It’s been a while since my diaper leaked. And oh, it leaked so badly a few nights ago.

I’m not sure what triggered it, but I woke up to an unusually strong urge to pee. So rather than take off my diaper, I just got up and went. But I forgot that I was wearing a less-absorbent diaper.

Sleepily I climbed back into bed. Just a few minutes later, I felt a dampness on my sheets. Thinking that it was the common small leak, I decided to sleep through it and deal with it in the morning.

When I got up, I realized just how bad my Tena Slip Plus had leaked! The centre of the patch – roughly where the top of my diaper would have been and where the leak occurred – was soaked! Not good, so I scrambled to dry my bedsheet.

I had merely planned for a BM (which didn’t happen), and I have no idea what caused such a flood. At least then I might have worn a more absorbent Slip Super/Maxi. I haven’t touched them in weeks I think. Maybe it might have been the small bit of Maggi Mee and its soup that I stole from my mum the night before. But it was truly unexpected.

Oh well, that’s just what diapers are for. Except, it didn’t do its job properly.

– Selv


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