My First Diaper Vid on Youtube

Been wandering around, trying to revisit why I’m an ABDL and stuff. Been looking around to forge new friendships in the ABDL scene. I’ve also been looking at my pastor clues into my future.

Anyway, I got reminded about the first diaper video I ever watched on YouTube. It’s a scene from Bad Girls From Valley High. The main characters start to age rapidly after doing in a friend who’s ghost has returned to haunt them. One of these characters is wearing a green adult diaper.

I’m still curious what brand of diaper she was wearing, it’s a nice green thing like the usual white that we see everyday. I also realised years later that they added in the crinkles post-production, cos it is unlikely that they were this loud.

The original clip I watched in 2008 has disappeared, but someone has re-uploaded it, for me to share it here with you guys.

– Selv

P.S. I will make a diaper video one day, hopefully after my exams, but something that is hopefully not distasteful.


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