A Long Term Temporary Routine

I have slowly been able to master the art of wearing every night, despite the presence of my roommate. In the mornings, I have also been able to do my morning routine while in my diaper, without alerting my roommate.

To their end, cloth-backed diapers have been a boon. My diaper of choice is the Tena Slip Super. They aren’t the most absorbent, but they are able to hold a decent amount of liquid. And with their new update, their retention ability is much improved.
I feel that wearing every night allows me to destress a little. I’ve been keeping up with this routine since end-october, with breaks of course. Again, avoiding having to sit on the toilet has also been a sort of thrill. I’ve never been afraid of sitting on the toilet, just that, like a preoccupied kid, I prefer the comfort of my own padding.
But as I gear up for the future, I know that this routine is temporary. A long-term temporary but yes, temporary. For I am not sure if my future wife will be accommodating of my nightly wish. Leave her if she does not accept you, I hear you say. But, given the struggle I am going through just to meet someone, walking away is a complex option.
Changing my soulmate’s diaper every morning just so that she doesn’t need to touch her own mess is something that I feel deeply about. Having a girl entrust you with her second-most intimate thing, every morning, is a weird wish. But why would a girl even want to agree?
Why do I harbour this innate desire to change a girl’s diaper? What’s wrong with my thinking? I consider myself moderately religious, yet I still have this ‘dirty’ thoughts. Why can’t I be like other normal people, who fantasise about having sex during exotic vacations? Why can’t I have the courage to ask a girl out, to even admit that I am her cultural group? Is it because I wear diapers? Is my wearing of diapers affecting my social life?
To be certain, diapering a girl is not a sexual thing for me. I’ve learnt to suppress my own erections because diapers aren’t sexual for me. I have long refused to admit (and still don’t) that I have a diaper fetish because the word fetish carries the connotation of being sexual. I would have to communicate this to her as well.
How will my soulmate react to the fact that I wear diapers not out of necessity? How further will she react when I tell her that I want her to poop in a diaper from time to time? How will I get the courage to tell her?
– Selv

One thought on “A Long Term Temporary Routine

  1. I am definitely guilty of always looking on the negative side and ignoring the positive. Before I met my current partner (and my ex-partner for that matter) I was always assuming that they would have a negative reaction if I told them I like to wear diapers. For that reason, I put off telling them all together for much longer than necessary and it ended up causing friction in both relationships. When I look back I think I should have told them very early on in the relationship.. However, It’s always scary to consider telling somebody right from the beginning, because it can scare people off and then there’s the fear of “I just told my biggest secret to somebody I don’t know very well and we’re not even seeing each other any more, I’ve ruined it”. But speaking from my own experience – keeping it to yourself could have negative ramifications for you and the relationship. Not only will your self confidence/contentment suffer but you may end up resenting your partner for it. I think if you fall in love with somebody and they truly love you, then they will accept you for who you are. It’s hard to accept something so positive but I believe it’s the truth. Don’t reside to the fact that you may have to hide who you are and what you like based on the idea that you’ve had trouble meeting women in the past.

    You mentioned the word ‘soul-mate’ which is a powerful word and I don’t believe having a soul-mate should necessarily mean to have stipulations on the relationship. Accepting that a partner likes to wear diapers is surely hard to come to terms with and takes time to fully accept for most (it is what my blog is based on). However if you meet somebody who completely rejects it and refuses to accept then she may not be the soulmate you deserve.

    Why do you harbour this innate desire to change a girl’s diaper? Because you’re just a human being with your own needs/desires and there’s nothing “wrong” with that. It’s just different to what the majority of society deem as “normal”. Society tends to dictate what it normal/abnormal. I think what would truly be wrong is to compromise ourselves just to “fit in”. If you’re a square peg trying to fit into a circular hole… find a square hole instead. They do exist.

    Sorry for such a long reply but it was hard to condense. These are just my opinions. I’m not preaching or pretending to be an expert on the subject! 🙂 Great that you’d been able to wear every night by the way, sounds pretty liberating to have that freedom. I enjoy reading your blog!

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