I was leaving home for my university hostel a few days ago. It was past 9, and the ground floors of the blocks of flats were deserted.

Now, in our public housing flats, there are dustbins available at every lift lobby. And as I walked past one of these dustbins, I saw something leaning on the pillar beside it that made me stop dead.

It was an almost-full pack of Drypers baby diapers. It seemed that only one or two had been taken out, as the rest of the unused diapers peeked out of the tear in the packaging.

I stood there, intrigued. It was apparent that someone had left them in the open like this as they didn’t want it anymore. It was a pack of size S diapers, so these mustn’t have fit on the kid anymore for an almost-full pack to be thrown away.

I hesitated, then reached out to grab a handful of diapers, kept them in my backpack, and continued on my journey. I reckoned that this was an opportunity to experiment with stuffers. I left most of the diapers in the bag as was in case some needy family walked past and wanted them, as was intended by the abandoner.

Here are the six diapers that I took. Trust me, they look much bigger here than they really are.


For my overseas readers, the Drypers brand baby diapers are among the three most popular brands of baby diapers here in Singapore, alongsideĀ Merries and Mamy Poko Pants (pull-ups). Almost all newborn infants wear Pampers Newborn, but just about everyone moves on to these three brands soon after. My youngest sister wore Drypers too.

I’ve finally posted the Softess Adult Diaper review. You can read it along with my other diaper reviews here.

This would be my last post for this year. Happy holidays everyone!

– Selv