So, I was walking around Vivocity yesterday. It’s a huge shopping mall here, and I had just ended my work shift. I walked over to Cold Storage Supermarket, and they didn’t have adult diapers. I peeked into the adjacent Guardian pharmacy and again, no adult ones. So I went down to Giant Supermarket (there are 2 supermarkets, that’s how huge this place is). But before that I checked in at Watsons Pharmacy and they too didn’t have any. I kinda started having that sinking feeling, as I entered Giant. Thankfully, they did have their diaper section stocked.

To think that in that huge shopping mall, there was only ONE place which sold bigger diapers! While I admit that diapers are indeed for a niche market, I kind of was surprised that there weren’t that many places to buy them. Giant Vivocity is where I usually buy my Escapede TSS diapers, so it was kind of a relief.

I was eating my lunch when I noticed a couple and their 3 year old girl walking very fast. The father suddenly picked her up, but he held her on his hip, arm above her bottom. He mentioned “Eee, smelly”, and the girl held her nose and giggled. The three of them disappeared into the crowd.

Maybe I was tired out after my shift to have these rambling thoughts…

– Selv


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