Softess Adult Diapers

The Softess Diaper is a storebrand diaper that is carried by the Sheng Siong Supermarket chain. It is imported by its subsidiary company CMM Marketing Management for sale in its chain of outlets. However, there is no information available on who is the actual manufacturer of the diaper.

However, the similarities to the Giant (storebrand) Diaper by DFI brands are very telling of who makes this diaper.  There is only one key difference between the two. In essence I am reviewing a modified Giant Diaper.

These are the tape-on type, and come in two sizes, M and L.

M : 81-112cm (32-44in) Pack of 10

L : 106-137cm (42-54in) Pack of 8

This review is based on the M sized diapers, which I got from Sheng Siong Supermarket for $5.60, and were bought in mid – 2015.

photo 11.JPG

Appearance and Features

The Softess is a plastic-backed diaper that has turquoise-coloured wetness indicators. It uses a four-tape fastening system, with two on each side. The main difference here is that it has two landing patches for the tapes. The single-tab tapes are to land on the landing patches to enable multiple refastening. There are no standing lead guards nor elastic waistbands.

photo 1

When folded the diaper measures  20 by 23 cm with the height of about 2.5 cm. When unfolded the diaper measures 62 cm lengthwise, with 32 cm of it being the actual padding. Top to bottom the diaper measures 77 cm and the narrowest part, the crotch, has a width of 29cm, with just 17 cm padded. The tape is 2.7cm thick. These dimensions are similar to the Giant Diaper.

photo 6

photo 7

photo 3

photo 10

As you can see, there is a sizeable gap in between the two landing patches. The tapes are supposedly designed to land on these landing patches to allow for multiple refastening. However the adhesive in the tapes was so strong that I often ended up mangling the tapes. Then there is the sahara-desert-sized gap in between these landing patches. For a thinner person like me, the top two tapes are brought very close to each other and they overshoot their respective landing patches. Coupled with the tapes strong adhesive, these diapers become single use for smaller-size persons.

photo 2

The backsheet is made of soft plastic, which provides good water-retention. They have a very cheap cling-film sort of feel to them, but they do the job. The wetness indicator runs down from the front to the back. It is a heart-shaped outline. They are green/turquoise in colour and they fade away when the diaper gets wet.

These leg gathers are basic strips of linen and run down either side the length of the diaper. They are able to catch single, medium sized floods. It is unable to hold back repeated deluges, as the overall absorbency of the diaper is unable to cope. The top-sheet has a soft, cloth-like and gentle to the skin, which minimises irritation.

photo 4

Close-up of the wetness indicators.

photo 9

photo 8

Performance and Fit

These diapers fit my average-sized frame well, and were somewhat snug and comfortable, as with the DFI Brands Diaper. The leg gathers were a little constricting but were otherwise alright. These diapers crinkled significantly as they had not one, but two landing patches. I could hear the crinkle through my jeans as I walked to the nearby shops.

You hardly feel the bulk of the diaper, and its outline is hardly there. It is a very thin diaper, which is a plus point for it. The standing leak guards are able to catch at most one medium-sized flood. They seem to have placed the SAP sparingly, for it holds at most 2 medium wettings. This is below average, lower than a Tena Value. However these are one of the thinnest diapers on the market, and there is slight noticeable swelling upon full wetting. The wetness indicators disappear very easily, at the slightest wetting. They can hold messes, with no messy leaks.

Fortunately this diaper does not have the oozing gel problem of the Giant Diaper by DFI brands.

Final Thoughts

This diaper is more or less a DFI Diaper with a crappy tape system but slightly better wetness control. As noted, the two are suspiciously similar, but I’m unable to verify this online.

It is noisy and its absorbency is below average. The tape system makes it a one-use diaper. But its saving grace is its price and thinness. At 56c a piece, they are among the cheapest on the market. But they fare slightly better than the Giant Diaper. I’d say that a slightly bigger sized person could make use of these diapers for daytime home use, but I’d recommend other brands to my ABDL and incontinent friends.