Thinking About Diaper Friends

Nothing really fantastic has been going on in my ABDL life, I’ll admit. Especially when you consider the stuff that’s happening in my vanilla life.

(Case in point: just as I was writing the above, my grandma entered my room, to ask me to take off a plaster on her toe that had been there for weeks. She can’t read english, so no worries)

That isn’t to say that my diapers are collecting dust instead of pee. I have been wearing them almost nightly these past few weeks. But I don’t think my WordPress blog is a place where you’d want to read about my diaper’s collections. I’m sure most of you will cringe at the rest of this sentence; most of my poops end up in a diaper instead of the toilet. (See?)

What some of you may be wondering about is how my Tumblr Short Stories are going. See, I just updated the list for last month, and it struck me that by the end of the month I’d have written twice as many short stories than I’ve written in the entirety of the past 3 years combined! These do not include the Patreon-only stories so I feel that somehow its a milestone that I want to celebrate. Then again, who celebrates these kind of things?

I’d debated getting a full-fledged social media account for my ABDL side. I didn’t want to put too many pictures of myself on the internet. But what I really crave for is the interaction with others. Is there any popular ‘gathering spot’ for ABDLs besides Tumblr? Or must you become an Instagram influencer outright? Do let me know in the comments or through a pm.

I just kinda want to meet up with some real-life ABDL and talk out about all these little things I do. Diaper reviews, short stories, etc. These are things I’ve poured so much time and energy over, and yet there’s not a single person I’ve talked to about this in depth. A few people have indeed asked me a few questions but that’s about it. A secret folder filled with writings instead of pictures.

Anyway do keep your eyes peeled, I’ve a new series of diaper-comparison reviews planned for the weeks ahead. If there are gaps – and there will be gaps – please pardon me for those delays.

– Selv


3 thoughts on “Thinking About Diaper Friends

  1. Hey do continue writing your blog….. I am a big fan and follower of it and enjoy every content that u posted….. Am also a abdl:)

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