldn’t tell on them.

I felt bad when my sister first stared bedwetting. I tried to comfort her, tried tell her that is was okay, but she beat me away… Mother told me and my then 6 yo sister to stay away, which we did. We felt even worse when the bedwetting didn’t stop after 3 days, and my mother turned up with a pack of goodnights. She and dad talked to her alone, and had to persuade her into wearing it. Then the 2 of us were called in and we were made to promise to never talk about the topic ever again. We promised.

Think about it. A young girl suddenly gets her cramps. Her body starts to change. Suddenly, she starts to wet the bed. And then she is compelled to wear things that ‘only babies wear’! How would you feel if you went through that much emotional trauma?

In my opinion, this is the reason why siblings don’t tell on their sisters/brothers. They saw them cry their eyes out, highly troubled by the fact. They saw them lose sleep, wake up wet and embarrassed. Then there was the horrid smell. They did not like their diapers one bit, and there was nothing that they could do about it. And there was nothing that the sibling could do to comfort them. That is reason enough to keep quiet.

All of these things that I’ve mentioned pertain specifically to the realm of bedwetters. I haven’t talked about people who need their diapers for pooping. So stay tuned for part 2…