Results For The Survey

I’ve been looking through the responses for the survey. There were 30 responses and I’m surprised at how creative you folks are. But anyway let’s not beat around the bush: 40% of you guys want me to go to Bangkok, and that’s where I’ll be headed!

However the most requested attraction was KLCC, which is located in Kuala Lumpur, the runner-up location. There were several names thrown up but 4 people suggested KLCC. Only thing is, I’ve already been there twice, but then again I might just review it the next time I go there.

60% of you folks didn’t want me to do any ABDL activity, just let me rest and relax (you guys know me). But 4 of you wanted me to go to the ABDL nursery in Bangkok! Alas, I’m not really an AB so I don’t see myself going there.

A couple of you guys suggested that I should write a short story during my trip. And yes, I will do that. A couple of you guys also suggested that I suntan on the beach with just my diaper. I am really tempted to do that if I can find a remote-enough beach, but since Bangkok is inland, not this time I guess.

I had asked a bonus question – what diaper should I wear. The curious thing was that all participants answered this question even if some had missed some of the others. Anyway 40% had requested that I wear a Tena Slip Plus or Super. I will likely wear a Plus most of the time, but I will bring a Super for the flight and for bus trips. A quarter of you had also suggested I wear the Lille SupremFit. I’m kind of glad this option didn’t win cos they are kind of thick, but, oh well.

Thank you once again to those who participated, I hope you all liked this interactive segment. I’ll try to include more of these in the future, so do let me know what you think.

– Selv


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