Flying Without Relief

Sometimes you browse through the internet and you see things that make you go ‘aha, I won’t be affected’.

There was a flight from London to the island town of Tenerife, and the toilets were unusable. It must have been a harrowing experience for several passengers, who might have been worried about losing their dignity.

Maybe, just maybe, having worn a diaper on that flight might have brought some relief for certain passengers. It is only when you don’t have access to a toilet that you a) realise what a basic necessity it is and b) appreciate the benefits of a diaper.

You can read this article here.

On a side note, I have booked my tickets and hotel for my short getaway. I was wondering to myself if it was worth spending so much for will be a 60+ hr getaway but oh well… The twist here is that I’m not headed for Bangkok.

– Selv


Yet Another DCo Disagreement

There have been rumblings online over the lawsuit between ABU and Tykables over the word ‘space’. I read through some of the comments, some claiming that one of these companies have a better case and would likely win. Last I heard was that a restraining order had been filed against Tykables.

But one thought that kept bugging me: why fight? Our community is so small, why sow discord amongst ourselves? Why couldn’t they just settle it amongst themselves?

Got reminded of a Buzzfeed article I read about the time Rearz tried to trademark ‘ABDL’.  The owner dropped the case when people voiced out their opinions. I just hope that one of these companies takes the lead and leads this discussion offline and directly with each other. Remember, the rest of the world is watching our already-misunderstood community.

– Selv

Post-production Deflation

So, I told myself that this academic year I would not join this particular cca for all the reasons I’ve mentioned here. But ok and behold, I joined their drama production again. While I wasn’t a frontline performer, I still got to observe the nuts and bolts of this production carefully.

I started together with the script team for this drama, way back last year when I was still deciding my priorities. There was a close shave, as my idea nearly got selected even though I didn’t think it was worthy, but when I saw parts of my story incorporated in the final script I did feel that tinge of pride. It would have been foolish of me to go admit that those snippets had come from me but, oh well.

This time round, I was more involved in backstage elements. The work was hard and the hours were long, often lonely and stretched late into the night. But I kept working at it. I wanted to achieve the personal satisfaction of seeing my friends act on stage with my background support.

But halfway through I kept asking questions. I doubted myself and my efforts, wondering if they were contributing positively. But I’m glad that I didn’t stop because at the end of the day, what we pulled off exceeded several expectations.

It was a real pleasure to work with all these talented actors and dancers. I was personally thankful to have met all these creative souls who in their own right worked tirelessly to put up a fantastic show. From the directors, the choreographers, publicity team and the set design team, each person I met inspired me to learn new things and see things from new perspectives.

But all good things come to an end. While I do have my regrets, this production will definitely stay close to my heart.

– Selv

Kids Can Be Mean

So I was doing some weekend grocery shopping at the newly revamped Fairprice at Jurong Point, and oh was it crowded on opening week! There were hardly any baskets at the entrance, had to take one from the cashiers.

Anyway I was passing through one of the aisles when I spotted this young kid, no older than 7 crying. Her face was red, and she looked genuinely embarrassed. Then I spotted the pack of Mamy Poko Pants in her mother’s hand.

I mean, which kid of her age would want to wear a diaper, for whatever reason? She looked so upset.

The poor kid’s older sister must have been taunting her, and that too in the crowded environment. But she wasn’t finished. She added “see, you cry like a baby, that’s why you wear pampers.”

Then her dad snapped. He knelt down, grabbed the elder kid by her shoulders and in a deadly serious fashion, looked at her straight into her eyes.

“Since you keep making fun of your mei-mei (little sister), tonight you are going to wear the pull-up too. I don’t care what…”

I couldn’t catch the rest of the scene because the mother shot me a glance and I had to walk on.

I mean, I couldn’t help myself, I felt really guilty for the younger kid, I really did. But the DL within me wanted to find out more about this strange scene which could have been plucked straight from an ABDL story.

But beyond the ABDL part, this incident reminded me of just how cruel young kids can be. The older sister wasn’t more than 2 years older, but she showed so much glee that her sister was being humiliated in the middle of a busy supermarket.

Kids are immature, and we have heard of stories where a child blurts out their sibling’s random secret to others, like the time my cousin laughed that his 12 year old sister peed her pants cos she couldn’t find a toilet during a holiday etc. It can be really stressful to be a parent.

I do not think that the punishment was carried out, after all diapers are expensive. But I do hope that those poor parents are able to instil within their children that it is not a nice thing to make fun of family members i.e. to not air their dirty linen in public like that.

– Selv

Results For The Survey

I’ve been looking through the responses for the survey. There were 30 responses and I’m surprised at how creative you folks are. But anyway let’s not beat around the bush: 40% of you guys want me to go to Bangkok, and that’s where I’ll be headed!

