The Tykables Torment

It’s been about 2 weeks since this topic surfaced but I thought I’d touch on it since it is a good case study.

Tykables is very much a part of our ABDL retail scene, and recently they had opened a brick-and-mortar space in Mount Pleasant, Illinois. Its meant to function mainly as storage and as a pick-up point for purchases.

But residents, not fully informed about ABDLs, became concerned once they found out that a business was selling things that were meant for ‘adult babies’. Their concerns were fuelled by the fact that the outlet was located close by to schools, a park, a pool and other public spaces where children frequent.

John Williams, the store owner, had to attend meetings with local officials and residents to explain his situation, and they each have made compromises. While the Tykables team now has to contend with added expenses and potential loss of visibility, they (and buying customers) have been very lucky that they are able to continue to operate.

There are two things that come to mind. The first is that the residents were unaware of what ABDLs do or stand for, jumped to conclusions and became very unsettled by what they perceived as a potential threat to the community. They did what they would do as with any other potential threat to their community.

We all know that for the most part, ABDLs are not pedophiles or sexual maniacs that actively haunt women and children. But we cannot assume that everyone knows this.  The uninformed general public will jump to conclusions as that is human nature.

But the fact is that we cannot go around educating everyone on the lifestyles of ABDL and Littles. We need to accept that they will continue to mistrust us even though we stress that we are just a bunch of people who do our stuff in the privacy of our houses/rooms. Just think about your parents’ first reactions when they found out. Now extend that to an entire community!

The other thing ┬áthat comes into mind is that the owner(s) of Tykables might have been a little too trusting of the residents. They might have been focused on the business tenet of location connectivity, and might have failed to take note of their store’s proximity to areas where children are present. As I’ve never been to the area I don’t know how close the store actually is to the said areas, but what can be said is that given the public’s tendency to mistrust us ABDLs, we should put sufficient distance between ourselves and children.

Here is a link to an article which explains the story.

I had read somewhere else, that there seems to be a gun store close by as well, and that residents should be more worried that gunmen would target their children, rather than be worried that some freak will break into their children’s school to diaper them. Very thoughtful words, I might add.

Stay cautious, people.

– Selv