One Week into University

It had been a very long, tiring, and often rambling journey. But I am proud to announce that I have finally entered university!

There were times of great uncertainty, times in which I wasn’t sure if I would even make it. Then, all the guys in my army bunk started to receive their acceptance letters one-by-one, until it was just me and the ITE guys. It was a truly depressing period.

I remember the day; it was book-out day. My father had offered to pick me up. It was a very unusual offer, for the drive out was a very tiring one. So I had a suspicion. But I declined his offer and took the train. The instant I reached home, he jumped up and handed me the NTU acceptance letter. It will be a moment which I will never forget.

But I still had my National Service to complete. So the waiting game began in earnest. My instagram was flooded with pictures my female friends took of their uni life. But I had to wait 1.5 years for my ORD, and another half a year to matriculate.

But yes, I have made it, at long last. Then again, the journey is just beginning. I’ve moved in to my hall, my workload is threatening to pile up, and I would have to balance my writing endeavours. Money is also an issue. The full scale of things haven’t hit me yet.

But those are just the small things. I’m finally going to learn stuff that is actually going to be interesting. Engineering stuff. And that is the interim prize.

In other news, today Singapore celebrates her 50th anniversary of independence. I’m planning to watch the fireworks and airforce flypasts. The Armour Column looks mighty interesting and hopefully we’d be able to catch the city march past too. Happy SG50, fellow Singaporeans!

Coincidentally, this is also my 50th blog entry. Let us subtly usher in a new era.

– Selv