However the most requested attraction was KLCC, which is located in Kuala Lumpur, the runner-up location. There were several names thrown up but 4 people suggested KLCC. Only thing is, I’ve already been there twice, but then again I might just review it the next time I go there.

60% of you folks didn’t want me to do any ABDL activity, just let me rest and relax (you guys know me). But 4 of you wanted me to go to the ABDL nursery in Bangkok! Alas, I’m not really an AB so I don’t see myself going there.

A couple of you guys suggested that I should write a short story during my trip. And yes, I will do that. A couple of you guys also suggested that I suntan on the beach with just my diaper. I am really tempted to do that if I can find a remote-enough beach, but since Bangkok is inland, not this time I guess.

I had asked a bonus question – what diaper should I wear. The curious thing was that all participants answered this question even if some had missed some of the others. Anyway 40% had requested that I wear a Tena Slip Plus or Super. I will likely wear a Plus most of the time, but I will bring a Super for the flight and for bus trips. A quarter of you had also suggested I wear the Lille SupremFit. I’m kind of glad this option didn’t win cos they are kind of thick, but, oh well.

Thank you once again to those who participated, I hope you all liked this interactive segment. I’ll try to include more of these in the future, so do let me know what you think.

– Selv

Where Should I Escape To Next?

I’ve been thinking about where I should go for my next diapered Escapede. Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia… I can’t really make up my mind so maybe you guys might be able to help me. I’ve prepared a simple form, it takes about a minute to fill up. Look out for the bonus question!

– Selv

P.S. This survey is closed, thank you all for participating!

Singapore’s Mini Winter

The temperature on this tropical island rarely dips below 28, so it was a surprise when the mercury stayed in the 22 to 23 degree celsius range for 5 whole days last week. Anyway, this is a little story I wrote for this week’s post. Do let me know what you folks think!

“Temperature In Jurong West dips to 21.2 deg C in Sunday – @STcom”

Siti read that tweet again as she scrolled through her twitter feed. She slid out of her covers and got off her bed, taking off her FBTs to put on something a bit warmer.

“Where is that trek pants I kept in here,” Siti muttered to herself as she rummaged through her tiny hostel closet.

There were several pairs of jeans and leggings, but the cold was getting to her. It didn’t help that her NTU hostel was right beside a forest, and the mist was blanketing her block in earnest, making it feel more like 16 deg C.

She knelt down to examine her drawer, her diaper crinkling softly. She had decided to wear a plastic backed diaper as they tended to trap heat better, and since her roommate wasn’t in for the night it wouldn’t really be a problem, she had reckoned.

Her bladder then gave a jolt, and she sighed. She had been holding it in for quite a while because she didn’t want to waste a diaper, and neither did she want to leave her room to go to the toilet, in that chilly weather.

She stood up, stretched, and had barely put her pants on when she heard several footsteps outside her door. There were three loud knocks, followed by three voices calling out her name.

Siti froze, recognising her friends from her cca. She decided to keep quiet – maybe they might think she wasn’t in?

“We know you are in there, your Frozen slipper is out,” one of them said as the others giggled.

Siti clenched her fist, knowing she had no choice. They were in the dance team, and one of them stayed a couple of floors below her. Reluctantly, she walked over to her door and opened it.

A gust of chilly wind swept into her room as she opened the door, as she glanced at her friend Zahid.

“Hey, come join us, we are having a sleepover at my room tonight,” said Zahid, as he was flanked by three other girls and guys.

“Yea join us,”

“It’ll be fun!”

“We can go for our CCA meeting together in the morning!”

“No guys, I’m really tired, I need to sleep!”, Siti said quietly.

“Don’t worry la, we will keep you awake! Come, or we will carry you ah!”

Siti was afraid of this. She might have dared go with them of only she had been wearing a cloth-backed diaper, but now she was in a bind.

Now two girls were pulling her out of her room. Zahid had gotten her phone and keys, and now was locking her door. And now she was being marched down her corridor. She tried to make as much noise as she could with her slippers to mask the subtle crinkles just escaping from her trek pants.

Her bladder gave a jolt with every step she took, she knew she was going to cave in any moment now. She didn’t even drink much water, why did she need to pee? Oh, it was because of the chill spell. Zahid started to explain about how some monsoon surge caused by some Siberian chill was causing this weather.

All Siti knew was that she wished it would get warmer. Yes, a little bit warmer, little bit more, nice! Wait, why was her crotch getting warmer?

