Thoughts On Loneliness

The search has come to a stalemate.

I’ve met very outgoing people in this second academic year. But I realise that getting to know a girl well is difficult. Duh, I hear you say. Nothing in life comes easy and I’m aware of that. I mean, I talk to girls, they open up. But half the time it can’t progress because of religion, because they’re seeing other people, or I’m just don’t feel for the person. How then do I progress?

And there’s the ABDL aspect. I’ve been watching the ABDL scene and everyone knows its near impossible to get a preexisting ABDL/little girlfriend. The more viable option is to get a vanilla girlfriend who is accepting of you. If she partakes in wearing diapers then it is a bonus.

The loneliness is getting to me. Diapers have helped a little, but let’s be honest – underwear is not a substitute for a friend. I wish I could keep a pet. But my lifestyle wouldn’t permit it. You may be thinking ‘oh, he hasn’t tried hard enough or long enough,’ you may be right. Destiny plays its part, doesn’t it?

It’s not for the sex. It is for the companionship that I’ve been on the lookout. I believe that a wife is not a person who gives you heirs and takes care of you in old age. No, they are people who go through life’s ups and downs with you. They are there for you in your darkest hours, and celebrate with you during your achievements.

When people don’t reply your emails/PMs, it’s easy to conclude that some other guy has come along offering something better that you didn’t. Race not a nonissue in the real world. So far, I’m on the lookout for success.

Besides, who reads blogs nowadays?

– Selv


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