Mousey Business

I haven’t really introduced my pets to you guys but I thought I’d share an incident that happened a few days ago. I was holding on to one of my pet mice. I guess she had been out of her enclosure for a while and was far from her ‘pooping zone’, so to speak. (Mice have their dedicated corners to do their business and can be ‘toilet-trained’)

Anyway, I had been carrying her for quite a bit when suddenly, I felt a warm spot on my hand. It got warmer and warmer, and then I saw it. Drops of pee were dripping off my hand! I was so upset, and I guess she felt it too, she put her tail down and curled up in shame. Guess even mice can have ‘accidents’.

On the human side, today I was out at a supermarket when I saw yet another pretty girl. She was Indian, 15-16ish and was grocery shopping with her mother. This NTUC Supermarket was a very small outlet, no bigger than two train carriages placed side-by-side. At one point, I saw her markedly staring at some Huggies diapers down the diaper-ailse, which was located just behind the cashiers.. She was staring at it so intensely that her mother had to grab her hand to bring her off to the next aisle.

Perhaps she could have been just stoning, perhaps she was intrigued by the toddler on the packaging. I really doubt that she is a bed-wetter, or even a practising ABDL. But it made me wonder – is it possible that she had some sort of ABDL tendency within her, that really drew her in?