Kids Can Be Mean

So I was doing some weekend grocery shopping at the newly revamped Fairprice at Jurong Point, and oh was it crowded on opening week! There were hardly any baskets at the entrance, had to take one from the cashiers.

Anyway I was passing through one of the aisles when I spotted this young kid, no older than 7 crying. Her face was red, and she looked genuinely embarrassed. Then I spotted the pack of Mamy Poko Pants in her mother’s hand.

I mean, which kid of her age would want to wear a diaper, for whatever reason? She looked so upset.

The poor kid’s older sister must have been taunting her, and that too in the crowded environment. But she wasn’t finished. She added “see, you cry like a baby, that’s why you wear pampers.”

Then her dad snapped. He knelt down, grabbed the elder kid by her shoulders and in a deadly serious fashion, looked at her straight into her eyes.

“Since you keep making fun of your mei-mei (little sister), tonight you are going to wear the pull-up too. I don’t care what…”

I couldn’t catch the rest of the scene because the mother shot me a glance and I had to walk on.

I mean, I couldn’t help myself, I felt really guilty for the younger kid, I really did. But the DL within me wanted to find out more about this strange scene which could have been plucked straight from an ABDL story.

But beyond the ABDL part, this incident reminded me of just how cruel young kids can be. The older sister wasn’t more than 2 years older, but she showed so much glee that her sister was being humiliated in the middle of a busy supermarket.

Kids are immature, and we have heard of stories where a child blurts out their sibling’s random secret to others, like the time my cousin laughed that his 12 year old sister peed her pants cos she couldn’t find a toilet during a holiday etc. It can be really stressful to be a parent.

I do not think that the punishment was carried out, after all diapers are expensive. But I do hope that those poor parents are able to instil within their children that it is not a nice thing to make fun of family members i.e. to not air their dirty linen in public like that.

– Selv


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