Size S Diapers

I bought a pack of Lille Supremfit Maxi recently. But I bought size S. To be certain, my waist size was still within the prescribed range of 60-100cm so I figured it should be ok. In any case, I had gone down to get a pack of size S Tena slip supers. But they were out of stock.

The staff on duty recommended that I get the S sized Lille SupremFit rather than the S sized Tena Slip Super. He pointed out that it was more value-for-money, but I suspect it was because he was out of stock for the latter.

I returned to my hostel, but was unable to wear them immediately. So when I eagerly put one on a few days later, I was disappointed to note it was a diaper for teenagers. I could only put on the top pair of tapes, which struggled to stick past my hip bones.

Performance-wise, they were able to hold a ton, even fully holding an 800ml enema flood, without leaking. Even though the back had been cut open to allow liquid to seep into a second diaper, the latter was dry.

BUT, since the fit was tight, I did experience leaks when lying down. The size S diaper fails to catch liquid in that position for me, even though my hip is within the prescribed range.

I had some issues with the M size diaper, mainly clumping which in turn tended to press against my male anatomy. But at least the M ones were able to catch liquid. The S ones did not have any clumping issues, so I’m guessing that Lille has made some improvements in the meantime. So I guess the lesson here is to wear a diaper in which you can tape on all the tapes – they serve as a guide to ensure that it can catch all liquid emissions.

But I’m thinking of stowing away the remaining size S LSFM diapers, or selling them. Wearing a diaper that doesn’t do its job for me isn’t working. Back to the TSS for me. Might try some other plastic-backed ones, now that I have a single hostel room.

– Selv


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