Search Results And Upcoming Escapede

So I’ve been very busy with school (I need to stop saying this). Anyway, since a number of blogs have been talking about the search results that have been leading to their blogs, I shall do the same.

Here are some that stuck out:

  • abdl meme  [I have just 1 I believe]
  • still wears diapers singapore  [Our community is tiny, but not non-existent]
  • diaper girl toilet right here abdl story   [Two contradicting phrases?]
  • sg fórum diaper fétis [Must be a French reader]
  • how do boys excrete  [Seriously?]
  • the letter bluing 44 logo  [I’ve no idea what this is]

Many of my searches fell in these categories:

  • A ton of searches related to Tena diapers
  • A ton of ‘girl pooping diaper’ searches
  • Some ‘diapered soldier’ searches
  • Some ‘diaper fetish’ searches
  • Some ‘enema’ searches

And then there were searches that were obviously wishful thinking:

  • daughter wearing diaper having diarrhea
  • daughter starts first period in tena slip
  • daughter emptying her fleet enema into diaper
  • have you ever been diapered by your younger siblings

I’m pretty sure that no parent would ever blog about such intimate things, especially if it is about a young girl.

But the single most searched term for this blog in 2015 was ‘tena slip’. The second was ‘diapers’. Tena Value and Giant Storebrand diapers were also widely searched.

The trend that I noticed from my list is that a fair number of people were looking for information on adult diapers. In fact, given the number of people looking for diaper reviews, I wonder just how many of my readers were not ABDL, but rather are caretakers.

On a separate note, I’ll be taking a mid-semester diapered escapede to Penang and KL on 29 Feb and 1st Mar respectively. Malaysian friends, if anyone is keen to meet up for dinner on those dates, then do contact me at . I know that these kind of questions usually don’t get replies, but I’ll take a chance.

– Selv

P.S. Corrected my travel dates