Hate’s Trump Card

So.. Donald Trump has won the US Presidential election, albeit without winning the popular vote.

The whole world is very worried about what is going to happen. Trump has vowed to relook NATO alliances, the TPP, current trade deals and several defence policies. Asian stock markets have plummeted as a result. There’s a lot to be said, but personally I’m very worried about the climate pacts that Trump has promised to relook/overturn. The world’s biggest economy has to play its part in reigning in its CO2 emissions and the prospects are currently looking dim.

But I really can’t get over the fact that voters passed over Hillary Clinton. Having been in politics for decades, served as senator and secretary of state, she was the most qualified candidate in a century. Yet she has lost to a thrice-bankrupt businessman! Sure, she may have bungled her PR with her email server fiasco, but remember that so many Republicans before her have done the same and have gotten away scot free.

Is hate of non-white peoples really more prevalent than love for all humanity? White privilege is a well-known phenomenon in America – now it is out to affect the world.

Good luck, fellow American friends. Words cannot express the world’s empathy for the predicament you guys are in. A solemn shout out to Mr Obama – Sir, I truly feel bad that you have to hand over the reins of the presidency to the man who rose to prominence questioning your citizenship.

– Selv



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