All the lines on the monitor had stopped moving. Especially the red line that signified the pulse. That was when I realised that he was really gone.

My uncle’s father was a man who was the model citizen. He was very religious, involving himself in temple charity, raised his 6 children to high standards in society, remained healthy till recently, kept a disciplined diet, and kept working till the day he was hospitalised. He had no bad habits such as smoking or drinking. He was in his nineties.

To think that a man could live such a disciplined life in today’s world is really a praiseworthy matter. But another fact that nearly got buried was the story of how my aunt, an ‘outsider daughter-in-law’, took care of him when all the other children were busy with their lives. Near the end, he told her “you are not my DIL, you are my daughter.”

At the rate things are going, I’m probably going to die alone in a nursing home, having led a diseased, unfulfilled life. (No girlfriend, failing grades, wearing diapers, spiritual retribution(also known as karma)). What my relative’s life has shown me is that without the drive to lead a good life, you won’t lead one.

In other news, the story I submitted for the competition at the ABDL Story Forum came in third-to-last, with just 5 votes. I really suck at what I thought was by greatest strength.

The ensuing depression, as well as the above-mentioned family emergency were the main reasons why I haven’t been active recently. I don’t believe in blaming others. I acknowledge that my failures were solely due to my own shortcomings. But I seek your understanding that I will take a while to return to normalcy again.

– Selv


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