Near Miss

So, my little cousin has this bad habit of coming into my room and checking out my stuff, whenever she visits. It’s a nightmare, really. While I keep my diapers and stuff in school, I have left some things at home.

One fine day my dad insisted that I take two cupboards that my mum didn’t want anymore. Despite my protests he forced me to help him carry them up to my room and my little cousin gleefully followed, watching me get scolded about ‘talking back’. So we put the cupboards down and my dad starts ranting about how my second clothes closet is full of non-clothes. And he guilt-trips me into opening them. And I thought nothing was exposed.

Until my cousin, who is seven years old short, spotted my enema bucket. It is a completely clear, transparent plastic container roughly the size of a small Milo tin, and she has an eye for all things sleek and shiny. She didn’t know what it was. But of course she wanted it!

There was this awkward pause moment where she insisted that she wanted it and I kept saying no. I even grabbed it and put it higher, but she wanted it to put her brown fake-gemstones (the irony), and all this while my dad was standing there, wondering what in the world could that thing be.

I managed to fend her off by giving her a similar shaped transparent plastic container that was the cover for my stack of blank CDs (a relic from the previous decade). But it gave me a scare. Did my dad suspect something? He didn’t ask anything, but I think he does suspect something.

Promptly, I packed it and brought it with me to school the next day.

– Selv


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