– Selv


The New Tena Value Hits Shelves

It’s been a while since I bought Tena Values, but I was reminiscing about them because they were my first ever Adult Diapers, and despite having a huge stash at the moment, I decided to get some.

The first thing that caught my eye was the ‘1 free diaper’. This meant I got 13 diapers for the price of S$10.10. Hmm, that’s strange, given that the line has been stable for some time.

Then I opened up a diaper. Still didn’t seem funny, until I saw the colour of the top-sheet  – the internal padding.

It is green!

Then I realised that the core of the diaper no longer had a firm bond with the plastic back-sheet of the diaper.

But otherwise, it still retains its standing leak guards and end-to-end frontal patch for the tapes. As far as I can remember from the previous iteration, its fitting (which is different from the slip line) hasn’t changed. The packaging, at first glance, hasn’t changed it’s design scheme apart from the ‘1 free diaper’ logo, which must have been why I was taken aback.

So that leaves the absorption, and that is something which I feel has gone down a little. Not a noticeable amount but yes, I feel it is lesser. The packaging now clearly displays a 5/9 drops rating.  So does that mean it is 55% of Tena’s maximum, compared to the TSP’s 75%? I still don’t get their rating, 1 drop is supposed to mean 200ml but it doesn’t feel like so.

Which leaves the question of the green backing – what is its use? Tena’s website says its is ‘a skin soothing layer with 4 botanical extracts’. I’ll admit, that the top-sheet does feel soft to the touch. But I’ll admit that I didn’t expect this in an economy diaper.

Overall, I feel that the new TSV’s look has improved, while keeping all of the good features it has been known for all these years, so I’m not going to complain. As for it’s absorbency I’ll admit that it is pretty good as it is so I’ll definitely continue to use it. The only thing that remains for now is to test out that green layer.

– Selv

Wearing Diapers in 2018

It feels funny to be writing this post without actually wearing a diaper, but many of the points came to me while I was wearing the Tena Slips from 2 posts back heheh.

Diapers have been my way to de-stress. Some people like to smoke, some people drink, some even run long distances. But I wear diapers, cos they help me relax. And every night in school, I’ve been wearing a diaper to sleep. It is a luxury many ABDLs don’t get, and to this end I am really thankful that I am able to do so.

I’ve mentioned previously that being a DL is a grey area with respect to my religion. Not directly at least, but it is implied. It is not against the law, I mean, there is no scripture that says what we do is wrong. The thing is we are dealing with humanly emissions and since they are considered unholy we have a conflict of interest here. So, I try to avoid wearing on certain “auspicious” days. This trend I think I’ll continue.

Then there are high intensity days, such as exam dates and family functions. My dad, when he caught me, used to say that I’ll be distracted because I’m wearing a diaper. Which is true to some extent. These days, I get distracted mostly due to the guilt of doing something my parents are against. But still, I will skip wearing them on these high intensity days, just so that I remain focused.

I aim to go on at least 3 diapered escapades this year, the first one I’m planing to go this late-February (do let me know if you guys are keen on a collaboration). Beyond just wearing diapers on backpacking trips I aim to build up a proper travel blog to document my journeys.

Then there is the whole affair of what to tell my future girlfriend. Somehow I have a feeling that this might be the year it finally happens, but I don’t want to open that can of worms here now. What I will say is that the search for an existing ABDL girl has failed, and my only way forward is to get a vanilla girl and hope she accepts this part of me. Fat hope –  but I must try.

Coming up this month would be my Tenth anniversary of wearing my first adult diaper. Need to think of a way to celebrate it, and I have a rough idea on how to do it. I’ll keep you guys posted.

And finally, I’ve been thinking about starting a Patreon page. I had done the preparations, but Patreon threw a spanner in the works with their recent fees announcement. So that is something I’ve been trying to tread carefully. *EDIT* Of course, special content that warrants a Patreon page on on the cards, but more on that very soon.

Last (but not least), I wish to thank all of you who have been writing PMs and emails to me. Thank you guys, it has really been a pleasure writing to all of you, I really appreciate the time and effort you guys put in to writing to me.

– Selv

New Year, New Ear

So 2017 has come and gone in a flash. What was I even doing with my life? I’ve been in a daze for most of the ear, going through motions and just struggling to wake up every day.

So I’m very worried actually, about how 2018 will turn out. On one side the shadow of my academics looms over me, and on the other, family stands out starkly.

I’ll still continue to remain diapered, I’ll still look out to meet other ABDLs and I’ll still keep on writing stories. Somehow, I’ll make this year better than the last. And I will definitely keep on blogging and posting simple diaper reviews, right here.

Wish you all a very happy new year. And if it isn’t happy yet, hopefully, it will be happy soon.

– Selv